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Jenni O.
I really like that last shot!
Tricia - No. WI
Looks like Hubert is trying to impress the ladies.  He does know he's a gelding, right?  [wink]
February 19, 2016.  Warm today!  Hubert says hello.  

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Leslie V
Good Lord he's cute!  He and Jay would look so good together in my pasture....  :^D
I know he's winter fluffy, but it looks like he's gained some muscle back, as well.
We have worked really hard with Hubert in every sense of the word, and yes, he has gained weight and gained muscle.  He had no top line at all when he came in, and then the transitions he went through did not help him, but he is finally on a great path.  He is all settled and doing very well.  Hubert really isn't very "winter fluffy" at all, because I had no choice but to blanket him the greatest share of the winter.  He was stalled all the time where he came from and he could not handle the weather like a normal horse does.  He will be fine from here on out I'm sure, and even though I don't like to blanket horses, I most certainly will blanket when it's necessary and Hubert needed it through the winter and some of the harsh weather we had (rain, way below zero temps, etc.).
Where is he currently located? He's a beautiful horse!!
Morgan, Hubert is here at the MHWF farm.  

Hubert's dental checkup that I mentioned in a previous post is scheduled for April 2nd.  [smile]  
Lindsey K
I'm so happy to hear that he is finally learning to be a horse and that his feet are doing better!  He looks like he was a dream to ride, round and willing [smile]  I'm hoping with all his improvements he finds a home fast!
Lindsey, another interesting thing about Hubert is that when he came in he was one of those horses, not too common, that was actually better under saddle than on the ground.  LOL!  Yes, he is great under saddle, and we have fixed the on the ground part now as well.  
Lindsey K
That is quite interesting!  I know warmbloods often have a good "work ethic".  My old Trakehner was a major goof until he had his gear on and then he was all business.  But it sounds like being with humans and riding is the thing he had the most experience with and where he felt confident maybe?  I've been keeping an eye on him from a distance to prevent the drools, but I'm so happy he's becoming more well-rounded!  Those are the best kind [smile]

Do you think Hubert would do well riding western? Has he had any exposure to other animals (cattle).


Can you be more specific about what you mean by "riding Western" so that I can help you out a little more and be able to give you a more detailed answer?  WP, cutting, reining, trail, horsemanship, roping, pole bending or barrel racing, etc.? 

Do I think Hubert would do okay with a Western saddle and Western tack?  I can say that I am sure he'd do fine with Western tack, as long as it fit him properly.  He has big withers.  Has Hubert had any Western type experience?  No, he has not.  

Has Hubert had exposure to cattle?  Since Hubert came from a barn where he wasn't turned out with other horses and it was kind of an "English/Dressage" type of barn, I highly doubt he saw any cattle there.  He is turned out in the herd here, and it's been a long adjustment period (please read updates provided through this thread for more information).  Our neighbors have cows, but they are not in direct contact at all, not sure if Hubert has even noticed them.  Do I think Hubert would be a good "cow horse", like for roping or cutting?  Probably not.  

Jenni O.
I would pay to see that, though. [wink]
Jenni, pretty sure I'd pay to see that too.  [wink]  

I just want to share a quick pic of Hubert that I snapped today, and am going to take some pics of his feet at next farrier day as well.  I've mentioned that we are working to correct his under-run heels and am going to show a picture of his hooves on arrival below.  Also, a couple of other pictures from arrival and then a picture of Hubert doing his favorite activity from today out in the pasture.  Hubert has come a long way in every respect.  His feet are SO much better and he is sound on them, shoe-less.  We have a little way to go yet, but he is progressing as we had hoped.  When feet are kept that way for a long time, as they were on the pics on his arrival, it takes a good deal of time to correct and grow them out properly.  We have also worked on Hubert's top line and those pesky sunken flanks and jutty hips and this boy has really filled out nicely!  

Here are some pics from early on, and then the last pic from today (he obviously needs a grooming, but you can see how much his body weight and bulk has come up).

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Wow what a transformation! He doesn't look like the same horse!
Jenni O.
He's more Belgian than Warmblood now!
I had to look twice!  He definitely looks like a Belgian now [smile]  Looking good!
Yet more evidence at how amazing Scott and Karen are!
[love] He looks great!!!
Hubert!  As mentioned above, Hubert has spent the winter working on getting his feet fixed properly, settled into a herd and gaining weight and muscle.  Hubert got to come out this weekend for a little bit of riding.  Hubert continues to be wonderful under saddle.  Hubert would be great for anyone who wants to dabble in Dressage, be serious in Dressage, or have a lot of fun with!  He does know some lateral work and he is always very good under saddle.  Hubert is a big boy who needs someone who is confident and knows how to work with horses on the ground and learn his personality and fun quirkiness.  While his ground manners are a ton better than when he first arrived, he still can be pushy on the ground and needs someone who is confident with this and can continue to improve this in the big boy.  

Hubert is really a fantastic riding horse!  Hubert is turning 18 this year, but he is completely sound and healthy and you would guess him to be more like 6.  [smile]  

Here are a few pics of Hubert with Priscilla from 3/12/2016.  Thank you Priscilla!!!  

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Priscilla you sure as heck can showcase a horse!  You two look fantastic together!!
Jenni O.
He does not even look like the same horse! What are you guys feeding them down there, steroids? Phoenix, Hubert...huge transformations.
What are we feeding them?  ExcelEQ!  [smile]  It is to the point now that I can't even list every wonderful thing we've seen from this one simple supplement.  Hubert I am sure had ulcer issues and a brief ulcer treatment early on and then the benefits of the ExcelEQ really brought him around.  We didn't even realize how much he has changed and filled out until we looked at the pics ourselves.  He really doesn't look like the same horse any more, he looks fabulous and feels even better.  Really super happy for the Hube!  

ExcelEQ link for anyone interested: 

Here is Hubert's thread.  
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