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Ike - 19 yrs.

$400 - Ike is a 19 year old grade QH gelding. He stands at 15.2 hands tall and so far seems very sound, a little thin, but other than that, healthy. He has the cleanest legs we have ever seen on a horse his age, no lumps, bumps, scars, arthritis, perfect, so we are confident that he has a lot of great rides left in him. Ike is the life of the party kind of guy. Nothing seems to phase him and he takes everything in stride. It does not seem that any of this ordeal has affected him in any way. I guess he knows he is going to be safe and ok. Ike adores people and attention and gets along with anyone in the herd. He is a little thin and someone butchered his mane, tail and cut his entire forelock off, but this guy is going to be a looker in a few weeks and his personality is infectious. Everyone likes Ike immediately. He is super sweet and will follow you around, just to be with you. Ike is supposed to be very well broke and a horse that absolutely anyone can ride. We will share more when we get to know him better.

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I have to say it . . "I Like Ike." :-)
Jenni O.
He will be really nice-looking once he gains some weight and gets a new hairstyle. He has a very sweet face.
Ok, he is really a cutie pie.  I like his kind of funny stripe.  He also has kind eyes.  He sort of reminds me of Dragon.
Personality-wise, Ike reminds me a lot of Phoenix (the rescue from Clark County who lives with Lady from that same rescue situation).  Sweet and kind as they come.  
Donna M
Something about this guy whispers ... "mellow". 
Aww...he is going to be special when he gets back in shape!
Oh Karen that is a good comparison, Ike to Phoenix!  He really is a mellow guy with a great personality!
Ike sends his love.  

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Those eyes say so much.I think they say he has a kind soul.
Be-still my heart...
mel d
He will be one gorgeous boy. I shouldn't even look, but man, but man...I know it was already said, but I Like Ike, too! Thank you for taking him in, along with the rest.
Wendy W - WI
Am I the only one who thinks he may also have some TB in him?  He's so cool now, but man......when he fills out more.....holy crap.  
We thought that as well regarding him possibly being a TB or even part.  We checked him for a tattoo immediately, but no tattoo.  
Leslie V
That was my first thought when I saw him!

Update: 11-6-2016

Yesterday was the day we planned to do some more evaluation on the horses that came from the Adoption day Clinic and with the help of Priscilla G., we did just that. Ike was the rock star of the day. He is sound, healthy, very well broke, and very well behaved. He never questioned a single cue, walk, trot, canter, stop and back like a pro. He has beautiful movement as well. He is a little out of shape and joints are a bit "clicky", but with a little exercise and some time to grow his mane and tail back, Ike is going to be someone's dream horse.  He would appreciate a lighter rider I'm sure.  These horses need to stay in quarantine until at least 11-19-2016, but we can start to look for their new adoptive homes now.

Ike?  This guy is a gem!  It was very easy to see that this guy has been there and done that.  He came out of the round pen to be ridden around the property.  Not a spook in this guy.  

Here are some pictures to go along with his riding update from above.  [smile]  

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Awww. Looks like he is taking direction nicely. Also, he seems to be filling out well.
I am brand new to the Forum and to MHWF. I have spent the last two weeks on your wonderful website and am so impressed. I have submitted my application and am very excited and hopeful that Ike or Tequila might still be available since they had to be in quarantine until tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Thank you regardless for the selfless work that all of you do, makes the world a place worth being in.
Scott: MHWF
Thank you and welcome Cheryl!

Yep, tomorrow is the big day...freedom for the 6. Technically, it could be today, but today is a work day, so tomorrow it is. We will look each of them over one more time, take their temps and assuming all is good, turn them out with the rest of the herd. We also have three appointments tomorrow morning.....busy day, but should be a good one....cold, but good [smile]
Barb S
Just think how nice it's going to be next year when you have that arena!
I love Ike - I don't think he will be there long!
Welcome Cheryl. If the two horses you are interested in end up adopted to some one else, just wait. MHWF gets a lot of nice horses in. I tell people to just watch and wait.
We are excited to announce that Ike got adopted today!  Christine P. and her husband came and met Ike a couple of weeks ago and fell in love, and made the journey back today to pick this sweet boy up.  Ike will be living with their two other horses, who are both getting up there in age, and be doing some fun riding around the farm too.  Ike got his teeth floated on vet day, and he has put on a substantial amount of weight since he arrived to MHWF.  [smile]  

We hope to hear about Ike's new journey in life from Chris and we are sure Ike is going to love his new home.  Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Chris, and congratulations!  

Here are a couple of adoption day pictures that Scott took just a bit ago.  

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Yippee!  Thank you Christine!  Ike is such a nice horse.  Boy has he ever gained weight! 
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