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Jennifer O.
He's looking pretty good! Congratulations.
Lisa B.
Congratulations and best wishes!
David O.
Awesome! So happy for Ike and his new forever family. So happy....
I put Ike in with my two a little while ago.  Pretty much a non-event. A little squealing and a crow hop or two.  Ike and my Warmblood, Tigger immediately bonded over a common interest - food!  They both rolled at the same time too.


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I am so happy for all! Ike is a great horse who got a wonderful new family! Congratulations!!
Kristen D.
Congratulations to Ike on finding his Forever Home!
What a great horse!
Ike (left) and his pasture buddy!

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I just made the connection that I know Ike's people (I am their occasional farm sitter).  Let me just say that he is living the dream now.  They could not be happier with him and report that he is totally sweet and safe for any guest of theirs to take out on a ride. Everybody likes Ike.
Ike is lookin' good 😉

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He looks great!!!
Ike does look great!
Ike 😉

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Gorgeous summer dapples!
Barb S
Was smitten by him from day one. He looks FABULOUS!
Ike is looking sharp!!!
MHWF, Inc.
Ike is looking sharp!

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Heike B
I love his dapples!!
Look at his beautiful tail and forelock ❣️
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