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India was a horse that MHWF rescued from an auction back in 2003.....before MHWF even had a forum to feature threads for each horse. Today we got this update....

"Thought you might be interested in an update.  I adopted "India" from MHWF in August of 2003. I was able to research her tattoo and found her registered name was Cendy Lou'slass, so we call her Lou.  She was born on June 24, 1986 and is still going strong today at 32 years of age.  Thank you, she has been a wonderful pasture grass eater for many years and we hope she still has a few more in her."

Becky Z.

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Lisa B
Awww, what a sweet old gal. Love those seniors!
Love this update!!!
Wow!  She looks wonderful!!  Thanks for the update!
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