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This will be Jacoby's thread where we will keep any new updates and/or photos. 

Date of arrival to MHWF:  8/1/2012

Jacoby - 16 yrs.

$500 - Jacoby is a 16 year old Palomino gelding. He stands at 14.3 hands tall and is a very sound, very well broke horse. Jacoby has been ridden by people ages 2 to 60, kids and adults. He is current on all of his shots and wormers. Jacoby has been used as a 4H horse, some local shows, trail rides and bumming around the yard. He is confident and takes everything in stride. Anyone with a little sense can ride this horse. He will let you climb all over him, slide off his back and even stand on his back (which we do not recommend). Jacoby does not tie, but that is very easily fixed and is not a big deal. He has always been barefoot, but will need front shoes if you plan to ride him on rocky or gravel surfaces, as he does not have much of a hoof wall in his fronts. This is a fantastic horse and we do not expect him to be available for very long. 

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What a handsome boy
Karla Joy
What a beautiful boy!
The horse I always wanted was a palomino.  He sure is handsome but I already have my Miss Maggie but then again Paul and Jade each have two horses..LOL
Lovely nicely trained young man!
wow! now TWO awesome horses!!! i'll be watching the clock all day - can't wait til 4:00 pm!!!!!! 

Wowza!  Great horses always coming in!!!  What a beauty!

What is this...the year of the Palomino???????
Kara W.
Sherri N.
Aww,  pretty boy with such a soft eye.  :)  Cute!
mel d
Yeah, Jurita, it definitely is the Year of the Palomino!
Bump...can't let the new guy end up on page 2 already. This guy is still available.....can't beleive the phone isn't ringing off the wall for a sound, healthy, well broke palomino.
Jodi W
The ONLY reason I haven't called on him is I can't afford two!!  C'mon, SOMEONE has to love this boy!!  He's gorgeous, and a palomino!!!
I am so very interested in this horse. I tried to submit the application via email, but wasnt' accepted. It is enroute via "snail mail". Is there anyway that I can come out and visit this horse soon?
The applications have to come to us the old-fashioned way via snailmail (we'd spend way too much on paper and ink if we had to print all of those ourselves).  We will give you a call as soon as we get your application processed and go from there Renee, thank you. 
I just want to mention for anyone interested that Jacoby's name is pronounced Jah-KO-bee. 
Thanks for sharing that Karen!  I was actually taking a pause (in my head) when I read his name because I was not sure, and it turns out I was pronouncing it wrong.  He is one beautiful boy, that I am sure will have "adopted" by his name very soon.
Jodi W
Just like our area pool cues!!  :)  Both quality items!!  ;)
We noticed that a lot of people are pronouncing it Jahka-bee, so just thought I'd mention it.  :) 
And since he can't type so he is not able to post about it on the piss & moan thread so I am sure he appreciates the correction. 
mel d
Ha ha ha Doritos!
Melissa B.
Good morning:) 
I am very interested in more information on Jakobi.  Unfortunately, I was unable to print out the application.  I have left a voicemail with you in regards to this.  I have 2 horses right now that I board at a very nice facility in the Appleton area, which is located two minutes from my home.  Unfortunately, the horse that I took on for a friend of mine is a bit to high spirited and has some back issues and don't feel it is good for him to be ridden at this time.  I am looking for a second horse that is sound, healthy, and safe for beginner riders and children at the age of 10 and up, as well as for myself.  If you could please contact me via phone/email, I would be happy to fill you in with more information.

Thank you,

Melissa, if you can't get the application printed maybe a friend or relative could for you, or you could go to the local library or somewhere and do that.  We need to get that in printed form mailed to us the old-fashioned way, not via email.  We will call you as soon as we process your application.  The application has all of the information we need, and we call you and talk to you further after we receive that. 
Scott: MHWF
Bump.....a sound, healthy, well broke palomino and he has nobody scheduled to come meet him? I think I am in the Twilight Zone!
Lindsey N
Hopefully Melissa B can get an app in!  I would even mail her one (Appleton area as well) or would drop one off if she's having a difficult time finding a way to do that.  I know you guys are stringent about the application and adoption process, but I understand better now than before I knew the whole dealio why you go through what you do.  I sense a wave of good luck coming his way...I wish I did have someone to direct your way for him though :)
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