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Barb S.
What a sweet looking face!
Such a sweetie!

Update: 11-6-2016

Yesterday Jacoby got taken out of the pasture and test ridden for the first time since coming back to MHWF. Being that he has been in his adoptive home for the past few years, we were not sure what to expect. He has put quite a bit of the weight he needed back on and we are very happy to say that Jacoby is still the horse we have always known, super laid back, mellow and just about anyone can ride him.  He went through walk-trot-canter in the round pen just great.  He was perfect in every way. 

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We are happy to announce that Jacoby found himself a great new home yesterday!  While the winds were whipping and it was a nasty kind of biting cold, Petie and her friend Nancy C. braved the weather to come and meet Jacoby.  Petie was looking for a horse just like Jacoby, so it worked out really well for everyone.  [smile]  Jacoby has gained quite a bit of weight since his arrival pictures to MHWF and he had his teeth floated on vet day as well.  We look forward to him filling out the rest of the way and hearing of the fun trail riding adventures that Petie and Jacoby will be having together.  

Thank you so much for choosing adoption Petie, and congratulations!  

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Barb S
Congrats!!! Nice early Christmas present for yourself
From Petie, Jacoby's new adopter (now renamed Jack) - 

Just wanted you to know the boys are getting along great! Jack did really well on the way home, Loves apples carrots and cookies! Tucker is so happy to have a buddy too. Thanks again I'll send pictures soon.
Great picture!  Congragulations Petie and Jack!  I hope you have lots of fun together!
Jenni O.
Very happy for both of you!!
Thank you Petie! 

Jacoby is a sweet boy and deserves a good home.  Glad you two met.
Jacoby is doing great! Riding fine & had his feet done last week.


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He looks great!!!
MHWF, Inc.
It's been a while since we shared new photos of Jacoby 😉

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He looks awesome! So glad he found his home!
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