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Due to work schedules and time limitations, we have not had a chance to ride Jacoby yet and we know that a few people are waiting for that.  We promise to get him test ridden this weekend for sure!  He is a super nice horse! 

Here is a fun picture of Jacoby from today, 8/10/2012: 


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Kara W.
Holy #$% he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


Muscle man!
Wish I had my 40+ acres pastureland bought already. I'd snatch him up. He's beautiful !!
He looks like he'd be nice and comfy for a bareback ride :) Beautiful boy!
Waiting ??? :)
He looks awesome-has he been ridden yet. Am very interested, and looking for my first horse.

We did get a few horses test ridden yesterday and we have some photos and video of that as well.  We don't have the computer time right now to share the photos and video, but Jacoby did well his first time out.  He has a lot of get up and go, and he did walk, trot, canter and back down again just great.  He is very responsive to cues as well.  We will share the photos and video soon. 

Cheryle J.
My husband and I are in the market for looking for another horse. Jacoby looks like exactly what we would like. I also have an 8 yr old Granddaughter that wants to get into horses with grandma. I just printed off the application and it will be in the mail tomorrow morning. I hope and pray we would be considered as a possible new home for him.

Welcome to the forum Cheryle!

As I mentioned above, we did take Jacoby out to test ride him on Saturday, 8/11/2012.  We did walk, trot and canter and back down again a few times in each direction with him and he did very well.  He saddled and bridled up very well.  He is being taught about our personal space as he does like to invade your space a little bit.  He did very well for his first time out.  Like I mentioned above, Jacoby is a horse with a lot of energy and I look forward to sharing the video with everyone as soon as we have that rendered and uploaded.  He wasn't in love with the plain O-ring snaffle that we used with him, but he did well.  He is very responsive and you don't have to ask him twice to get moving.  He also neck reins very well. 

Here are a couple of pictures of Jacoby being ridden Saturday, 8/11/2012.  We will share video as soon as we have that available. 
(Thank you Karin!)

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yes, I do believe I see some get and go in there! What a good job he did!

he looks wonderful, great job Karin!



We finally found the time to take Jacoby out for his first test ride since coming to MHWF. It is clear that he knows what to do and has some good training. He will test his rider a little at first, nothing big, but once he realizes you are in charge, he settles in nicely and is a pretty nice horse. Jacoby is just a little rough around the edges. He does not do anything terrible, but could use some refresher work on his ground manners and a little under saddle. These are not things that should be any problem for someone with a little time in the saddle, he is just not a horse for a complete beginner. Anyone with a little horse experience should be able to work with him and get a lot of enjoyment from him. He is a good boy, who just needs a little refresher work.

Here is a short video of Jacoby being ridden this past weekend. This was his first time out of the pasture and his first ride since his arrival.

Very excited to maybe get a chance to meet Jacoby! I got all my papers and pictures in the mail yesterday!! He sure is a pretty boy!! I'm really happy I got introduced to your Foundation. Sounds like you have an excellent program going.
Melissa B

Please watch for my application...It went out in today's mail.  I am still very interested in meeting Jakobe:)


Melissa B.
Scott, Thank you for the quick response and for accepting my application.  I'm sorry I missed your call last night.  I will contact you after 4:00 today regarding any questions you or I may have. Watched the video, as well as read comments about Jakobe.  I am thinking if he is still available, we will make a good fit for each other:).  Talk soon.
He sure is a handsome guy! Anybody who gets to adopt him will be a lucky person indeed! :)
Lindsey N
Oh my goodness!   I've been so busy with my new job and working on the auctions items I have that I haven't watched the videos yet!  Jacoby looks very responsive, eager to move, but looks like he wants to please :D  Hoping for an awesome home for this guy...and SOON!
Kara W.
Is there really still a Palomino still siting here waiting for a home!?! Look at this guy! I just can't believe he is still here....
Jacoby is an absolute blast of a horse to ride.  He does have very good energy and get up and go and is a very smart guy too. 

Nicole and Rachel (Rohan and Tina's adopters) came to the farm this weekend to hang out and help out and here is a picture of Nicole having a blast riding Jacoby this past weekend.  :)  I know that they are in love. 

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Lindsey N
I love the smile on her face!  Looks like she is having fun with him and its not a face of concern or anxiety.  Maybe a good speed show horse?  COME on guys, does no one want to GO out there?  He is truly a looker...*insert cat call*!
Good luck to Jacoby and his new tentative family!! I hope everything works out!! :)

Today was Jacoby's official adoption day!  Nicole has come back several times and rode Jacoby and spent time with him and her husband Jon was finally able to make it out yesterday as well.  They sealed the deal and today Jacoby left for his new home.  He will be living with Rohan too!  I think those two are going to get along great.  Nicole and Jon are perfect for Jacoby and I know they are going to have a lot of fun riding together with Rohan and Jacoby.  :) 
Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Nicole and Jon!  We look forward to hearing of your adventures together. 

Here is a picture of Jacoby with Jon and Nicole from adoption day today, 9/9/2012. 

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