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Congratulations to Jacoby, Nicole and Jon!  Your smile while riding him, as well as when you were around him yesterday, speaks loud and clear!  What a great picture too!  Very happy for all!

Congrats on your adoption horse!


Congratulations to Jacoby and his new family!

I just wanted to share a cute picture of Jacoby in his new home with Nicole and Rohan.  :) 

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Jenni O.
Awww, I'm glad to see Jacoby found his new home! I wish he would of worked out for us, but alittle more horse then what we were looking for. He sure is a BEAUTY!! I hope it all works out for all of them!! :)
mel d
Such a great photo!
It has almost been a year since we got this big butthead :) And let me tell you, it has been so much fun, and learning. When we got him, he was so use to being the Alpha and run everything, and now he is the low man. But he gets along very well with Rohan, absolutely loves Jon and Rachel. He just loves everything. When we got him, we could not ride him bare back, he would not stand still to get tacked up, we could NOT tie him to anything at all, and sometimes he was just a butt head while being ridden. now that we have worked with him, and he understands who is who, we can do anything. Jacoby will follow us without a lead rope, as some might have read he likes to play tricks when he's getting a bath, loves to dig in my pockets every day I go see him, and he truly is a perfect horse for my husband. My husband is very green, only a few rides under his belt, and Jacoby takes very good care of him.

We are now starting to grain him this summer due to the lack of grass. let me rephrase that... lol due to the fat horses eating everything in sight!! he is STILL shedding his winter coat so he's half white half gold :) But he is loving the attention he is getting from everyone so I am happy. He just loves being around the family, and being spoiled. Today he gets apples, carrots, peanut butter and crushed corn so he will be very excited.

Jacoby ( who is very much my husband's horse now lol ) and I have butt heads because I don't let him get away with stuff and he wants to test me every chance he gets. So I know I have been learning everyday with him. I see how Rohan and Tina have turned out, and I expect the same out of Jacoby but I keep forgetting that he is a different horse. It is something I know many people have struggled with when it comes to a new horse. I like my horses to do what I ask and not second guess or try to disobey... Jacoby... with me likes to test all day. we are both learning how to handle each other. SO far it has brought us closer. I'm sure he has never met anyone that MAKES him work and do what they as vs. letting him get away with stuff. I have never met a horse that spends more time fighting me then just doing it lol. He's absolutely perfect for everyone else, never questions them... but he just loves to test me. It is very new to me, and with being pregnant I can't really work to much with him, so for now things are just going to have to wait until the baby is born. I wouldn't trade these moments for the world. We have taught each other so much. And we both are learning how to change our expectations so they are not unreasonable. He is a big lover, and such a sweet boy. I'm so proud of how far he has come already. He still gives me the confidence I've been searching for, and when we ride (after he tests me lol and I pass with flying colors) we are very connected and I value that connection so much. he's my big teddy bear.
Jenni O.
Seems like even though you two have your "moments", you still understand him. Maybe that's his role for you- to test you and make you a better horse person. That's what I always say when mine are being brats..."it's making me a better horse person." I hope anyway! Why is it husband horses do that anyway? You think they're well behaved and then they're buttheads for you and great for the husband??
Scott: MHWF
Excellent way to look at horsemanship Jenni!

I cannot tell you how many times I have said the words, "If you never get tested how do you ever become a better horseman (woman)"?

It's very true...every time you run into problems or get frustrated you either lose it and are not really a horseperson or you look at it as a challenge and a chance to learn something new. I know it sounds weird, but my favorite part of working with horses is when I am being tested and trying to figure out what I need to do differently.
Yes!  Excellent update and excellent observations, I agree wholeheartedly.  I have to admit that I actually get a little excited now when we get a horse in who needs work on their ground manners and such, it is so rewarding to work through those things.  :) 
I think husband's horses do it to make you look like an idiot haha. jon looks at me like i'm crazy anytime I say he's being a butt head. The way I have been trying to look at it, though my hormones have tried to take over, is as long as Jon is happy with him, and he treats Jon good... I am happy. Now the hormonal side keeps saying "OMG Seriously? I've never had this before I suck at life.... where's my ice cream" hahahaha I do enjoy trying to find new ways to get him to listen, and he's been responding much better the last two weeks. We started to grain him to gain and maintain weight because he is being ridden everyday now by Rachel. and being chased by our Mini. so he thinks it's treat time whenever I bring a lead rope out :) which for me means, I don't have to catch him mauahahahhaa!! I think with all the horses coming and going the past 7-8 months, he hasn't adjusted fully, I could be wrong but he's constantly changing. Now that we received our last horses for a long time, he should be fine.

One thing that caught me off guard last night, Jacoby is not a fighter at all... once in a while when he finally gets really upset he will go after our mini who is the bully of the herd... but last night he actually started to pick fights with our new addition. When I told Scott and Karen he's the low man, it also shocked them lol. He us use to being alpha but not in our herd. well last night I caught him chasing off our newbie... and wouldn't let him eat or drink. of course preparing to be a mother I was super upset, and wanted to go in there and take care of him, but I know I have to just let it ride out. With Jacoby, it is a very big learning experience for us both, and testing each other. I am the alpha... none of the other horses really question me, and Jacoby wants to be above someone because hes the lowest, and I think he wants to just be above me and I don't let it. i'm NOT about to get on my hands and knees and fight it out lol. Right now, if we can just maintain our mutual grounds of Alpha, I will be happy. Once the baby is here... we can work on the rest. Jon is Alpha to Jacoby, and Jacoby and I are being stubborn. standing on a tall hill... both with our whole body on top pushing against each other to see who will give up first lol. Maybe while on this hill if I throw some treats he will leave the top of MY hill lol. But he's a love bug, and i'm proud of how much he's changed, and is learning. It's a much needed learning experience for us both. and Jon gets a laugh when Jacoby and I are pulling the whole, "I walk first, and you follow me." watching us compete for the front must be comical for Jon. we are like brother and sister lol.

I do love him :)  

Jacoby - 17 yrs.

$400 - Jacoby is a 17 year old QH gelding. He is sound and well broke to saddle, having been ridden on trail rides, a few shows and even just bareback riding around the neighborhood. He stands at 14.3 hands tall and sheds out to a beautiful dappled palomino in the spring. Jacoby is not a horse for a totally new rider as he will test you to see if you are worthy at times, but is a safe, reliable ride that has been ridden by kids and adults. His ground manners will probably need a little refresher work, but nothing to worry about and nothing major. With someone who is assertive, Jacoby is a great riding horse and will be a wonderful addition to their family. We opted to use some older photos of him from last year because when he came back to MHWF it was very cold out and almost dark. We will update his listing with new photos when the chance comes up sometime very soon.

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Do you still have Jacoby 17year old palomino gelding horse for adoption?
Yes, Jacoby is still available for adoption.  
The adoption horses page is always current:  

Jacoby got to come out and play for a while yesterday.  For some reason I completely forgot to take pictures of him being ridden, but he did great as usual.  Jurita and Travis had their trailer sitting here, so we took the opportunity to load Jacoby in and out of the trailer several times as well, and I did take a little video of that for the heck of it.  Here is one of the video clips of Jacoby loading in the trailer:  


Jenni O.
Wait. Jurita brought a trailer down and took it back empty???
Hershey and Jacoby both got adopted today to the same home!  We are so happy for them both, and happy for their adopters.  Ben, Katie and Mikayla came out a couple of weeks ago to meet horses and spend some time and came back today to make it official.  Unfortunately, I had to work today and could not budge on changing my hours around, so I missed the appointment and official adoption day, but Scott even took an adoption day picture today himself.  :)  They all fell in love with Jacoby and Hershey both when they met them, and we hope to hear lots of updates on their new lives together.  It sounds like there will be some summer camps and all kinds of fun things.  

A big thank-you and congratulations to Ben, Katie and Mikayla!  

Here is an adoption day photo from Scott today.  

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Jenni O.
So cool! Congratulations, and to Scott too for taking an adoption day photo. Updates will be twice as nice.
Donna R
Congratulations on your adoption!  Two great and beautiful horses!
Donna M
Congratulations to all! 
Congratulations to Jacoby and his new family!
Jan N
This is simply AWE.SOME.  !!!   Congratulations, all, you will soooo not regret choosing adoption from MHWF
Mikayla M.
About a 9 months ago my friends adopted Hershey and Jacoby. I am their caretaker, Mikayla M. I would just like to give you an update. Both horses are doing wonderful. We had a struggle with weight on Jacoby, for awhile but he got his teeth floated and that has helped immensely. Jacoby and Hershey were loved by kids all summer. Jacoby is an all around horse and I can put any beginner on him. When we first had him we kind of fought over who got to ride him. Hershey is the greatest with the kids! She is a great little mare. She will jump into anything and try it out! I cannot thank you enough for letting my close peers adopt these two horses for use in our youth program. 

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Jacoby - 20 yrs.

$350 - Jacoby is a QH gelding that just turned 20 this fall. He is sound, healthy and well broke to saddle, having been ridden on trail rides and bareback around the neighborhood. He stands at 14.3 hands tall. Jacoby is a safe, reliable ride that has been ridden by kids and adults. He has been part of MHWF for a handful of years now and has always been good, but we have not seen him for three years, so we cannot say how much riding he has done or how he was these past few years, but we expect him to be the same horse he always has been. He is three years older and wiser now though. We will post updates once someone does get a chance to hop on him and give him a test ride. Jacoby is back at MHWF because his adopter told us that they could no longer afford to keep him, so he is back here at MHWF. We would like to add a few more pounds on him while he is here waiting for his new home, but someone is going to get a very laid back, easy going guy for sure.

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