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Jaisy - 14 yrs.

$500 - Some of our long time followers might remember Jaisy. She was adopted in 2010 and as soon as her adopter got ownership, she sold Jaisy. We needed to do the right thing, someone sent us an email that she was for sale and we were able to track her down. We bought her back and picked her up today (8-2-2017). Jaisy is a 14 year old double registered Paint Stock/ Buckskin mare. She is 14.3 hands tall, sound and healthy, well broke to saddle. She is very good for the vet and farrier and is a joy to work with, very sweet, well behaved. She has been ridden quite a bit, by both adults and kids and has always been very well behaved under saddle. She was ridden in a D ring snaffle, direct reining. You may also have noticed that Jaisy's face looks a little crooked. She was born with wry nose. It causes her no pain, no special needs....it makes her unique. This a fantastic, well broke horse, super sweet, easy going, traffic safe, you name it.  Jaisy has a vet appointment on Wednesday, 8/9/2017, for a dental exam.  

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How great that you were able to find her and bring her back!
Donna R
Knowing her history since 2010 and shocked to say the least.  Will leave it at that.  So glad you were able to get Jaisy back.  She is a great horse.
Unfortunately, Jaisy was already in her second home since her adopter sold her.  Sold by adopter, sold again, and now put up for sale once again.  You can see why we want to stop this bounce, and we are looking for someone who is going to commit to this girl.  Jaisy had been bounced through a couple of homes before she came to us in 2010, so hopefully this cycle can end.  We are just so happy to have her back and under the safety net of our program.  Like I mentioned above in her listing, she has a vet appointment on Wednesday, August 9th to have her vaccinations and teeth done.  
Donna R
I figured one home since her adopter sold her in 2015 but not two.  I've always felt sorry for horses when they are bounced around often.  Some handle it so much better than others.  Hoping for a great new long time home for Jaisy girl.
Jaisy seems to remember us, and she is already turned out, remembering some of her old herd mates.  Very calm and relaxed, so this is a really good thing.  I feel bad.  If I could take on another horse myself, I would keep her, but unfortunately I cannot.  
It's so hard as horse owners/lovers to know that your pocketbook has to limit what your heart wants. But, it's the responsible thing to do.
Who could ever forget that beautiful nose?  So glad she is back.
Thank you so much for buying her back!!! That is so awesome!!!!! You guys are awesome!!! Thank you for keeping tabs on her even after she was over the 5 years. I know her original donor and she will be so happy that you are keeping her safe.
What a very lucky girl and truly a fantastic example of how truly awesome this program is for so many horses and donors.  You guys are definitely tops. She's super cute with her crooked nosy, hopefully she'll find a crooked little owner and get to live in a little crooked barn [biggrin]
So in a situation like this, do you check on the other horses Jaisys adopter had adopted from the program? Does she still have them or did she sell them too? Or are you too swamped to follow up on the ones past the 5 year mark? I can imagine that would be very time consuming. I wondered that about Remington & Abe's previous adopter too. In both cases, they were returned but the adopter had more horses that had been adopted through the program but not returned.
Thank you! I just always wondered that.
CNB, it is our hope, and is the case 99% of the time, that people who adopt stay in touch and when they run into a problem they contact us, regardless of how many years they've had their adopted horse(s).  In the case of Remington and Abe's previous adopters, there were two horses they had that had passed on (one from a combination of old age with anaplasmosis and Lyme that were treated but left lasting issues, and the other from colic which can happen to anyone at any time), and one of the horses went to a good friend of theirs (Charlie).  They always stayed in touch with us, and no worries there.  You will see once in a while a horse will return to us who was adopted out long past the 5 year mark and return when they run into a problem that they cannot keep the horse, and we encourage anyone with an adopted horse to contact us for any reason, problem or not, at any time.  Most do just that.
Ann G.
She has such a cute face![thumb]
Jaisy really is a cutie pie and such a sweetheart!  She has those sexy legs too.  [smile]  

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Donna R
I forgot about her unique markings on her legs.  Sweet girl!
Sara T
I am so happy that you were able to get her back. After seeing her for sale on craigslist, and knowing that she was bounced at least once and was going to be bounced again, I just had to email you guys. Hopefully this beautiful girl can get her forever home. She is too beautiful and sweet of a horse to keep going from home to home. I wish I was in the position to get a horse at this point. <3 
I will be forever grateful to you Sara.  I am so glad and thankful that you emailed me and we were able to get Jaisy back.  

Jaisy has now had some major dental work done and has had her vaccinations brought up to date.  I will post some pictures soon of Jaisy's mouth and the work she needed, as well as the big tooth that needed to come out.  
Jaisy update:  
Jaisy came to us on 8/2/2107, and she had her dental work done here on 8/9/2017.  It was obvious that Jaisy had not had her teeth tended to in a very long time, unfortunately.  The growth of the teeth and how the front ones had grown so much that they were sticking out of the side of her mouth was indicative of no dental work at all for some time.  There was also one large tooth towards the back that was sticking up by itself, was a bad tooth and needed to come out.  I have added pictures of that tooth, as well as pictures of Jaisy's mouth to show you the overgrowth of the teeth.  The vet had to take a lot off on each side, and her mouth is much closer to back where it should be and how it was when she originally left here.  

Also, Jaisy came out on Sunday and was ridden by Chloe too!  Jaisy did absolutely great!  What a wonderful horse she is!  She was ridden in just a bareback pad, because that's how Chloe prefers to ride, and we used a rope halter since Jaisy just had so much dental work done.  I'm sure Jaisy will be fine with a bit again in no time.  Right now Jaisy is at a friend's place to go out and hit the trails and few times and see what kind of trail horse she is, whether peppy or more laid back, etc. (we already know Jaisy is the type of horse that just about anyone can ride).  We will report back as soon as we hear more about that.  

Here are some pictures from Jaisy's dental work and before along with that giant tooth that needed to come out, and from her ride on Sunday, 8/13/2017.  Thank you Chloe!!

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Wow that was a huge tooth!! Jasiy looks wonderful under saddle...love those perky ears!
Donna R
What a shame when dental checks aren't included in routine care.  As what happened with Squeak, the poor horse can go through so much extra pain and suffering over that neglect .  Jaisy has to be feeling so much better now.  She looks great under saddle!
Donna R
Ummm...I mean she looks great under bareback pad.  The talented Chloe was riding her that day the way Chloe prefers to ride[smile]
Judy G.
Jaisy is absolutely beautiful.... I love her face & the expression in her eyes! She deserves a "forever home"!! I am working on that...
Donna R
Congratulations to Jaisy and her lucky adopter!
Barb S
Wonderful news! Congratulations!!!

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