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I am not a very good calendar keeper but I did see that Jett adopted me 7 years ago -  give or take a day [smile] Thanks MHWF for that connection    [wave]
forgot one of my fav. pics with my adopter.

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Jenni O.
Congratulations! Hope to see you on the fall trail ride!
Jan N
Congrats and here's to the future for both of you, John!!  7 years is great, hope you each can continue successfully scratching the other's itches [thumb]
Congrats!!  I know how much you enjoy your time with him [smile]
Wendy W - WI
Congrats!  It will be 10 years for us and Conn.  
Donna M
Congratulations John. I love hearing about your adventures with Jett and that picture is also one of my favorites. Hope to meet you and Jett one day. 
Donna R
Congrats John and congrats Jett for adopting John seven years ago!  A more perfect pair couldn't be found.  Wishing you many more happy trails and camping adventures together.
Thanks all for your nice comments.
What I don't know I teach him and what he doesn't know he teaches me

Congrats Wendy on your 10th with Conn
Congratulations *Conn* & Wendy.. and too *Jett* & John. WHERE did those years go and seems they came and left soooooo fast.[angel]
Big congrats on the 7 year mark John and Jett!  
Only bad part is;  Jett said he wants to return me:  Scott and Karen said no...

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Congratulations John!  You two are the perfect pair, no way can you be returned...LOL!
Both horses are FOCUSED on something... *Jett* is handsome/gorgeous.. You are ENJOYING life like it should be.... PRICELESS...[smile][wave][thumb]
Char they were focused for sure - the park next to us had some event going and they were launching model rockets along with flying model airplanes.  I recall it made for a bit of a - well lets just say - "spirited" ride that day.
Per Scott's request; not that any of past owners follow him I am pretty sure but a quick update:

Jett still has a quirky but fun personality even though he is approaching 20 years of age.  He truly gets excited when we go down to the lower pasture to fetch the boys to trailer them somewhere for a ride or camp.  If we lead the others Jett will follow, then toss his head, kick up his heels and run to the gate, as if he is saying; oh boy oh boy were going for a trip"

He is really good on trail as long as he has his buds in sight, if we break away then his whiney will shake the fillings out of your teeth and he gets all prancey and nervous.  I have just come to accept that as the way it will be with him, he is not a loner.  He will go through any trail, stream, river, brush I ask of him and I truly think he loves to camp, I wish I kept a log but I estimate over the last 7 years would be conservative of no less than 100 camp trips together.  That does not count local trail rides we do in-between.

It is fun to watch Jett's coat change with the seasons, once he sheds his long fluffy pitch black coat in the spring he is a glossy black that then changes to a deep chocolate brown mid summer.  As fall rolls in he is back to a velvet soft black.  I can always tell what time of year it is when I see a picture of him [cool]  I will try to get a decent picture of him this weekend as we are going to camp/ride somewhere for what I think is last of 2015.  We are really lucky that Jett and the others think our Golden Ret. is one of them in pasture,  on trail and at camp.  It is common that a horse and Scoobs are drinking out of the water bucket at same time once back from trail (again will try to get a picture)

If it doesn't show in my writing, I really enjoy Jett and our adventures together.  Perfect neither of us are but that doesn't take away from the smile on our faces.

John, that was the nicest darn thing I've read all day.  Thank you for the update. You boys don't say much but we sure can tell how much you love your horses with a few simple words.  Very sweet.  [smile]
Pretty sure Jett does NOT want to get rid of you.
He sounds like my old horse Vandal who really loved to jump in the the trailer and go camping.
I am also thinking of driving down to SW Wisconsin to camp this weekend.
Jenni O.
I agree, great update!
Nice John! Hard to believe there are people out there that don't realize the gift of equine companionship. 
John, I love reading your updates.  We can feel the love and companionship you and Jett have.  I can only hope that someday I am fortunate enough to experience that.  You and Jett are very lucky to have each other. Happy trails to you.
It was really yucky out on Saturday so I was told we were not camping [bawl] well it is just as yucky in my pasture so what is the difference?  Humans are so fickle when it comes to weather...

But wait, my friend John had a really cool idea; a sleepover at a friend's house by a town called New Glarus.
Oh boy oh boy a sleep over [biggrin]  Sancho, TJ and I had a nice pasture all to ourselves and we were able to look over the fence at those fancy fast walking types.  I was told there would be a spotted cow near by but I never saw one but friend John must have found it as he kind of smelled funny that Sunday morning.
Sunday we all rode Donald Park all day, I liked that ride, it is really pretty and no rocks - I don't like rocks that much because I am always barefoot.


p.s. I don't like electric fences - they make me run around like an Arabian when I touch them with my nose but I only did it once

Jett tell that cheapa$$ human of yours to buy you a spotted cow!  Every good horse deserves a spotted cow!!
Jenni O.
Are we talking an actual bovine here, or the beverage? I bet Jett would love a Spotted Cow mixed in with his grain.
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