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We had fun at Kettle Moraine South last week - they have obstacle course things we can do right on trail and a lil Christmas tree, we forgot to bring our ornament though [frown]

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Jett being happy and looking in when he gets his grain.

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Donna R
Looking good Jett[wave]
From the Boys and I; Wishing all my family and friends a wonderful, healthy and prosperous New Year - What a wonderful moon we are blessed with this beginning of the year [1f600] 

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Jenni O.
Happy New Year! Looks warmer there.
There is a mark on the thermometer - nothing listed below the FC line at the bottom.  Last time we had cold this quick I think we all enjoyed "Freezing for a Reason" contest [crazy]
Not sure if any that read this remember Jett (other than Scott n Karen of course) [wave]

Jett is well, we still camp n ride as much as possible.  A rare chance to graze in the yard in late Feb.  2018  Horses.jpg 

Jane Liess
Of course we remember Jett!  His (and your) performance at the Horse Fair will be engrained in my memory forever.  If you missed it, it was SPECTACULAR!  

How is Scooby doing?
Yes we read and yes we remember..and are those your legs hiding behind the horse?
Those be Cindy's legs behind Sancho [wave]  Scoobs is doing well, we took a lil break this afternoon on the deck (Millie too)  I hope you are all well friends.deck LR.jpg 
When your cousin's daughter asks to feed the horses... 
Mims_Jett LR.jpg 

Still loving life on trail with one of the best trail horses ever [wave]  Jett_Jess.jpg 

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Looks like a beautiful view from the saddle.
When a cute lil spunky dog, Bolt, wants to know what Jett is eating [tongue]  Jett_Bolt.jpg 

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LOL...boing boing boing
I know many worry about cold and our horses, my worst fear is when we have mix of snow and rain + wind.  Below freezing is fine + snow but when that mix right around 30-35 deg.'s is when I know they are at their coldest.  Spent the day with the boys inside the barn to give them a break.  Of course no treats or tons of hay [wink] 

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Jett looks great!  NO never treats or hay in the barn...Never!  LOL
Jett was standing at attention waiting for his buds to return from a trail ride this last Sunday [cool] 


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Donna R
Jett looks great!  I'll bet he was wondering why he couldn't go along!
Thanks Donna. Jett is doing great [smile] Cindy and friends headed off to Chain-of-Lakes (her 1st ride since her horse fall injury this last Feb.)  So glad to report both her and Sancho did awesome. 

No fault of Jett's not being able to go, this time it is on me with a slipped disk in my lower back.  Jett in the back yard had to keep prancing around and staring at the gate for the return of his buddies [wave]
I was not sure where to share this, feel free to move this Scott / Karen [smile]

Having a brother in a wheelchair due to MS and having horses; well I thought this was worth sharing 

Sandy K
Definitely a video worth sharing. Horses enrich our lives in so many ways.
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