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Jenni, I heard that spotted cow only comes from New Glarus, but you will have to ask John next time you see him on that one.
Woah doggie it was a bit cold last night.  Rode most of Sunday, spent night at camp (under 3 sleeping bags) and rode more on Monday.  Scrape off the 1/4" of ice from the water bucket, watch every breath your horses are taking, rekindle the fire from the night before and a few cups of cooked coffee - never tasted better [tongue]

Bright side; no one else at camp, no bugs, the Southeast side of a black horse grazing in the morning is the best hand warmer in the world [angel]  It really does not get any better than that.

p.s. the 10 pt. buck was a cool sight even though it charged Scoobs for a dozen ft or so.  Wow, did not know my dog could run that fast, big baby
Jenni O.
Haha, that's great! Scoobs probably didn't think so.
Update on Jett: 12/06/15

OK, so let me describe the back-drop on this: We have amazing weather for a 1st week in December.
We load up the lads and head up to KMS for a wonderful ride. Trails are not snowy or too wet  (even though we had like 15" of snow a few weeks ago) In the middle of the trail system is a break area with a picnic table and hitching post.  Each year someone(s) decorates a tree with X-Mas decorations right there in the middle of nowhere.

I ask my wife, whom is on her horse Sanch, to snap a couple of Jett and I on her cell. Of course she takes several. I remind her to PLEASE this time to actually email the best one so I can actually post one. 
This is what the smarty-pants sends to my email (1st pic)
Luckily followed up with one of Jett's face, friend Kym + Jess and you can just make out Scoobs bright T-shirt he wore lower right (Pheasant season)

Jett is well and healthy and you can see he is a fluffy black in anticipation of winter

Jett_TrailXMAS tree 2015small.JPG 


Donna R
Awesome that you got out on another trail ride!  Sounds like you have done this before at KMS since you knew about the decorated tree.  Thumbs up to Cindy for sending the "best" picture first!!!  I'm sure that was a "back at you"!!!  Cindy deals with John and his shenanigans very well folks [biggrin]

Everyone looks great, John!  Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Donna, not often we get our chance in Dec. on that Northern trail in Dec. at KMS but yes, someone does always seem to decorate it, and it is a few miles in so could only be horse person(s)

I wish I had it on video; Jett was actually a lil sweaty on his beak and rubbed against one of the soft ornaments on the tree; it was one of those "press-here" lil santas believe it or not and it did it's "Ho-Ho-Ho"  We nearly fell over it was so funny as Jett activated it twice rubbing his beak on it.  Only Jett...
He is the goofiest horse ever and I am proud to say he is my goofy horse.
Jane Liess
John, you're very photogenic in that first pic!  That's very clever of Jett to activate Santa.  I wonder what he told Santa he wanted for Xmas?
Jenni O.
He wants a pony, of course!
What great pics and great story about Jett!  Love it...and I totally agree....Jett wants a pony for Christmas.
I am the one that wants a pony for Christmas but that is not to be this year [frown]

If I were to guess what Jett asked Santa; it would be more camp / ride trips.  I swear I can see the smile on his face when we get a weekend away.  BTW, never - ever leave him behind when others leave camp, he can do backflips on a tie-line - not kidding.


We went for a ride by Donna and Len's place and had to stop by and say hi to some of my alumist from MHWF.  The whole gang came running and I sniffed noses with Cope and Aries and I liked it [kiss]Jett_Donna2.jpg 
That is a really great shot in so many ways, and the MHWF tee puts the cherry on top.  [smile]  
Donna R
I see Flash and Trigger in the pic too.  Glad you stopped by to visit the herd, John.  Really wish we had been home to ride with you guys.  It was a perfect day to be out on the trail.  Hopefully next time.
Debbie M.
That is a very beautiful picture, like a post card! That pasture is a dream come true for horses! I love it!
Your herd are so dang friendly and cute - Cindy had to keep telling me NO I can not just walk in - (with Jett) and say hi to them all.  I almost stole the mini's and donks I figured no one would notice them in the back seat with Scoobs as we drove home [rolleyes]   um someone needs a bit of diet and I am not just talking about me...  Hehehehe was great to see them all

HA! It's like a buffet of MHWF horses!  and Donna wouldn't let you take one teeny tiny donk or mini?  Geez Donna you are so heartless! 

Look at all the lucky adoption horses in one photo.
Jenni O.
Holy horses! That's pretty cool.
Jett, who is that cowboy referring to in reference to the "D" word???  I may not be so dang friendly next time if I have to wear one of them there grazing muzzles.  [biggrin][rolleyes]  .   I AM the herd boss you know!  It is my job to make sure everything is eaten up down to the last bite.  The crazy horse lady says I do my job well.[wink][wink]
The "D" word might have been in reference to a lil cutie known as Checkers I believe hehehehe
They all looked great and I said hi to all of em [cool]

Attached Images
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Jett & Co. had somewhat of an unusual visitor over the last few days; Humphrey the camel [biggrin]

I have never had the chance to get up close and friendly with a camel but I have to tell ya, after spending a few hours up close with Humphrey it was really cool.  He had a very sweet personality and was my best friend after giving him a few treats.

I have to say that the horses were not happy at all with their temporary roommate.  I waved goodby to Humphrey Sunday evening when they picked him up to be reunited with his girlfriend "Wednesday."



HA!  He's looking at you like he isn't quite sure about you.  Cool barn guest!

Jenn, we were having a heart to heart talk [cool]  Wow camels have some pretty interesting verbals (kind of a grunting - moan thing)  

We played a joke on our farrier, told him we had one new "horse" that needed to be done - Wish I had the picture of the look on his face when he came up to the stall.

It was my job (and John's) to be sure all were safe on trail and at camp. We had so much fun with these 4 yr old grandkids camping and we even got to see Donna and Nicole with their horses [biggrin]


Scott: MHWF
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