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Camping = fun but takes some work

Camping + horses = a lot of fun but more work

Camping + horses + two four yr. old granddaughters = a ton of work but is awesome to see their giggles n smiles [wink] on trail and at camp

Hearing your granddaughter drop her b-fast on the ground from the picnic table and explaining to me with a nervous smirk; "It's ok grandpa, that's why brought Scooby" [idea]  How can you argue with logic like that... PRICELESS  BTW Scooby didn't argue one bit - cheese omelets are his favorite
That's awesome Jett/John.
Donna R
Nicole and I went to Rock Cut to ride Sunday morning.  The Valley Trail Riders were having a poker run there so there was a lot of activity going on.  In the middle of it all at camp and of course talking to everyone[wink] was John.   

It was fun visiting with John, Cindy, Kym, their granddaughters, and of course Scoobs.  Out on the trail, we saw them riding with their grandchildren.  We could tell everyone was having a great time! [thumb]  How fun!
Jenni O.
Two four year olds??? You're a brave man! I bet it was a blast! It's great you can share that experience with them.
Oh what fun!
Asking your 4 year old buckaroo to hold the boys as we grab a few things at camp before mounting up - Priceless [smile]

Jett and Sancho loving there casual camping / trail life with our new addition.  
It truly does not get much better than this [thumb]

So cute!  She is living every little girls dream! 
Jenni O.
Love it! And what what good horses, standing so nicely.
Another one of Jett and company on trail. Jett is so good or simply so buddy sour - he would follow Sancho down trail whether I was on not

If your are wondering why I am posting pics now, shhhhhh it someone's B-Day tomorrow and of course Santa is visiting a lil buckaroo this weekend so this ole cowboy is going through pics, need to print a transpose to wood this evening.  For you crafty ones in the group I learned a new term Mod Podge

Kay Trail Low res. III.jpg 

Donna R
Such a cute little granddaughter, John and Cindy.  You will have so many great times ahead with her and your horses.
Diane B
Love the little buckaroo!  Nice horses!
Hanging with friends is always fun [cool]
Sorry - pic did not attach (muddy hooves)


Scoobs is 7 tomorrow [smile]  Jett - I think coming up on 20 [tongue]  Me- well lets leave that alone   https://youtu.be/6iWrIfEgFlQ

Jenni O.
The animals look good for their age!
HA! Notice how she focused on the postitive?  Nice Jenni, very nice!  ahahahahahaha
I caught the under-handed dig by J.O.  [tongue]  She knows I don't get mad - just even hehehehehe
Jenni O.
Whaaaat???? I just focus on the positive, that's me, like Jen says.
Scott: MHWF
"Like" [smile]
This is not Jett but 2 of Jett's best friends at camp last weekend (Sanch and Kay) [smile] 

We caught a certain lil girl stealing a kiss from a soft nuzzel [kiss]


Jett and I are ready for the Packer season to start [tongue]  Not thrilled about the B52 Bombers we encountered on trail (Rush Creak, IL) [frown]  Horse Fly Low-Res.jpg John_on_Jet_Packer.jpg Packer_Jett_Selfie_Low res.jpg 
Jenni O.
Jett looks less than thrilled with his fly bonnet. Perhaps he's a Bears fan?
You bite your tongue Jenni O.  [mad] [tounge2]  

Bears Jersey.jpg 

Hey, don't use the "B" word around me Jenni and I am always thrilled [tongue]  [crazy]


Very windy day so called off our trail ride so we just hung around with the lads...  Jett doing awesome with his new fall black tuxedo [tongue]

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I am really angry at John...

While he spent an hour or 2 picking crappy burrs out of me and my 3 buddies, then spent 3 hours pulling out a large patch of them by the root so I don't get stuck again with them...  He did not let me go riding with my buds [tounge2] 

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