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Joker - 2 yrs.

$250 - Joker is a coming three year old Mini stud. We will not be able to make him available until he is gelded and has a few weeks to work all those hormones out of his system, but in the meantime, he is one of the cutest Minis you will ever see. He is a tiny little guy, smaller than the average mini. He is super sweet, does not act "studdy" at all and did we mention that he is adorable? Joker now has a brand new Coggins and will have a fresh trim, vaccinations and everything he needs before we let him go to his new home. Being that he is still a stud, he is currently staying with some friends of MHWF (Thank you yet again Dean and Tracy). Once he is gelded, we will make him available for adoption. Sweet, dainty, typey and cute as can be...as far as minis go, they don't come much more desirable.

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What a cute little guy he is!!!
Cute! And a blue eye (or two)
Joker is now here at the MHWF farm.  He is preparing for this geld surgery tomorrow (Saturday, 11/12/2016) that will be taking place here at the farm.  [smile]  He is even cuter than I remember him from the one day that I met him!!  He is such a good little boy too.  He has one blue eye and one brown eye.  [wink]  

Thank you so much to Dean and Tracy for taking care of the little man for us!  

Update 11-13-2016

Joker is now a gelding and although he needs to stay here for at least a few more days, we can start to look for his new home. He is adorable in person and super, super laid back, ultra-quiet and well-behaved. He has also been de-wormed, vaccinated and had his booster shots.

He really is the cutest thing!  That hair those eyes...just so cute.
Joker left for his new home on Saturday and will have lots of new friends to hang out with. We already got a photo of Joker meeting his new herd family that we are happy to share. Thank you to Heather H. and family for choosing adoption. Joker will be doing some showing next summer!

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Jenni O.
There's way too much mini cuteness in one picture. Congratulations!
We are so excited and happy for Joker and his new family!  He looks like he is going to fit right in.  [smile]  We really look forward to hearing of Joker's adventures with the show ring and with the driving that is in his future.  

Thank you so much to Heather, Ray and Autumn!!  Congratulations, and thank you!!!  

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Barb S
He's such a cutie! Congrats!!!
Great picture and many happy adventures
Autumn sent me some really cute pictures of Joker with one of his new friends.  Adorable!  Thank you Autumn!  

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Love the "mini" herd! Congratulations!
Omgosh that herd!  those faces!  That is way better than a bowl of puppies!  Joker totally hit the jackpot on his adoption!  So stinkin cute. 
Stinkin cute is right!  Love all the little minis!  Congrats!
Adorable pics!!  Happy for everyone!!
Joker got his little feet trimmed tonight [smile]

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What a beautiful face shot!

Lisa B.
Dang! He is cute!
Happy Holidays from Joker and I! Lately we have been working on the basics of showmanship and halter and he is catching on to everything very fast. He'll be in the show ring in no time!!

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He's so cute. Where will you show?
My brother will for sure be showing Joker at the Dane County Fair this coming 2017. We both plan on showing him in open shows around the madison area along with his new show buddies. Joker is being registered as a Pinto here soon too and will hopefully be shown at the WPtHA shows once he gains more show experience! We are extremely excited for him!!
Jett and John
Joker got his first shave tonight. Although he needs a few touch ups, he is looking good. His coat and color are gorgeous!!

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Scott: MHWF
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