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Lisa B.
My, he is a good looking little guy!
Aww!  So cute.  Be sure to post your showing schedule so we can come cheer for you both!
Joker taking in some sunshine.

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What a cutie!!  What a tummy!!
Joker's show debut at Little I  😉
4th in 3 and under halter and 3rd in mini/pony halter
- Heather

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Congrats on the show placings. He's looking great. I'm wondering how you body clip so perfectly.
Wow. He's looking sharp! Congrats!
Heather N.
Thank you! Lots of practice body clipping[wink]
Congratulations!  You both look awesome!
Wendy W - WI
You both look fabulous!  Congrats!
I wanted to share a couple of photos of joker and his mini family visiting with residents of a local memory care facility near us. He was such a great boy and enjoyed all the extra attention! There was a smile on everyone's face.

- Heather N.

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Lisa B.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful little guy with so many others!
Awww....how awesome!
Donna M
There is something about a mini that captures your heart. It looks like he made a day very special for some deserving folks.
Barb S
Awe...super cute!
Jenni O.
Aww, how nice of you!
Joker in winter digs 😉

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Minis sure look different in their winter wear vs. Their summer wear.
That eye!!!  Such a cutie!

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