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This will be Journey's thread where all of her updates will go.  Journey came to MHWF through the 1-Day Open Door Shelter on 10/22/2017.


Journey is the little mini mare that came to us without any name that we were aware of, so we felt Journey was very fitting, since she came to us in pretty rough shape, terrible feet, covered in matted burrs and foundered. She is about as sweet, mellow and easy going as they get and is as cute as they come too. Journey now has all of those nasty burrs combed out and is looking like the little princess that she is. Clearly as some point in her life, she had someone who doted on her and loved her. Somewhere along the line someone chopped her mane to hell instead of coming the burrs out, but that will grow back. She does have a long beautiful tail though. We will know more about her fee very soon and will update her listing then. There is some debate as to her age, so for now, we will hold off stating her age. There is also some info that leads us to think she may be Calamity Jane's mother. We will work on that information as well.  

Update:  Journey had all of her burs removed from her forelock, mane and tail.  Journey also had her teeth floated, vaccinated, dewormed and feet trimmed on 11/4/2017 on Vet Day here at MHWF.  

New pictures to be added.  

[journey-mini1-oct26]  [journey-mini2-oct26]  [journey-mini3-oct26]   [feet-mini-oct26]  


A video clip of Journey and Merrylegs ripping it up in the arena today.  

or click here
Sue J
Those two little stinkers sure know how to get the party going. It looks like everyone is feeling feisty as they run by. Tomorrow should be real exiting when they all get out of quarantine.
The best news of all?  Merrylegs and Journey got adopted to live in the same home together!!  Anyone want to guess who made it into the 2017 adoption video this year who said she wasn't going to?  [wink]  [smile]  

I won't keep it a surprise...  Donna M. adopted Journey and Merrylegs!  We let these two go to Donna 1 day before quarantine is up, because she will be keeping them separate from her other horses anyway for a bit and with Donna living way up north and in a snow belt, we had to go with the good weather in order to make this happen this year yet.  Quarantine is up tomorrow, and none of the horses are showing any signs of any illness or problems whatsoever.  

It was so funny when Donna first contacted me about the two mini's, and I told her that even though Journey and Calamity Jane came in together from the same home, Journey and Merrylegs had formed a pretty amazing bond while being here and just loved each other.  This couldn't have wound up more perfect.  Donna and her friend DeeDee made the trip today, about 4-1/2 hours each way, and the girls left for their new home.  We had a great time visiting with Donna and DeeDee, and we really look forward to hearing of Merrylegs and Journey's adventures together!  

Thank you so much Donna, and congratulations!  

Here are a couple of cute adoption day pictures from today, 11/19/2017.  

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That's awesome! Congratulations Donna!
Wendy W - WI
CONGRATULATIONS  Donna and girls!!!  So happy for these little girls!
Sandy K
What cute adoption photos ! Congratulations Donna and girls !
Jenni O.
Eeek! That last photo! How can you handle all of the cuteness, Donna? You won't get anything done, you'll be so busy watching pony antics. Congratulations!
Kate G
So stinkin' cute. Congrats!
Diane B
They are sooo cute!  Congratulations Donna!!
Donna M
Journey and Merrylegs travelled beautifully home. They settled quickly into their stall and this morning seemed rested. I’m so glad they have each other as they seem a tad bit unsure of what to make of all these changes. I’m going to keep them in the barn until Thanksgiving day when I can be home with them all day to monitor their interactions with the big girls and my little snotty, adorable brat Ariel.

Sugar Bear was half heartedly rushing their stall with ears pinned at 6:00 this morning. There was little reaction from them so I think they will soon figure out the pecking order in this barn.

When Sugar was adopted 6 years ago and Raven 2 years later, I was worried I might be getting in over my head. Now here I am with 6 mares and one boarding. They’ve all been adopted from MHWF. I think my home and heart are now full.
Donna R
A big Congratulations Donna and girls!  That's crazy that every one of your equines is a mare.  I couldn't be happier about this adoption.  Lucky, lucky little minis.  I'm sure in no time at all they will be romping around with the entire herd.
Awwww! I love this adoption!! Congratulations Donna!
Great adoptions of these minis. Oh Donna...haven’t you learned not to say you won’t be in the adoption video?
New photos of Journey and Merrylegs! Once photo of them with their new friend, Ariel in the background.

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Donna M
It's been a couple weeks since Journey came home. She's slowly shedding the layers of history she will never again have to endure. She is a very sweet little mare but still unsure about things. She has gotten used to the morning and evening routines and now comes into the barn and goes to her stall without me having to lead her in. She seems a bit jumpy about sudden touch so I've made a conscious effort to talk to her before I touch her and keep my hands visible so she isn't surprised. She was also a little nervous when I was cleaning around her but she is getting better about that. She is adorable and I am hoping she soon learns to trust this new environment. 

She and Carmen (Merrylegs) are still never far apart from one another but have made new friends in Raindancer and Ariel. Watching the herd dynamics play out has been interesting. Normally, Ariel does not back down from any of her herd mates. However, I see her consistently moving away from hay when Journey approaches and the two have exchanged kicks that never connected. I think Ariel is giving Journey a pass for a while. She seems to know Journey needs acceptance and patience. 

Yesterday some kids were over and wanted to ride Ariel. Journey was agitated when I took Ariel out to the yard. I ignored her so she took matters into her own hands. While I was leading Ariel in the yard through 2 feet of snow, we suddenly had a tag-along. I just let Journey follow us and when we were done, she followed us right back to the barn. 

She seems to be struggling a bit on the frozen ground where the snow isn't providing better footing. The farrier will be back in a few weeks and I will have him look at her again.
Jenni O.
I'm laughing at your tag-along story. What a stinker!
I think the name Donna in Native American translates to; Women of Many Equines [cool]
I know another Donna with a big heart like yours also.

Keep us updated please [wave]

What great updates and fun stories!  So glad you are enjoying your ponies!
Donna M
Another week down and all is well. Karen was a bit concerned about Journey after my last post. My description of her did not at all fit the sweet little mini Karen had come to know. I promised her I would keep a close eye on Journey. As it turns out, she must have had a few off days. 

Her first week here was uneventful. The second week was unusual, at least in terms of her behavior. The past week has been incredible. Journey is the first one to greet me with a warm nicker when I enter the barn every morning. In the evening she watches me get her stall ready and lets me know with a soft nicker she is ready for bed. She likes to hang out in the barn with me when I'm cleaning. When she is outside, I often catch her watching me as I go about doing chores. This morning I was in the barn at 5:30. Journey was the only one lying down in her stall but she was the first one to say good morning with her sweet little voice. 

She has made friends with all her herd mates and respects the barn hierarchy. The rule here is Sugar Bear is queen. Two weeks ago she would not enter the barn on her own. Now she will go into her stall on her own as long as I run interference. She won't pass Sugar or Raven unless I position myself between her and them. Neither of them really mess with her but she understands their rank. Journey and Carmen are still buddies but they are no longer inseparable or stressed when they are away from each other. They do spend time apart doing their own thing. 

Weekends when I have a little extra time, they all get a good brushing. She enjoys that. I'm hoping her mane grows back by summer. 
Jenni O.
Aww, it seems likes she's really settling in, getting the routine down and is quite content. So happy for her. And she has a variety of equines to hang out with.
I always love it when my horses are laying down when I come into the barn in the morning.  Glad Journey is happy and content, and settling in more comfortably now.
Journey and Merrylegs, the two little minis that were rescued from the One Day Open Door Shelter Event this past October, now living with their new adopter, Donna M.

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Oh my ... I never really expected this scenario to play out like it did but around here we roll with whatever comes our way. 

Journey and Willow (formerly Merrylegs) arrived home in November. They were inseparable at first but have become less dependent on each other. Journey is a petite little thing but never underestimate her determination. My spunky Ariel has met her mini match! I never thought I would see the day, but Journey is regularly seen telling Ariel where to go. Sometimes I see them turn their butts toward each other in the barn like it's "game on"! That's when I chase their little hindends outside. Journey has asserted her authority and has become number 3 in the herd which means Ariel walks away from hay when Journey approaches, Ariel moves out of the way when Journey tells her to. And to my surprise Ariel does not complain ... much. 

Yesterday when the farrier was here, it took just as long to trim Journey as it did Sugar, Raven, and Ariel combined. It is definitely something we will be working on. She wasn't horrible but it would be nice to have a tad bit more cooperation. Even though she can show a pinch of sass, she is also the only one who calls out to me when she sees me approach. I'm pretty sure she thinks she has me trained well. "I call out to human. Human gives me food."

Ariel has been very healthy all winter. The past couple years we've dealt with laminitis during the winter months but so far this year, there have been no issues. She has remained at a good weight without any Thyro-L (the first time in 2 years). 

And then there is Willow. She is probably the sweetest, most quiet little girl on the planet. I can't imagine not having her here. Thank you Karen for deciding to take her into care at the end of a very long and emotional event. You made the right choice. Willow loves to be showered with affection and enjoys just hanging out with people. 

These three are very entertaining and too cute for words. They like to hang out with me when I clean the barn. That might be because they know food follows. 

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Donna M
Kasey, a 4th grade girl who lives down the road, is interested in horses and has been asking for one of her own. Her parents want her to learn how to care for a horse first so she has been faithfully stopping by to help with barn chores. After 3 days of cleaning the barn, brushing horses, graining Raindancer, and hanging out with the horses I could tell she was itching to do more, but because I'm sort of mean I made her continue that routine for another couple weeks. [biggrin] She never once complained and even helped me with my chickens and ducks. She appreciated every opportunity to be with my herd and today I felt she had earned an opportunity to move forward. 

Kasey has become smitten with Journey so we took her out to spend some time working on some basics. Today was the first time I put Journey on a lunge line and she did quite well after burning off some initial energetic power surges. Afterward I showed Kasey how to pick up Journey's feet, clean them, and lead her around the yard. I've never had a child on Journey's back until today. Kasey sat on her bareback and Journey took it all in stride. 

Guess who will be picking up feet, cleaning them, and working on leading around the yard for the next few weeks? [wink] After that I might show Kasey how to put on a saddle. 

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