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Jan N
Wonderful !
What a very awesome update!  Kudos to all!
Jenni O.
What a lucky girl, to have someone show her the right way to do this. So many people get into horses and they are completely clueless and often end up frustrated and then give up. It's great of you to give her this opportunity to get her feet wet (and I laughed at how you were mean and made her do more chores before moving on to the next step).
That's how you separate the true horse person from those who just think they want a horse
Journey and Kasey

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That is too cute!
Lisa B.
You'll be riding in no time!
Donna M
Kasey is doing well with Journey and gaining a lot of confidence. She has been leading Journey at a walk and trot through mud, water, grass, snow, gravel, around trees, posts, bushes, and whatever obstacle she finds. Today was the first day we put a saddle on Journey and she has obviously experienced that before. Kasey was disappointed to learned today that Journey is too small to be her lesson horse but she is happy to dote on her and dream of getting her own horse one day. We might call on Sugar Bear to give some rides in the yard and help Kasey gain confidence with a bigger horse. 
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