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Klasse is a now 23-year-old Standardbred mare who arrived to MHWF on 6/6/2020.  Her registered name is Nice N Klasse.  

She has been part of MHWF since 2005. She was adopted, her adopter eventually got ownership of her, then she got passed around a bit once the adoption contract had expired. It was recently discovered that was was listed for sale. She is now back at MHWF thanks to two really special people who went way above and beyond. So here she is, 15 years later, back at MHWF and ready for her new home.  

Nice-N-Klasse is in excellent shape, better than most horses half her age. She is sound, healthy, current on everything, absolutely beautiful and broke to ride and drive. She stands at just over 15 hands and is a veteran at a little of almost everything....sweet, good looking, very well-trained, and still have a lot of good years left in her.  

Importantly, here is how Klasse wound up back here at MHWF:  

This may look like just a picture of two beautiful people with a beautiful horse, but it is far, far more than that. For starters, this is a picture of two heroes with a beautiful horse. This is a picture that represents a lifelong mission. This picture is of two beautiful people who, while on this mission with us, bring hope and faith to everyone. This is a picture that represents something so good in the world that there are few words that can convey exactly how much it means. This is a picture that brings me to tears as I write this, but the good kind of tears along with some goose bumps. What we have here are two people who stepped up for a horse that was adopted from Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc. 15 years ago and now found herself up for sale. Without going into great detail surrounding that portion of things, it was obvious that this 23-year-old mare needed a helping hand and they jumped in head first and provided just that, without being asked to do so I may add. Let me introduce you to Jenn and Joe, who have been a part of MHWF for a lot of years, not only adopting but helping out in so many ways, and even those grueling concessions we work at the Packer games (Joe’s nickname is Pizza Joe, and Karen of MHWF couldn’t have begun working a register at those games without Jenn helping her). Jenn just had surgery on her ankle from a nasty break, but that didn’t stop these two from heading out all the way across the state and picking up this beautiful Standardbred mare named Klasse. Jenn did all of the arranging (and I know that wasn’t a fun task), they paid the fee for Klasse and made their way again all the way across the state to arrive here at MHWF. Jenn and Joe’s dedicated commitment to not only the mission of MHWF, but also just to be really good people is greatly admired and deeply appreciated. This whole thing is absolutely amazing and something we’ll never forget, and we know that the beautiful Klasse is the most grateful of all. “The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” There is a whole lot of goodness and appreciation going on here. Thank you to Jennifer and Joe, from the bottom of all our grateful hearts. ❤️❤️❤️

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Love this program and the stories that come with it!
Scott: MHWF
Over the past 20 years or so we have met some really special people for sure. Seeing the overwhelming good in some people has changed my life dramatically. 😉

Barb S
Awesome story! Beautiful mare she sounds like the complete package.
Two of the finest people I know! ❤️
I lover her!
Thank you thank you thank you Joe and Jenn!
We are lucky that someone was there to give Woody a ride, we just wanted to pay it forward. She is a sweet girl that really needs her own person. I also have to mention that she is an absolute dream to haul. Stood like a rock for the entire trip and walked right off our trailer easy peasy calm. Whoever adopts her will be blessed with a very nice partner. Joe and I were so happy to help bring her to safety.
6/22/2020 - Klasse update! 

Klasse has been doing very well.  We noted upon arrival that Klasse could use a few pounds.  I did notice that sometimes she would eat her feed with gusto and sometimes she just would walk away from it.  I thought possibly a "fussiness" with liking or disliking certain grain, but suspected teeth as well.  We set up a vet visit for Klasse to have her teeth checked over.  

On 6/18/2020, we got dental x-rays done on Klasse to check for EOTRH, which is a dental disease that causes resorptive lesions in the incisors and sometimes canine teeth. When looking Klasse over for the dental exam, Dr. Suzanne thought Klasse looked suspect, and sure enough, the radiographs confirmed.  Klasse has some periodontal disease as well.  

I will briefly describe EOTRH:  "Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis, also known as EOTRH, is a syndrome in horses that results in resorptive lesions of the incisors and sometimes canine teeth. It is usually gradual in onset, though often isn’t diagnosed until quite extensive lesions are present. Most commonly it is a condition of older horses (15+), though we have seen it in horses as young as 13.

While this syndrome has probably existed for many years, it has only recently been properly identified and named. Diagnosis is typically made through radiographs of the incisors. This is the only way to know definitively how many teeth are affected, and how severe the lesions are. We currently do not know the underlying cause for the syndrome. Because of this, there is no known treatment at this time to help prevent this from happening. The treatment for affected teeth is extraction based on staging of lesions present radiographically. 

As the disease progresses, the roots of the incisors (and sometimes canines) start to resorb, or basically dissolve. This is an inflammatory process. Some horses also develop hypercementosis, which is an excessive buildup of cementum (calcified tissue) on the roots of one or more teeth. This process can give the appearance of bulb-like swellings around the roots of the affected teeth. Unfortunately, as the disease progresses affected teeth eventually start to loosen and become painful. As further resorption occurs, some horses may even fracture off weakened teeth. Many of these teeth become infected as well, as the roots continue to degrade. This can sometimes present with small red “dots” visible above the gum line of the incisors, or even small pimple-like draining tracts in this same area.

Many older horses are fairly stoic, and don’t always exhibit obvious outward signs of oral pain until the clinical disease is quite progressed. As severe changes occur, these horses can start to lose weight and go off feed. Some horses will start to refuse biting down on treats or carrots, and some will quit grazing due to pain in their incisors. As the disease becomes advanced, some horses may exhibit irritable behaviors when being bridled or ridden. Our goal is to avoid this from happening. In our experience, horses that are diagnosed and treated earlier on will have more positive outcomes (avoid pain and loss of weight). It is also interesting to note that many horses bounce back tenfold after extraction of these teeth, even those that end up having all of their incisors extracted at once. Where their owner didn’t realize there was a painful component to their disease, the horses become much more bright, happy, and personable after the extractions."  
Copied from Midwest Veterinary Dental Services

So, this means that we are going to have to set up an appointment for Klasse to have a few of those teeth removed that are affected...  we will be setting up a fundraiser for this as soon as we get a good estimate of what the costs will be.  

Here are a few photos, including a couple of radiographs.  

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