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Laci (Q Tons Laci Pepson KP) - 11 yrs.

$500 - Laci is an 11 year old APHA registered mare. She is very sound, healthy and is broke to ride. Laci has all her shots and everything she needs for 2017 She is in excellent shape and stands at 14.2 hand tall. We have not yet received her write-up from her donor, but are told she has been used for show halter and western riding. We are also told that she has not been ridden in a few years, but will get her test ridden very soon and will update her listing. Laci is a sweet horse and has a lot to offer the right person.

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Be still my heart!  She's beautiful with such expressive eyes!
What a cutie!
Update: 4-17-2017

Both Abby and Laci are now out to pasture with the rest of the herd and are doing very well, loving life and the giant pasture, which is now green. We have gotten a few answers on their training etc. to share as well. Both horses went in for professional training about 6 years or so and were ridden a great deal after training, out on the trails, arena riding, road riding, creeks, bridges, you name it. They were both once again taken in for some refresher training in 2013 and were ridden for a season after that refresher training. We are told that they are both very solid, experienced trail and arena horses and with a few refresher rides, with be that way again. Neither horse has ever been sick or lame and they have always been healthy and well-cared for. We will get them both test ridden soon and will update again then to report how it all went.
Jaime E.
Can't wait to hear more about Laci!
When was the last time her hooves were done?
I am curious as to why you are asking that Waad?  

Laci has been here at MHWF for under 2 weeks at this point in time.  She will have her feet trimmed very soon.   
Update: 4-28-2017

Laci got her first ride since coming to MHWF tonight. Some visitors elected to hop on and rode her bareback. She was a little worked up and unsure of herself at first, but eventually softened up and did ok. There was no bucking, bolting or rearing and no sign that she even considered it. She will need a good 8 to 10 short rides for some refresher work, but has a ton of potential. 
The rain is a problem....it has been making it hard for us to even make appointments to show the adoption horses to people.  Hopefully it will clear up soon!
Laci and her friend Abby (KP Redemmers Picaboo) came in together from the same home and have lived together a good share of their lives.  You would think that they would stay together then when coming to a new place and a new herd.  That was the case for some time and they did stick together.  Then two new horses arrived to MHWF, Willow along with her Morgan friend who is also named Abby, and Laci has ditched her friend Abby to hang out with Willow and the other Abby.  Laci's Abby is now best friends with my horse, Diva, and happy as a clam.  Funny how that happens sometimes.  I guess we do not need to worry about keeping Abby and Laci together.  [smile]  
Update 6/5/2017:  

Laci has been ridden a couple of times now since arrival.  She has also has had her feet trimmed and they look great, no issues there at all.  Laci has settled into the herd here at MHWF very well at this time and has multiple friends.  Laci and her friend Abby are hanging out together again since Abby the Morgan left for her new home, but they definitely don't exclusively hang out with just each other.  They both have multiple friends in the herd.  Laci is a middle of the herd kind of girl.  

From the information we got from Laci and Abby's previous owner, it has been some years since either of them have been ridden, and that number is somewhere between 3 and 5 years from the information we can put together.  Laci has now been ridden a couple of times since her arrival.  This means that since Laci hasn't been ridden for so long, and the last time she was ridden she was probably only about 6 or 7 years old.  Laci is quite rusty and while I don't like to say that she is green, she needs someone who is going to put the time into getting her to work.  I don't want to scare anyone off by saying that, but we want to describe as best we possibly can.  Even though we were told that Laci has been ridden quite a bit, we feel that Laci is not a horse that has tons of miles on her, or she just really needs to have a lot of the rust cleaned off.  

Laci is not a difficult horse to deal with at all, but she is not the right horse for the beginner or green or timid person or for the kids.  We cannot call her a "been there, done that trail horse who is ready to hit the trails this second", although she is going to make a great trail horse we're sure with a little time on her.  Just a little effort put forth by the right person, and she will be ready to hit those trails in no time.  We are hoping to put more time on Laci's riding, and get volunteers out to help us with that to make her ready to hit the trails if someone doesn't come along and adopt her and do that themselves.  [smile]  The more riding time she has, the less rust and better she will be and we will continue to update.  

Here are a couple of pics of Laci being ridden.  She was ridden at walk-trot-canter and she did pretty good.  She has a lot of get up and go and I'm sure would be that fun trail horse who likes to do those fun shows once in a while.  Or take her in any direction you'd like, Laci is built very well and I am sure could do just about anything you put your mind to.

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Ann G.
Someone is going to get a great mare,Love the Laci.
Peggy E.
I am interested in coming out to look at Laci. Is she still available
Our website is always current.....

If you have an application on file with us, give us a call during our hours. If you do not have an application, go ahead and send it in, we will approve it and get in touch with you within 48 hours of receiving it.

Thank you.
Here are a couple of pictures from Laci's ride today, 7/23/2017.  I'll be back tomorrow to describe how well she is doing and how well she did on today's ride (the evening got away on me and it's late now) . 

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Jenni O.
She certainly looks relaxed!

Laci is so much more relaxed under saddle now!  She stands still like a good girl for mounting as well now.  She understands walking on the end of the lunge line and changing direction and changing paces.  She has really come along nicely and is going to make someone a wonderful horse.  Laci is perfectly sound and has no health or soundness issues at all and is an easy keeper.  Laci does not like a lot of leg on her when someone is riding her and will show you that with her ears.  She also is still giving the crabby ears at a canter, but she did canter nicely a couple of times yesterday.  Laci likes the bit that we are using with her, which is a Herm Sprenger KK Ultra loose ring bit.  

I'd love to talk to anyone who is interested in Laci, go ahead and give us a call during our hours.  [smile]  

Here are a couple more pictures of Laci from yesterday, 7/23/2017.  (Thank you Karin!)

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Wow, Laci is a very pretty girl!  She looks great under saddle.  
beth s
 Oh my goodness. She sounds like such a gem.....
beth s
Oh my goodness. She sounds like such a gem.....
Laci is looking very nice under saddle!

Susan H.
She is beautiful.. Looks like she is coming along nicely.  She might be amongst the finalist when I'm ready.  Tori and I will have to come up and spend a day with the horses to make a good decision.
As many people know who have met Laci, she will definitely pick the people she loves to hang out with and also let you know when you are not really the person she feels like hanging out with.  LOL!  [smile]  Laci is a really great mare who has a lot to offer the right person.  The right person came along for Laci today, and it was a mutual match!  Laci has come a long way since coming into MHWF, and she remembers her training from the past and has become a very steady and reliable mount.  We are so happy to announce that Mandy came along today and is going to call Laci her own.  Mandy came with no expectations from any of the horses, but wanted to meet any of the horses in the herd.  Laci managed to win her heart over and they did great riding together.  

Laci is still here with us, but we will let you know when she moves on to her new home with Mandy, and I will share an official adoption day picture with you from today, 9/30/2017.  Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Mandy!  We are so happy that you found the right horse.  

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Jane Liess
Adorable picture!  Congratulations...
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