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Yay. Such a cute horse.
This one is special!  I love when they choose each other like that [smile]  Congratulations!!!
Jenni O.
Sounds like it was meant to be. Congratulations!
Laci got a fresh trim on her feet this morning, so she is all ready to go to her new home!  [smile]  
Laci in her new home! [smile]

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Congratulations to Laci and Mandy!
Laci is outstanding! She is now comfortable in her new home. Yesterday Laci got to explore her pasture. Laci and I are the best of friends. Although Laci understands I’m the leader. Laci is SO cute. She comes when I call her, and has learned to check my pockets for a treat. LOL
Jenni O.
She is cute. And apparently you two were meant to be. Happy trails, or happy whatever your future holds with her.
Laci is a Godsend! Having recently been through hell due to being assaulted, Laci is helping me feel comfortable and calm as though things will get back to normal.
Very sorry to hear about your assault. That must have been horrible! Glad you found Laci and she is part of your healing. There is just something about horses...will pray for your healing from the assault.
Mandy, I am so sorry about what you must be going through.  I am so glad Laci is there for you.
Laci all settled into her new home [smile]

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Jane Liess
Laci looks very loved (and well cared for).
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