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Onyx birthday is March 1st
Kalisa N.
Onyx (Lady) is like a completely different horse from when I got her. You couldn’t touch her or run and be loud or anything like that without her spooking. Now I can do all of that! Yesterday while it was cold out I took a nap on her while she was eating! 😂❤️

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What a good girl!
Kalisa N
Just wondering when did onyx (lady) get her teeth floated last? 😉
Hi Kalisa, check the paperwork we gave you when you adopted Lady, her medical records are in that and the along with dental information.
Kalisa N.
Hey guys, I just thought i'd give a little update on onyx (lady). She is doing amazing. She's is the best horse anyone could ask for, she is great with kids- whether they are on her or on the ground- she's always careful for where she steps so she doesn't step on you. The other day I took her out for some new scenery and she did amazing. For anyone that needs a little laugh, I had my 5 year old cousin out by her that is in love with onyx, (onyx is on the bottom of the pecking order) our horses were trying to come get some treats and onyx hid behind my little cousin. [biggrin]  Since she is so good with kids, a friend and I are trying to start a high school equestrian team, our goal is to go and show at different show and teach younger kids about horses, so onyx will be traveling with me to shows and different elementary schools!! I will show pictures when we are teaching kids and showing at shows!! [biggrin][love]
Barn S
This is a great update! Onyx sounds like a complete gem and love that she is going to be an Ambassador of Knowledge. What you are planning on doing is simply wonderful! You’re going to change many lives and give the kids live time memories. Great for the kids and horses! Best of luck in your new adventure to you and Onyx! Please keep us updated!
Kalisa N.
Thank you!!!!! Barn S.
That is a hoot about Onyx hiding behind your little cousin..ha ha ha
Kalisa N.
A friend and I were going to be going to different schools, but that is going to be on hold for awhile due to Covid-19. We are still hoping to go around to different rodeos, fingers crossed! Also, my second "mom" got a new tack set, so we tried it on Onyx (Lady)

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Such a soft kind eye she has.
Kalisa N.
hey guys! here’s a little update on onyx (lady) shes doing great!! she was treated for Potomac but made a full recovery and is filling out so much! She’s got some attitude, that’s for sure, she bucked me off awhile ago but not bad :) she’s really hot and always wants to go but as I put someone new or a little kid on her she walks perfect, on the ground I trust her with everyone 🥰 here’s a picture I’ll get some more to post!!

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glad to hear she made a full recovery...
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