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Lakota (Raven) - 14 yrs.

$400  - Lakota, or Raven as she is called,  is a 14 year old Appy/QH cross mare. Raven is 14.2 hands tall and is sound, healthy and current on her shots, wormers and trims. Lakota has been part of MHWF for quite a few years and was adopted almost 7 years ago and has been in that same home every since. She is now back at MHWF and looking for a new home with someone who wants to do arena work with her. Raven is well broke, but is unsure of herself outside of the arena. She is fantastic in the arena where she feel safe. So we are looking for a home with someone who likes to do their riding in the arena where Raven is at her best. She is a sweet mare with exceptional ground manners. She leads, load, ties and is good for the vet and farrier. She gets along well with her pasture mates and is a pretty quiet, easy keeper. She is a horse for an intermediate to advanced rider. We will not show her to green or beginner riders. Raven is put together right, strong and stocky and is just waiting for the right home.

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I also want to thank Lakota/Raven's adopter for calling us and having Raven come back into our program rather than selling her or anything else.  We rescued Raven at auction and she has come such a long way since back then, Amy did a beautiful job with her.  Raven has settled in here beautifully and is truly a very sweet mare who comes right to the fence to greet you when she sees you come out and a joy to handle. 
Jenni O.
She's a pretty girl and certainly does look like an easy keeper!  It sure would be nice if someone out there wanted a nice lesson horse for the winter and beyond.  Sounds like she is an easy horse to have around.
Lindsey N
Any updates on Raven?  She is sure a very beautiful, tough looking girl!  To spark some discussion, does she have training in any specific area or would she be more suited to certain kind of work?  By her pictures, it looks like she could do just about anything, just wasn't sure if there was something she was confident with already.  I'd love to come meet her, she sounds like a gem!

Lakota just wanted to say hello!  She wishes that the ice would melt and we could get some riding in too, and then maybe she could find her forever home! 



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mel d
Lakota is looking so sweet! Come on, Spring!
Come on Spring is right!  I know if we would have had a way to ride this winter this girl would have found a new home by now. 

Here are a couple of pics of Lakota/Raven showing off last Friday, 3/15/2013, out in the pasture.  What a gorgeous girl she is! 

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Karin H

Everyone today at the farm today had a horse out at some point today so I thought I would pull out Lakota, AKA Raven and she did wonderful and was really fun to ride. We went through her gaits, walk, trot, and canter. She was calm and listening to me, so I decide to ride her around the parking lot. We went through mud puddles, walked by a big camper tarp and over a tree branch, walked by the “jack in the box” port-a- potty, and a few other things . She was little hesitant at a few things but I reassured her that it was ok and told her to move on and she would. We would go around and through the same obstacles for the second time and she did it without thinking twice.

What a great horse who is going to make someone very happy!!!  I am really surprised she is still available, but I bet it won't be long now, especially after that great update!  Thanks Karin!  
Lakota, Lakota, Lakota, what a gem this girl is.  We rode her when she came in and she did fantastic and then winter and ice happened, so nothing could be done over the long winter months.  This girl has it going on!  She is a joy in the pasture, easy to catch, friendly, enjoys coming out of the pasture and not pasture or buddy sour at all.  She saddles up beautifully and rides great.  Karin H. rode her at walk, trot, canter and she transitioned beautifully.  She works off of leg very well too.  Karin described above all of the things that they did together yesterday, and we were so pleased with Lakota.  They did the obstacles mentioned, puddles, downed tree, had traffic going by, kids running around, chickens and peacocks and dogs and she took everything in stride.  I can't say enough good things about this girl.  She even handled the Purple Monster aka Human Jack-in-the-box very well! 

Here are some pics of Lakota from yesterday, 4/27/2013: 

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mel d
You guys really did have fun yesterday! Lakota and Karin look great together, somebody is going to get one awesome horse!
Another really fun day at the farm today, and it was beautiful weather!  Lakota came out and had a little spa day and some riding too with Lindsey.  Lakota is really a great horse and does so well every single time we take her out to ride.  Someone is going to be very lucky! 
Thank you Lindsey! 

For some reason I didn't get very many pics of Lakota today, but here are a couple.  :) 

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Raven looks really good in that first shot.  Love her facial expression, she is really paying attention to her rider.
Jenni O.
So should she still be an arena horse, or could she do okay on the trails with some work and the right person? Just curious, since she does so well around your place. She looks like such a nice girl.
Lindsey N
I'll let Scott or Karen give their two cents on what they would like to see her do, but I will tell you my experience with her.  In working with Lakota, the impression I get is that she is simply a sensitive horse and very aware of her surroundings.  She is not very confident with new things, but once she sees something and knows its ok she was fine.  She is affectionate and looks to her handler for reassurance.  Praise works wonders for her!  If something bothered her, she might flinch or look at it, but nothing made her spook.  I like to believe that most horses can do a little bit of everything and I think in Lakota's case, she is one that could learn to be confident outside an arena once she develops trust in her handler.  She does just fine in Scott and Karen's driveway with peacocks, skid loaders, and who knows what else going on.  I walked her in hand up near the road and she looked around and seemed a little concerned about things, but she did not get flighty or spooky about things at all.  I just did a little ground work with her, got her focus back on me and she calmed immediately.  She fed off my confidence and I'm sure she will work well with the right person in almost any discipline!  She has a wonderful working trot (not too bouncy, post-able & sit-able :P) and her tendency is to go slower rather than faster.  I can be a nervous rider (see the "Just a trail rider" thread) riding outside an arena and with new horses, but I never once felt scared or intimidated by Lakota, or anything even close.  Hopefully that helps!!    She really, really is a sweet girl and willing to work hard.  For the above reasons, I think that an intermediate rider with confidence will do wonders with her, and yes, they will be very lucky!!!  She has no finicky buttons or bad behaviors, she just needs a leader :)
I'm sorry, I have just had zero computer time lately and didn't get to your question yet Jenni.  Thanks for your input Lindsey and for riding Lakota, we truly appreciate that! 

Lakota really can do just about anything a person wants her to do.  We've had her out a few times now and have really gotten to know her.  When Karin H. rode her, she actually took her through and over some obstacles as well, such as a flapping tarp in the driveway (a huge tarp/cover that had covered the RV), a downed tree in the back yard that she walked right over and a tarp in the back yard.  Lakota did great with those things.  She would maybe hesitate a little bit at first, but as soon as she got assurance she did fantastic, and then when going around the whole area again and going over and through this obstacles the second time there was absolutely no hesitation whatsoever.  She also did great with Lindsey, like Lindsey explained, and keep in mind that Lakota has never met Lindsey before, this was the first time either had touched each other or met, so you can imagine how great Lakota would be for someone she is bonded with and has spent some time with. 

So, all in all, we do think Lakota would make someone a great trail horse, or anything they really wanted to do.  We wouldn't classify her as a horse for a beginner green person or for an inexperienced kid just because of her lack of miles out there.  She really seems to enjoy any handling that she gets and is a very willing partner. 
Amy T
I'm Lakota aka "Raven"'s original adopter.  She did have a 30 day professional training tune-up last spring.  During that time, she was exposed to tarps and hula hoops around her back end along with lots of other desensitizing.   She is a very kind mare and is willing to do what is asked when she has built trust with her handler.  Once a person gets to know her, they will find themselves liking her more and more.  Returning her was a difficult decision, but she just sat in our pasture.  In my opinion, she would do best in a home that uses her regularly.  Don't overlook this special mare! 
Amy, Lakota/Raven is doing so well!!!  She is so happy and settled in here and every time we take her out she has been absolutely perfect, riding her all over around here.  She really is a good girl and someone is going to be very lucky to have her!  Thank you for all of the time you put into her Amy, it really shows and obvious that she was handled very well. 
Scott: MHWF
Lakota has been here since last fall and not a single call on her...what's that all about? This is a very sound, healthy, sweet and reliable little gal who is so quiet out in the pasture we hardly know she is here. When we take her out for a ride, she is content to be with us, no calling out, no worries and has yet to question a single cue. This IS the horse we know some of you have been looking for.
Scott: MHWF
Lakota has been here since last fall and not a single call on her...what's that all about? This is a very sound, healthy, sweet and reliable little gal who is so quiet out in the pasture we hardly know she is here. When we take her out for a ride, she is content to be with us, no calling out, no worries and has yet to question a single cue. This IS the horse we know some of you have been looking for.

I have been in search of my next horse. My ole mare was retired last fall and it has been a rollercoaster. I am an intermediate rider but I lack confidence. Once I am comfortable on a horse and learn them, they learn me, it all comes back. Anyway, I would love more information on this mare, thoughts about what kind of rider would be best for her, etc. Anything that might be something she needs more work on, any behavior issues, anything. I appreciate your time. I message this in hopes of bringing her thread to the front and getting her more attention even if she's not the one for me. Enjoy the day!!

Amy T
Yeah! I'm thrilled to see that Raven has been adopted!
I just got back in the house...need to load some pics and share!  Very excited for Lakota/Raven!!!  I will be back soon.  :) 
Oh, that is wonderful Finally *Lakota/akaRaven has found her new family. Hope to see the adoption photos. She has alot of fun YEARS in her, and those trail rides will be a BLAST to say the least.Congratulation to the new family.
Donna M
Raven settled in for the 4 hour trip home and was doing just fine when we checked on her near Edgar. She unloaded easily, walked around the barns for a tour of the place, and met the farm owner who coincidentally is also named Karen. She had a nice big stall ready where she will be observed for a couple days before being let out in the same pasture with Sugar Bear. Before I left her tonight I gave her lots of hugs, welcomed her home, and told her I would see her in the morning. She is very accepting of me loving up on her which is a sweet bonus since I can't seem to stop myself from doing that! I look forward to sharing more updates in the coming weeks. Who knows? Maybe she will be with us for the fall camping trip!
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