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Here is Laney's thread!  Laney is settling in very nice here at MHWF, and what a gorgeous hunk of horse!  I don't think I have much to add to her description that is on her profile, but we'll keep this thread here for updates on Laney as we get to know her.  She is a TWH who was bred out west and bred to be big and strong and smoothly gaited. 

Here is a fun shot of Laney in one of the MHWF pastures on her first day here. 


Georgous, stunning, and I'm sure...poetry in motion.


Wow....she sure is a beauty!!!!


She is completely my dream horse in action!!! Workin on getting hubby on board and then going to make that call in for her!! I've been waiting for one like her!! I knew when the right one came along it would "hit" me and boy does she hit hard!!!!

Hi Dottie, thanks for posting. 

I just have to say, in the years we've been running MHWF, I see a pattern of something that happens to people quite often.  When they wait to get their application in until the horse comes along that they might be interested in, they tend to miss out on that horse because someone who already has an approved application in can make that call and set up an appointment to meet the horse (many times before their application ever reaches us).  Just a head's up to you, and please don't be too disappointed if you miss out on Laney. 

If you already have your application in Dottie, that is a different story, but just wanted to point that scenario out to anyone who may be reading.  I just do not recognize your name and haven't seen you post before. 
Hi Karen!
Ive never talked to you before or been on the forum. I have talked to Scott a couple of times. I do have my approved application in and have watched several REALLY nice horses go to great homes. i would love to adopt each and every one of them!! they are like potato chips, you cant just have one and man am i a chip fan!! Hubby likes the idea of Laney, we are just trying to figure out when we can come as we are a ways away, from Northern MN!! She sounds like she would definatly be worth the trip and i cant wait to talk to Scott to learn more about her!!
That's awesome Dottie, and welcome to the forum!! 

I sure do hope things work out for you.  Laney needs some work on her ground manners for sure, but all of the details can get explained via telephone.  :)  We do have an appointment set up already for Laney tonight, but just because there is an appointment does not mean there will be an adoption.  Just keep your eyes on her status on the adoption horse's page, that is always current and as soon as they get adopted we mark them as adopted within the hour of that occurring (give or take). 

I will definatly be biting my nails at work tonight thinking about her!!!

holly s.
Laney is gorgeous! She looks and is built a lot like my old TWH I lost last year. I'll bet with some consistent work, she'd be just like him. I could do anything with him. They are a bold, consistent breed that you can trust on trail. Wonderful for endurance!

I'd be down there snagging this girl up if I could find a new home for my younger son's "non-gaited" Arab/Welsh standing out here being a lawn ornament! I've got to get him re-trained and have someone give him a job. My old body needs to keep the gaited ones under me and since Cloud's around I'm going to teach him to be my exercise boy...ooops, work horse.

Usually the loss of ground manners is a result of not having a job to do. Hopefully someone gives her that job real soon.

Dottie you sound GREAT!!  I'm a chip fan too!  There are a lot of great horses there right now.  Wow how lucky people are who can adopt!!!

She is gorgeous! Any pedigree with her? Assuming she's Night Shade/Poison bred by her name? Is she gaited? Shown ever? Any McCurdy breeding in her?
Wow is all her pictures say.
Amy, yes, we do have registration papers with some background on Laney, she is gaited but has never been shown.   

Laney did get adopted tonight.  Congratulations Terry and Laney! 

I'm sorry Dottie and Karen H, hopefully another horse comes in that you will be interested in. 
mel d.

Congratulations to Laney and Terry. Happy Trails to You Both!

Wendy W. - WI

Oh my, a big congrats to Terry and Laney!!!  I thought I might see Karen H's name there.  What a gorgeous horse!!! 

Congratulations Laney and Terry!!  Should be a tough team to beat out on trail...smile


Congrats!!! That was quick.


That's awesome news!


It has been almost a week and she has finaly been accepted by the other horses,yea! We have peace in the pasture at last. All but one took to her right away,Hancock was the holdout. Laney and Hancock took turns driving each other out of the pasture and into my back yard.


Im new at this posting thing so I think a got cut off or hit the wrong key. Sorry. Laney and I have been working in the round pen on a lunge line daily. This is not my favorite thing but  it is something that helps. Laney is behaving like a seasoned trail horse, respecting my space and being well behaved around other horses and people. She is easy to catch and work around on the ground . (that has been a great help because of the pasture break outs.)  She HATES dogs and kicks at them at every chance she gets. Our two Labs have a new respect for the Laney and this is good. She is a joy to ride. Working on rein and leg aids and this is coming along well. Laney wants to please and is picking up on the aids quickly. I love riding her though I have not left the ring with her yet. I am waiting for her to responed to the aids a little beter and/or someone to ride with on the trails. Just in case.

Sounds like things are starting to settle down now...smile.  Good job using the groundwork and arena work to get accustomed to one another.  You will be much more sure of her when you actually hit the trails, which hopefully will happen for you soon!


Laney is shedding two cats worth a day! I knew she had a LOT of hair but now she is proving it. I have piles of her coat on the floor.  No one Else is shedding yet so Laney does not have to share me and the shedding blade with the other horses.
This winter we have had coyotes that have entered the pasture. Laney has made quick end to them.  She is very protective of the herd. Yes, she is the #1 horse and she leads well. I'm so glad Laney is here.
Hi Terry, thanks for the update on Laney.  I hope spring is right around the corner!  That Laney is such a big gorgeous girl, I bet they all listen to her commands.  A coyote hunter, huh?  Interesting. 
Thanks again for the update Terry! 
Terry sent over a few pics a couple of weeks ago for me to post.  I apologize for this taking so long Terry, and thank you for the pics, Laney and Lucy look great! 

Here are a couple pics of Laney. 

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Thanks Karen! The dashing man in the photo is my son in law and this is his 10th ride on a horse. Laney has been great with him. The other photo is of me and Laney. She is the best on the trail she takes very good care of me. this horse is unflappable, turkeys flying up between her legs scared me,not Laney. Deer no problem. She is a joy to ride. I feel safe. Sorry I have no photos of are trail rides, it is just the two of us most of the time.                  Does any one know of any trail rides that a club or person is putting on? I really want to go out and enjoy  other horse people and ride.


Laney is my Teddy bear, she is sooo fuzzy and warm. We have been working on her gaits for consistency no breaking. She is doing very well. The hill work is still at a flat walk. She still runs the horses with a look. She is a good leader.She is my joy.

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