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Laney left for her new home this morning to go live with Barb S. and her extended furry family. We got these great pics to share tonight of Laney meeting her new family.

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Donna R
Adorable pictures!  Love the ones of the little ones looking in.
LOL!  the one with the two mini's straining to get a peek at her is so cute.  I love the St. Bernard!  Congrats on your adoption of Laney! Have fun!
Awe, cute pictures!  Congratulations again [smile]
Jenni O.
It's funny, everybody peering through the opening at their various heights. Love the pictures.
Barb S
Laney enjoying the sun. She also had her first trim here this week. Still working on ground manners. Always room for improvement.

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Laney (Challenges Shady Lane) gets her teeth floated.

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She looks great!!!
Barb S
Guess who got a new halter for Christmas? That’s right Miss Laney...lol Laney is doing great! I love how she runs her herd, all it takes is a look and they scamper away. I’m hoping to get one more ride in before my knee replacement on the 18th. It might be a very short ride. Burrr

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I love that color on Laney, and she looks great!  Thanks for sharing, Barb!  
Me too!  I think that is a very striking color for Laney.
Challenges Shady Lane (Laney) sunning herself with a buddy on her back 😉

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