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Laney after a good scrub with the shedding blade.  Nothing like a good scrub down to bring all the dirt to the surface!

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*Laney* looks really big/beautiful.... carrots anyone, please let there be some in that bag, and that they are ALL for me..

Challenges Shady Lane (Laney) - 19 yrs.

$400 - Laney is a 19 year old TWH mare. She is sound, healthy and stands at 15.1 hands tall. Sadly, Laney's adopter, who had her for the past 6 years, passed away recently and Lucy and Laney needed to come back to MHWF. Laney is well broke, ridden mainly English. She is current on all her shots, de-wormers and has a fresh trim and Coggins. Laney is gaited and is a good girl. She is not a horse for a total beginner though. She will need someone who can ride, not an expert, but someone who can be the leader. Laney is a great trail horse. Because her adopter had some health problems, Laney has not really had much work for the past two years, but has a lot of experience and will quickly fall right back into her training.

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I like her.  She looks very balanced.
She is beautiful!
Steffanie O.
Is Laney up for adoption?
Steffanie O.
Sorry, I just saw the main screen of forums that said every horse on site was up for adoption. I was just confused because it looks like she was adopted previously......
On the threads here on the forum for the horses it is always a good idea to read through all of the posts on them, because we keep these threads on the horses so that people have more information about the horses than just the short description on the adoption page on the website.  This is the area where we put updates and more pictures, etc., and then when they get adopted hopefully their adopters posts updates as well.  If a horse is returned for whatever reason, we will put that here on their thread on the forum and it will show when they came back, etc.  Just read above through the posts and you'll see that and along with the reason that Laney was returned.  

Here is a picture of Laney from this morning in the pasture while it was snowing a bit.

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Steffanie O.
Oh Thank you!!! That's what I get for reading out of order. She look beautiful in the picture!!!
She is a beautiful horse.  My daughter is still upset that her favorite horse (Laney here)is not with us anymore. She loved to ride her with Grandma.  I know my dad just couldn't handle so many horses without my mom here to help, but I miss her too.  She is a wonderful mare that takes great care of her rider.  Hope she gets adopted soon, so someone else can enjoy her.  
Laney really is a wonderful, big, strong mare who is a great ride.  Laney came out this weekend for a good grooming and to get ridden.  Thank you so much to Faith and her family for the grooming and Priscilla for the riding!  

As mentioned above in Laney's update, she has not been ridden much in the last couple of years, so she isn't in the greatest riding shape yet, but I'm sure there is someone out there who is going to be very lucky to get going on the riding with Laney this spring!  Laney came out and enjoyed her grooming and then she got saddle up and ridden.  Laney took to riding like the old pro that she is, and even cantered.  Laney has a wonderfully smooth typical TWH canter too!  

I would get those fingers ready to dial the phone to make a call about this girl now that spring is here!  

Here are a few pics of Laney from 3/12/2016:  

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Jenni O.
So pretty, and solidly built. It's the perfect time of year to adopt. Hopefully things will dry up a little sooner this year.
She is a sweetheart and a nice, solidly built Walker. Whoever adopts her is going to get a great trail horse.
It is official that Laney got adopted!  

Katelyn came with her mom and sister to look for a horse for herself and a horse for her sister a couple of weeks ago, when they decided on Laney for her sister (I apologize, I cannot remember her name right now).  They spent a good share of the day here at the MHWF farm, and after meeting and trying out almost all of the horses, Laney was the girl for Katelyn's sister (I feel horrible I can't remember her name right now, and she wasn't here today at the farm). Katelyn came back today to ride Alamar as a possible horse for herself, and they did great together.  Both Laney and Alamar will be boarded together at Katelyn's boarding facility when they leave this coming Saturday.  

We wish Laney, Katelyn and her sister well, and we look forward to hearing of their adventures together!  

I could not take off of work from the regular job to be out for the appointment today with Alamar, Laney, Katelyn and Scott, so Scott took the adoption day photos.  Sorry I missed you today, Katelyn!   

We didn't take an adoption day picture the day they met Laney because it wasn't a for-sure thing yet, but Katelyn was kind enough to pose for an official adoption day pic today.  

Thank you and congratulations to all of you!  

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Laney is a sweetheart. Congratulations!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! Katelyn, you will have to send in a picture of the official adopter (and her name, lol) when you get a chance. Have fun with your new horses, ladies!
Hi [smile] Here's a pic of them getting to know each other when we came the first time. My sis Kristy and Laney [smile]

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Scott: MHWF
I like that photo a lot.
Hi Katelyn!  Thanks so much for sharing the pic, and welcome to the forum!  

Wait until you see Laney and how much more she has shed out and slicking up.  [smile]  Tomorrow is the big day!  
Congrats on your adoption! 
Laney and Alamar left for their new home together this morning.  We look forward to hearing about their new lives.  

I just had to say something here before I forget about it, something we've never seen happen before.  Laney decided she did not feel like leaving and while trying to get her on the trailer, she turned her head away and got away from her handler.  Laney trotted off to the fence of the pasture and jumped right over the wooden fence into the paddock.  She cleared it and landed on the other side just fine.  So, Scott went in and got her and brought her back out again, and then she eventually got on the trailer without the drama.  It was actually pretty funny, and a first.  
Jenni O.
Hidden talents!

Great picture of the two together! Congratulations!
Awe that had to be kind of bittersweet to see her do that. She must have loved living there and I'm sure she'll love her new home and all the attention she will be getting.
Donna R
Congratulations on your wonderful adoptions Kristy and Katelyn!  Wishing you lots of happy times with these two. Please keep those updates coming in.

How funny about Laney clearing that fence.  Well, maybe not... [wink]  Glad everything turned out ok.
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