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Picture is blurry but things are going nicely. Laney seems more stressed than alamar. Laney bolted to the barn/fence line when she got unloaded. She loves to stay in her paddock. Shes tried to bolt twice back to the paddock from the indoor arena so the chain lead has helped a lot. My sister probably spent 1-2 hours doing ground work with laney just loose in the locked indoor arena. By the end she would follow kristy without a lead. So its a work in progress and she'll time to adjust to a new place, new people n new routine. She's getting plenty of attention though n is a sweet girl. Shes just testing everyone n everything n wants to stay in her paddock. [smile]

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I really love the pink on Laney!!!  

You guys will get it figured out with Laney and she'll come around for you guys in no time.  [smile]  
Jenni O.
Aww, she's just scared. It sounds like it was handled well; the groundwork was a great idea. Good luck, hope she settles in without too much stress.
Awe I think she's just scared too. Once she knows she's home and trusts you, I'm sure she won't do that anymore. One of the reasons Alamar is probably settling in better is because he is younger. Older horses get set in their ways and when life changes for them, it takes a little longer for them to settle in. Just spend the first week spending time with her. Groom her, walk her around, just sit with her. I've known people who will sit in their horse's stalls or paddocks with their new horses and read a book just to spend time with the horse.
Sounds like you are giving her the time she needs [smile]  Bright future ahead!
Well, her name is "Challenges."  [wink]I'm just teasing. I am sure she will be fine
Slowly bonding. Still working with her. She's very stong willed but sweet. [smile]

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Jenni O.
Hang in there, it will get easier. At least she's sweet! Mine, it depends on the day, lol.
HA!  I've got a sweet one too...hmmm maybe it's cuz we are so sweet Katelyn!
Aren't all great women strong willed??  wink wink...transitions can be tough on humans and horses.  It will come around, slowly but surely.
Laney is really coming around now. She's starting to settle in nicely and Kristy n her have really bonded.
They do great together.

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Scott: MHWF
Thank you very much for all the updates....we really appreciate them and love seeing them!
Jenni O.
Nice boots! Glad things are getting easier.
Kristy and laney working in indoor arena. Doing good [smile]

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Challenges Shady Lane (Laney) - 20 yrs.

$300 - Laney is a 20 year old TWH mare. She is sound, healthy and stands at 15.1 hands tall.
Information from 11/15/2015:  Sadly, Laney's adopter, who had her for the past 6 years, passed away recently and Lucy and Laney needed to come back to MHWF. Laney is well broke, ridden mainly English. She is current on all her shots, de-wormers and has a fresh trim and Coggins. She is not a horse for a total beginner though. She will need someone who can ride, not an expert, but someone who can be the leader. Laney is a great trail horse. Because her adopter had some health problems, Laney has not really had much work for the past two years, but has a lot of experience and will quickly fall right back into her training.  

UPDATE:  Laney returned to MHWF 6/23/2016, having been in an adoptive home since 4/23/2016 (you can read the updates above).  Apparently her adopter did not feel comfortable with Laney and they felt it was just not the right horse for her, so Laney returned and is looking for a new home.  

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Sorry to hear this for the adopter, but so lucky for Laney that she is in the program, she gets another chance to find her person!  That person is out there pretty girl, just be patient
Sorry to hear she didn't work out. Sometimes it just takes awhile for older horses to settle in. Her person is out there somewhere.
Colleen D
I hope, when my home and barn are built, I will find a girl like her, and a friend, to fill my pasture. She would be a great fit for me as a pleasure rider. I hope she gets a great forever home very soon. I'll monitor her status as my barn won't be completed for another year.
We have really exciting news to share about Laney today!!  After all of this time, Laney finally got adopted!!  Barb S., who you will see post here on the forum, who has been an MHWF supporter for a long time (even works the Packer games with us!), came over to the farm today and met Laney.  They did fabulous together, and Barb looked like she was having a blast riding Laney.  [smile]  This is Barb's first MHWF adoption horse!!  (notice I said first...[wink]...who knows what the future might bring)  We are so excited for Barb, and even more excited for Laney that she found herself such a great home!!!  

Laney is still here with us at the farm until transportation can be arranged, but we did make it official today and we did an official adoption day photo too (10/29/2016).  There is no way I could post just one, this series of 3 is just too cute not to share.  

Thank you SO much Barb, and big congratulations!!!  

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Congratulations! Awesome that she was adopted. I knew her person was out there somewhere!
Donna R
Congratulations Barb and Laney!  So happy for both of you.  What a great adoption! 
Barb S
Thank You Karen & Scott for your hospitality and for entrusting me with Laney. 
I consider it a honer to take care of Terry`s horse. We have the winter to get to know each other, and take some lessons. Even though I`ve been ridding since childhood it`s a good ideal to get a refresher course. Never ridden a TWH before today. It is different than my Quarter Horses and Paints. Lessons will have us ready for riding the Ahnapee trail this spring.  I can see wonderful rides in our future. For anyone considering adoption make an appointment with
S & K, there are some real fantastic horses at MHWF. Got to tell you all Ebony is quite the character. She watched Laney and I the whole time. Very very nice mare!!!
Congratulations Barb!!!  You and Laney both look so happy!
Jenni O.
Donna M
Congratulations! From the pictures it's easy to see this will be a strong and long lasting bond you two will share. 

Your first adoption horse? That could change quickly. I've been in 3 annual adoption videos (so far). With 2017 right around the corner, maybe you will soon find another beauty like Laney!
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