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Last Hay Drive Challenge of the Year!!!

Dr. Jan and Geraldine S., two of our most generous supporters, have joined forces, even though they have never met, and have given us a way to take care of the 2018 Hay Drive once and for all. 

We cannot thank these two wonderful and generous women for what they have already given to the Hay Drive and what they are now offing to add to the pot.

If we can raise $1,144.00 by November 8 at 8 pm, Geraldine and Dr. Jan will match that and end the Hay Drive for this year! 

You read that right, any donation to the Hay Drive between now and Thursday, November 8th, will be matched....up to $1,144.00! If we can do this....there is no more Hay Drive this year.

This is a teamwork of two wonderfully generous people who have already given so much. Please, let;s not let them or the horses down for this last challenge. Give when you can and together we will tackle this and end the Hay Drive.

Thank you in advance for your help and generosity and thank you to Dr. Jan and Geraldine for their very, very generous challenge!
Last night we posted the last Hay Drive challenge of the year, ate and went to bed. This morning we got up, did chores and had to go out of town to pick up Belle from the trainer, pick up a mini for a friend, drop them both off (one here and one at the friends), load the trailer with small squares, then head home to do chores.....

While we were away today, you folks kicked some serious butt and because of that, the Hay Drive challenge is already close to being met and the Hay Drive for 2018 is almost over!

We have said this for years and years.....MHWF has the best supporters around, that is a fact, and there are some really amazing people out there who always seem to help us get where we need to go. We are truly blessed to know such amazing people and that is what keeps us going from day to day.....thank you!

With that, we want to thank these amazing people for their donations to the Hay Drive and challenge today......

Jane L.
Kristin K.
Carol B.
Brynne P.
Kristin M.
Jennifer and Jeremy O.
Nick and Christine A.
Cynthia G.
Paul W.
Buffy K.
Merry C.
Carol R.
Maria H.
Julie S.
Lorraine L.
Melissa J.

Thank you all for having our back while we were away today and look for the email that we will be sending each and every one of you to day thank you!

Only $194.00 left to meet Geraldine and Jan's challenge and end the Hay Drive for 2018!

We are very, very, very excited to announce that the Hay Drive for 2018 is over!!!

This is a huge deal for us and this program. It is one of those yearly things that hangs over our heads and takes up a lot of our time. To be able to put it to rest for 2018 is a huge weight lifted from our shoulders and we have a lot of really awesome people to thank for that.

Once Dr. Jan and Geraldine S. see this and see the we did it and did it in less than 48 hours, I am sure they will be thrilled. You all made this happen for MHWF and the horses and we could not be happier about it.

Before we close the Hay Drive up for the year, we also want to thank the people who made donations today and got us across the finish line.

With that, we want to thank the following people for their donations today.

Thank you to: 

Travis & Jurita L.
Kelley M.
Dr. Suzanne at Dells Equine Veterinary Service
Tania W.
Kara B.
Pamela S.

Of course, we want to mention Geraldine S. and Dr. Jan one more time for putting the challenge out there and giving us the opportunity to finish the Hay Drive. Both of them have made numerous and very generous donations to this and together they took a huge bite out of the Hay Drive. Thank you very, very much Dr. Jan and Geraldine!

That leaves us with everyone else who has helped spread the word, made their donations and helped up tackle the Hay Drive. We could not be more appreciative or have more admiration for each of you, because without you, MHWF, the Hay Drive and all that comes with it are not possible.

Thank you all so much!
Jan N
OK it is several hours later, I'm on the forum first time since early morning, and Scott has the right word: Thrilled ! I am so happy for the horses and so proud of all who pitched in what they could to the Hay Drive, and it feels amazing to be part of such a great group of folks. And in under 48 hours -- that ROCKS!!! Thanks to all the wonderful supporters out there 👌👍🤝👏
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