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MHWF, Inc.
We are starting a new thread for the Laugh of the Day, because the old one was getting too hard for people to load with all of its content. 
Here is a link to the old thread if you want to go back for some good laughs: 

if that link doesn't work
click here

We'll start this off with one all horse people can relate to!!! 

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Wendy W - WI
Oh yes, can totally relate!  And with my goofy mind, I am thinking of a horse rolling with their bubble wrap on (especially Wiley).  OMG would that be a show!   hahahaha

OOh, a good training exercise for the Chase competition!
mel d
OMG, I am laughing! What a picture with sound effects...ha ha ha!
Scott: MHWF
Too true to be funny.....

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Good one Scott :-)  we have like flocks of robins all over the place now.  Was out with the dog this morning and one is all puffed up in the tree, shaking my head wondering what was the rush was to get up here...
...and another.  We gotta laugh about it, right?! 

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Lindsey N
Oh my god Karen, that is fantastic.  That one did give me a good chuckle.  I won't start complaining about the snow and cold until April, but I definitely find this one funny :D
Is that Scott at the table?  Maybe with one of Karen's newly adopted friends?
mel d
Gettin' harder and harder to laugh at these...but hey the snow stopped last night :-)
Donna R
STILL snowing here today!!!  When is this gonna end????
Couldn't resist sharing this one. 

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Lindsey N
HAHAHA, we have one of those....(NOT Aria, she is a goof ball for water :P)
That is how Romper was for me.  A big mud puppy after it rained he would find every puddle, but when it came time to cross any water that was at least 1/4 inch deep and 12 inches across, I would have to get off and lead him over it and even then he would jump over it as high as he could.
Oh no!  The dreaded waving arms!  LOL! 

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Kara W.
....and beautiful purple and green bruises on my legs from getting hit by something at some point in the barn. (you all know what i'm talking about!)

Yeah i was an interesting sight this last weekend at the wedding i had to go to. lol

I don't remember the last time i had a "nice" tan. lol
Tricia - No. WI
I was at a wedding recently where one of the bridesmaids (a farrier from Oklahoma) had on a gorgeous strapless gown that showed off her muscular arms and shoulders--and about 5 tan lines.  Some of the other wedding guests were quite irritated by it and made some snarky comments.  Of course, none had the guts to say anything directly to her.  However, the gentlemen guests were all quite taken by her... ;)
Hmmmm....I hope I'm not on my horse's buck-it list. 

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Scott: MHWF
I got this photo today in the mail from my Aunt Mary, showing me with my long hair in the late 80's, talking to my Grandpa. This may be the ONLY photo of my during that time span.

Yes, you can laugh, I did.

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Kara W.
Wendy W - WI
Can't laugh because you look good.  I like long hair on guys. 
Kara W.
I think its awesome. Its just funny to see what Scott has been telling me it looked like :)
Mandy Mew
Scott, your hair does not look so short in this photo. It does look rather gray, however, but I love the red and white shirt you are wearing!
Scott, I think you look like Travis Tritt!
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