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Love that sign! I always said that if some idiot decides to climb into the pastures and hop on a horse, they should pick Haze. They wouldn't last very long. They'd go to hold on with their legs, not knowning that's his fast button. WOOSH!  That's if he'd stand still for them to get on...he's very wary of strangers getting on him for some reason. LOL.

As for accents, I went to Key Largo, Fl the first 3 years with my HS scuba diving class. The instructors there loved us because of our accents. We too referenced the Tyme machines, asked if the water in jugs on the boat was from the bubbler (the reaction on that one was priceless) and got asked again and again what a BAG was (they say beg). LOL. They could always pick us out. Apparently I have a strong accent according to Floridians. I even asked a teacher of mine who was from WI and he confirmed it. Weird...I can't hear any differences! Hehe.

We also use terminology, such as "Up North" and gauge distances in minutes and hours rather than miles. People will still tell me how far something is away via miles, and I always come back and ask "So, how far away time-wise?"

WI is one thing, but like everyone is saying, Milwaukee is in a whole 'nother ballpark!
Jenni O.
The time vs miles thing is funny, and true. I don't care how many miles, I want to know how long I will be in a car!

I love that sign. Every riding stable needs one.
Jan N

Loved the riding stable sign!!!  I don't own a gun now but I used to have a little .410 for shootin at vermin in the barn.  So I figure I qualify to put up a driveway sign, unlike my regular pasture-fence 'No Trespassing' signs, that says something like "Stay away. Trespassers will be shot on sight. Survivors will be forced to ride the nastiest horse on the place."

Donna R.
Do they just look in the back yard and see the horses and know there is no cash in the house?

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Same here! 
Some people may not find this as funny as I do, or even funny at all, but it just cracks me up.  "Grumpy Cat" always cracks me up, and that pig picture I've seen many times and it always makes me laugh, so the combination of these two just hits my funny bone in a big way. 

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Methinks that rider will need shorter stirrups!

...and a helmet, and boots with a heel....
Lindsey N
Oh yeah, good hearty chuckle going on....grumpy cat.  HA! 

I'll have to find some more prancercise videos I think...the website has been super quiet lately, no?

I knew some wouldn't find it as funny as I did, but BetC, you took that to a whole other level!  LOL! 

Prancercise is also good for the soul.  :) 

Tricia - No. WI
Now whenever I hear "Prancercise," I get a craving for pistachios. 
... and long pants!

and a saddle pad!

At least the steed appears to be going barefoot and bitless.
Lindsey N

SAY WAHHH!?!?!  Please watch, as soon as humanly possible.

Kristen M.
Thanks for that. I stopped watching at the phrase, "I use socks."
Jenni O.
Ok, I did find the pig and Grumpy Cat funny, and I know others who will too. BetC's comment cracked me up. So serious about proper riding gear. Tricia, augh! And that video was funny. I cracked up when she taped soup cans to her ankles.

I have nothing funny to add. Sorry.
Leslie V
She really needs to get that camel toe looked at - appears to be a bit swollen....
mel d
Noooo, don't make anyone look at the camel toe!!!! Pistachios, LOL!
I thought she looked rather masculine....
There has been something a little different lately, it's been subtle and I doubt anyone has noticed it, but it seems to be colder outside lately...have you noticed?

Anyway, I know the weather has some of you down, so hopefully this makes you laugh.

Scott: MHWF
Nobody thought that was funny?
Jenni O.
We watched it at work awhile ago, thought it was very funny. It's still funny!! "I just shipped my bed!" My horses ship themselves a lot.
Leslie V

In case anyone does ship their bed - these might come in handy!

The mitt to clean your sh*t and keep your heiny fresh and shiny!”

Includes 20 disposable MITTEN-SHAPED moist wipes:

Shittens Product
Denise S - WW
Haven't checked this thread in a while. I'll have to watch the videos later. Can't do it on this computer.
That pig & grumpy cat one is so funny. Look at that kids curly top! Gosh, I want that pig too!! He'd be fun to smooch!

Shittens??? OMG!! Get your hands dirty people & then wash them!
Jenni O.
Hahaha!!! Shittens!
Heather H
Are those shittens a real product?! I need a white elephant gift and those would be great....
Denise S - WW
LMAO!! Just watched the KMART video & get the connection with the shittens! HAHAHA
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