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Jodi W
Sorry, Scott.  I'm with Wendy W.  I like men with long hair, as long as it's kept neat and clean, which yours looked fab!!!  :)  When I had long hair, thick and heavy, too, I wanted to get it cut, but hubby said no.  I agreed, but told him he had to grow HIS hair long!!!  That lasted for 2 years.......  Too bad, he was HOTTTT!!!  ;)  Long and short of it (hehehehe) I have short hair and he has even shorter hair!! 
Leslie V
I'm thinking Gregg Allman.  Looks good Scott!
OMG!! You look really good. And to top it off, I love the hair on face! Travis Tritt is a good comparison. WOW!! Will you ever have it long again? Short for summer with this HEAT, but you look really NICE.
mel d
Looking good, Scott! I remember the days when I didn't know many guys with short hair...ah, it was great back in the day!
Jenni O.
Yes, Travis Tritt. I wonder how long it would take to grow it out from the Mohawk? I used to love long hair on guys, now I'm old and don't care.
From Wendy W.

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From Faith K.

Wendy W - WI
OMG that is so great!  I need a trampoline now.  I think two of my three would have fun on one. 
mel d
Jump around, jump around...laughing my butt off! Wendy, get one! And what the *ell was a buffalo doing in the yard...
Jenni O.
Best thing ever---goats on a trampoline! Even better with a beverage. For the viewer, not the goats. Although drunk goats on a trampoline...

Scott: MHWF
Not sure whether I should laugh or puke, this one is kind of in-between funny, scary and kind of gross.

beer just came through my nose on this one...  Can't stop laughing.
Lindsey N
DEAR GOD - will someone please teach this woman how to trot?!?  She looks like she has a sole bruise or something. BAHAHAHA, I cried even harder the second time watching it.  And her gallop has a certain "pterodactyl" appearance to it.  Wow, this is good stuff :P
Jane Liess
I cannot believe that I just watched that ENTIRE video.  I'm not sure why; it was so bad that it was kind of endearing.
Denise S - WW
Hilarious!! Is it for real?? I kept waiting to hear that it was a SNL skit!!! LOL!!
Mary Early Zuhn
Wow!!??  Two things come immediately to mind............... the Nike commercial "Just do it"........and she could really use some work on her flying lead changes.................
There's an even better parody of it.. check out the comments in snarkyrider.  I laughed until I cried!

I can not believe this woman is serious, but she is!  It's for those suburbanites who are afraid to sweat and want to look good while they exercize.. god forbid they may mess up their hair!!
Cindy S
OMG - someone call the vet or the farrier...she's lame in her back left!

Maybe it's the sweater, but she looks more like a flamingo than a horse.  And gotta love someone who exercises in dangly earrings and pearls!
This mare is def. off and may I suggest some other riding pants PLEASE.

I know it is proper trail etiquette to pass on the right at a slow walk but you better believe Jett and I would be at full gallop passing this one.  I wonder if she kicks???  Am still laughing (I have a strange sense of humor)
Tricia - No. WI
Jane, I agree.  I cannot believe I watched the entire thing.  Like watching a wreck...you want to look away, but you just can't.

There's 5:01 of my life I'll never get back...
You can tell just by watching her trot and gallop that she is very off and obviously lame. I think the best thing to do is put her down.
Jenni O.
I've seen this. I think we all should do this for morning exercise on the camping trip. Or after we have a few beverages.
...and then film it and share it... (minus those pants)
Jenni O.
Yes, I was going to clarify in regards to the pants. Besides, I don't think any of us can rock those pants the way that she did.

Although she would be a great Halloween costume idea, now that I think about it.
Oh, dear. I was hoping that camel toe was my imagination, but I just watched the video and... ... ... ...no. That is wrong on so many levels.
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