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Pat P.
We love Leonard, although we changed his name to Eragon, my daughter says the white markings look like dragons. He is doing well. Getting along with the other horses, I have been riding him daily. He is doing well with me, not letting him get by with any nonsense. He is a beautiful horse. 

Leonard is back at MHWF because his adopters sold their farm.

 - 12 yrs.

$500 - Leonard is a 12 year old Appy/POA gelding. He is 14.2 hands tall and ended up being a hair too tall to be registered as a POA. He is sound, healthy, current on everything including having his teeth floated, and is very well broke and trained with a lot of buttons for the more advanced rider. He has been on trail rides, tons of arena work and has even crossed rivers out on the trails. Leonard's manners are excellent, he comes right to you when called, leads, loads like a pro and is great for the vet and farrier. This is not a kids horse though. He is a superb horse with looks, intelligence and lots of good training.

Heather H
He is so cute! Perfect size for a small adult. I ride a horse this size and I'm 5'3" and fit perfectly.
Nice little horse here.
I have lots of pictures of Leonard being ridden, and a big thank-you to Jurita for coming over and spending some time with us and the horses as well as doing some riding!  

We have exciting news and I am going to post about that first before posting the other riding pictures.  Apache and Leonard got adopted to the same home!  This mother and daughter team were looking for two horses to call their own, and Apache and Leonard fit the bill perfectly.  They both rode the horses and did great!!  We are so happy and excited for Annette and Courtney, and for Apache and Leonard for finding such a great home together!  

Thank you for choosing adoption, and a big congratulations from all of us!  

Here are a couple of the official adoption day photos (I will come back and post a few riding pictures soon too).  

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Photos of Apache and Leonard in their new homes last night!

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Leonard and Apache seem to be settling in pretty quickly to their new forever home. They both follow me around when I'm out in the pasture with them. They met our two dogs and that went off with out a hitch. They unloaded great from the trailer, except for Leonard not liking that Apache got to go out first. The trailer ride home definitely made them the best of friends because they stick by each other most of the time out in the pasture. They love to run around a play with each other. They are very curious about my neighbors horses and go stand by the fence to just look at them and be close to them. My mom and I have gotten Apache to hug us and it's the cutest thing. Leonard decided he wanted to copy Apache and gave me a hug as well. We both felt very strong connections to both of these horses when we met them and I'm glad they feel that connection too. We're letting them settle in a bit before we ride them at all but they seem to be very content out in the pasture together.

Thank you Scott and Karen for all the time you spent with us yesterday. You both really take the time to match the right horse to the right person. You two are truly amazing people.

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So so happy for you all!![biggrin]. They look very happy in there new home,thanks for adopting these to great horses[thumb].
Congratulations to all!  Wonderful!!
Donna R
Congratulations on adopting Apache and Leonard!  What a colorful pasture you have!  Best wishes for many wonderful times with these two.
Jenni O.
Congratulations! What a colorful pair you picked.
You're welcome Karen. Leonard was fun to ride. "How ya like that?" LOL. Congrats to the adopters. Another good choice!
Courtney and Leonard

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Apache and Leonard:


Just thought I’d let you know how our 2 boys are doing! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we adopted them, time flies by so quickly! My mom and I had them both out for a ride yesterday afternoon since it was so nice out! They ride so nicely next to each other and Bandit (Leonard) isn’t trying any funny business while he’s under saddle. We’re looking forward to a lot more trail riding this summer and know that the boys are too! Apache gets so excited when he sees the trailer coming too. I got Bandit a new headstall and reins and got to show that off yesterday! He’s definitely my handsome boy! Thank you so much, again, for the opportunity to adopt our first horses from you! You both are amazing people and we will definitely be coming back to you guys when my husband is ready to get his own horse. 😊 I attached a few pictures of the boys as well. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Courtney H.

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Bandit does indeed look extra handsome in his new headstall.  The tongue picture is too cute.  Glad you are having fun together!
Donna M
Your boys look awesome and your pictures are great! I love the colors in the sky at sunset. 
Karen ~ watch out. This girl has a good eye too. [smile]
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