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This will be Lobo's thread where we will keep any new updates and/or photos. 
Date of arrival to MHWF:  9/23/2011
Lobo - 10 yrs.
$500 - Lobo is a 10 year old TWH/Mustang gelding. He stands at 14.3 hands tall and is sound, healthy and well-cared for. He is an easy keeper and has all his shots, trims and wormers up to date. Lobo is a trail veteran and has been out on many trail rides. He has good ground manners, loads, leads, ties and is good for the vet and farrier. He would be best suited to an intermediate rider. He does not need an experienced rider, but does need someone who has ridden and is not green. This is a fantastic horse and will make someone a wonderful trail partner for many years to come.  
(Lobo is not gaited.)

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Jane Liess

He sure looks sturdy!  And grulla, to boot!


I got to meet this horse and see him for myself. I have one word for him -- GORGEOUS !!!

Lobo sure is a pretty boy with a gorgeous grulla coloring for sure. 
Here are a couple extra pics of him.  I wanted to show you that is a brand on his back end there. 

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Oh dear......  Is he gaited?


Sounds like a great horse! Love his name....Fitting for his coloring....


He is soooo pretty!!  I wonder if he gaits at all??


Lobo is a gorgeous boy! 

Jenni O.

Wow.  Someone's going to make me jealous when they adopt this one.

What a cool guy!  Love his build and his color.  He's got it all going on!!
Karla Joy

OH MY!  Someone is going to be VERY lucky to get this beautiful boy! I have to go bang my head against a wall now and keep telling myself . . . I do not need another horse, I do not need another horse . . .

Scott: MHWF

He is not gaited....


 I told Travis I'd really like a black horse or a grulla. I then said, "I doubt MHWF will get a grulla in." Surprise! And he arrived on my birthday!

Donna R

He is beautiful.  Love his color.  Sounds like he is meant to be yours Jurita!

Oh my.....  (wipes drool off screen).....  I know I've said it before.... but man, if only I was able to have a horse right now....   I LOVE Lobo!!!!
mel d

Oh-oh...my blood pressure just went up a notch, adreline pumping, heart racing...I think it is love at first sight...Jurita, if you are serious about a grulla, you better get going on this guy quickly! What a dream horse.

Kathy n
Wow, he looks exactly like my 25 yo mustang mare....same color, body shape, and even his ears! I seriously wondered if they are related!
Karla Joy

I am shocked each morning when I sign in to the forum and this beautiful boy is still not adopted. I would have thought people would be beating a path to your door on this one.


Karla, they are beating a path to our door, we just need to beat a path to when we can set up the appointments for people to meet him..he already has one coming up for sure.  :)  We work regular full-time jobs during the day and now with it getting dark earlier at night (and the rain we've been having), an appointment just didn't happen yet, but it will soon. 

mel d

Figured you were busy just setting up appt dates for this horse...maybe people will look at others while there, too! :-) We could sure use some of your rain...as for Lobo, what a horse!

Sara T

DROOLING!!!!  if he was 15 h id be calling, someones going to get an amazing horse. LUCKY!

Jill - IA

Hubba Hubba!  He is one gorgeous boy!


yes hub hub  alex mason wi

Well, happy birthday Jurita!  :)  It was great to see you today, and I'm so happy that you adopted Lobo!!!!  We will do some official adoption pics when Jurita comes back in a couple of weeks to pick Lobo up.  I'm glad that you finally found the right match, and thank you for being so patient and waiting for the right horse to come along.  You are going to do great with this guy!  We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks again (and the smell should be gone by then too).  :) 
Congratulations and thank you Jurita! 

HOW COOL!!  Congrats to Lobo and Jurita!!

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