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 Thanks for reading my Lobo update. Never sure if people are interested in them or not since they're not very exciting. Jenni, I thought I read in your post a comment about riding together but I don't see it now. Am I losing it?  I'd love to ride with you some time. Not sure if there is a way to get my info to you such as email address. Maybe we could meet at Tower Ridge or Chippewa County. Travis just talked to a guy when he was ice fishing about a trail they closed to ATV's but opened to horses.


I read yours (and all others!) updates...I just dont always have anything constuctive to add, but do enjoy.

Yes, we are always interested in any updates on the horses and always read them!  I didn't have time all day to comment on the forum, and sometimes I intend to comment on a thread later when I have time and then forget, but definitely love reading any updates!  Just to let you know, donors of the horses in the program read the updates as well and really truly enjoy them even though they rarely comment on the forum, but do let us know how much they love seeing them. 
It sounds like you are really enjoying Lobo and forming a good bond.  :) 

Jurita, it is always great to hear about your horse/horses. *Lobo* sounds like is enjoying everything, and getting to trust you a whole lot more. Glad that everything is working out so fine. Weather has been good, so we can just hope that the *Groundhog* was WRONG.


 Ok. I will keep them coming from time to time :)

Jenni O.

I can definitely get to a trail ride in that area at some point.  You aren't losing it, the post is on the previous page.  You can get my email from Scott and Karen.  Keep the updates coming.  I read everyone's, and don't always comment.

Jenni O.

Oops, I was wrong, I just saw where you found my post on the other thread.  I am also losing my mind.  :)

John B.

I don't comment on all updates (Lord knows I prob. do too many though) but I pretty much try sneak a peak throughout the day while working unless they slip to the next page or so.  I think it is great to see how adopter and their new friends are doing, keep em coming :-)

John B.
p.s.  as I try to say in my best N. WI accent; "For cripes sake I bet it won't be long before Travis trades that "gone fishen" sign for a "gone riden" sign dare once in awhile.
 Two weeks ago I rode Lobo bare back but not this weekend. Jax and Lobo were having "Roll in the mud contests" Yuck!
This time we practiced going up and down the driveway, riding away from Jax and ignoring him. Good exercise for both of them, I think. Even as we rode next to Jax and he started trotting, Lobo stayed at a walk. Asked Lobo to trot and back down to a walk as Jax continued to trot along next to us. You know how some horses want to imitate the other horses gaits, well Lobo did just fine listening to me. We also went between the fences again and this time backwards too.
mel d

Sounds great, Jurita. Lobo is listening to you so well :)

Karen, MHWF,Inc.
That is great Jurita! You have come a long way with Lobo!
John B.
Jurita, Sounds like you are going through all the right things and making great progress, I remember doing these similar things over 3 years ago.   Week-1 was happy just leading Jett away from the rest of the herd.  Week-III getting him to ride away from his friends was a real challenge (he still kind of acts like a twit riding him away)  Sometimes the toughest challenge is right on your own property as they know where their pasture is, they know where their buds are and then the yelling starts between them,; "Where are you going, let me come with you, etc."

Looks like all your efforts are paying-off nicely and you are taking this step by step.  Nice to see patience and success in your training.

John B.
 I did a little riding yesterday but the footing was so terrible it really limited what I could do. (Yay...greasy mud) I loped  little and galloped for a very short bit in the safer footing but ran out of room. I am itching to gallop him in the neighbor's field. They said they like horses. I wonder how much?!? 
 Lobo was being kind of bratty. He is like a little kid sometimes that wants to see if he can get his way. I believe he was thinking about having a tantrum but it was more like a couple of agruments. He didn't want to go down the driveway. I think the water running through the culvert and the neighbor doing something outside made him uneasy. Jax was in the barn eating hay so he was out of sight. I didn't push Lobo but asked for a little more each time and didn't put him in a place where he was afraid. When Jax was done with his lunch he came galloping and calling out. He was probably yelling at Lobo " Aaaaaaaaaaah! Don't go the driveway! It's very dangerous!" becasue Jax is always so helpful. When Lobo was going up and down the driveway without issues then I let him be done for the day.
I don't know if he still doesn't trust me. I have heard Mustangs take a long time to trust you and even though Lobo is only 1/2 Mustang it could be the case. Or he just has to test me every now and then. Really? Maybe he thinks that is fun.

 Okay...I know I just posted an update this morning but I had something more I wanted to share. I was just hanging out in the pasture with the horses today and Lobo chose to leave Jax and come by me. (Twice) I pet his head and he  rested it on my arm. This may not sound like a big deal but you'd have to know Lobo. He is not a "in your pocket" type of horse at all more "reserved" I guess you might say. Jax is his buddy and the lead horse and where Jax goes Lobo goes.

I was going to comment earlier this morning, but then ran out of time and had to get back outside.  I love reading your updates Jurita.  It's so nice to hear about you working on the horses independence, they can get so overly dependent on each other especially when there are only two of them.  Funny to hear how helpful Jax is too, we usually always have someone out here being real helpful to whoever is out being worked at the time.  ;) 

You know, I don't know if that is really a Mustang thing or not.  I've only dealt with about 6 true Mustangs, so not a wide range there.  I really haven't seen that to be the case, but more so just the individual's personality.  Interesting though and I am going to have to pay closer attention to that from now on and maybe ask a few of my "Mustang friends" about that and see what they think.  I think you are doing a great job with Lobo and especially after reading the second post you just put up, it sounds like he is really starting to trust you!  :)  I also think it is a big deal when a horse will choose to be with me over his bestest buddy like that, and for Lobo that is a big thing.  All that time you are spending with him is really showing. 
I think you and Lobo already have a great bond going. He trusts you, or else he wouldn't try anything you ask of him. The fact that you got him to go up and down the driveway is a big thing. If he didn't trust you, you may not have gotten that far! I find that with Haze as well. He acts like a total spazz, and then we work and work and work, and viola! I think it's that they are just so afraid of the unknown sometimes, that they forget for a while that you're aboard! LOL. Then you move their feet around, and they're like, "Ohhhhhhh! You want me to do this!? Well, it's not so bad."

Great job with Lobo and I'm glad that you two are getting so close! I love hearing about your adventures in training!!!

Jurita-I just love your updates! you and Lobo are great together and I'm so happy for you.

Lobo was a very good boy today. I was so proud of him. We even went down and got the mail. He was a little unsure when I opened the mailbox and again when I reached in for the mail. Then when he saw it was a Stateline Tack catalog he was okay. Maybe it was the cute little filly on the cover, or maybe he thinks I am going to order him something really neat.
Jenni O.

Just don't let him see the page with the grazing muzzle.

Good thing it wasn't Horse Illustrated with the centerfold open!  :) 
 Well, we have been talking about getting ready for some trail riding. So today we did a sort of "trial run". Since Travis hasn't ridden much and Jax hasn't been out and about we decided to trailer the horses to our friend's place to ride. When we pulled in Lobo had broke into a sweat even though all the windows and vents in the trailer were open. We saddled up and took off but Lobo was seeming a bit nervous. I decided to lead with Jax. We rode around the property,through the woods, by the creek. I tried to find an old trail I used to ride but it has gotten so thick and grown up we had to turn back. I managed to put the horses in a couple of tight spots back in the woods and along the creek.(Sorry Travis) They did fine though and my work in the arena teaching the sidepass paid off. As we rode, I know Lobo and Travis started to relax. Jax was calm and relaxed the whole time and he was the one I was a bit worried about. We had never had the opportunity to ride with another horse before and I think he really liked having Lobo around. Probably boosted his confidence. We didn't ride very long. the winds really started to pick up and we decided to end on a positive note for everyone. We may try some more "mini rides" and we want to try Hay Meadow Horse Trails. I will try to post pictures of today. Tried to get a couple of the ride but camera work was certainly not a priority today. If it works and is in order the first is getting ready, the second Travis and Lobo, and the last is after the ride.   

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That is so great to hear Jurita!!!! I definitely agree with you in the aspect that having a calmer horse around definitely helps. And the sweating in the trailer thing? Haze does that too! I think Lobo will settle in after a couple more times out. You have done so awesome with him!!!!
Jenni O.

Great update on the boys!  Sounds like Lobo behaved himself and all he and Travis need is more miles until they gain a little confidence.  If you want to ride Hay Meadow with someone, get my email from Scott/Karen and we can meet you there. 

John B.
If Travis had one our camp Bloody's I bet all would have been calmer :-)
Kudos to you for your nice Easter ride.

John B.


 Thank you for the comments Krissy, John, and Jenni. John, I think Travis had a Scotch when we got home LOL! Jenni, I would love to meet you there sometime this year!

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