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mel d

Thanks for sharing the photos! Glad you had such a good experience :) Yes, waiting for that Scotch after the ride seems like a smart thing...

 Today was kind of a big day around here. We loaded up Lobo and Jax and took them to Hay Meadow Horse trails in the Chippewa forest. This was Travis' first trail ride, the first trail ride we have had with Lobo, and the first real trail ride for Jax.(We had only been through the woods at the old boarding place before this)We had planned to ride for about an hour and 1/2   and ended up riding for 3 hours. We got a little "lost" as we were mixed up on the trails when we were attempting to get back to the truck and trailer:(
  But, the horses did very well today. They seemed relaxed and did what we asked of them. They had to go through mud and water, up and down hills, step over logs,pass rushing water, and even across a narrow foot bridge. Well, we decided to have Travis lead Lobo across the bridge first and then Jax and I rode across once they were on the other side. Travis and Lobo did very well together and they ended up being the leaders. I just feel bad for Travis since his saddle is about as comfy as a concrete block. Hmmmm, how sore will he be tomorrow? The only issue we had (Besides getting lost) was with Jax. When it was time to go home he decided he wasn't going in the trailer. Grrrrr. Then, I must have been convincing that the trailer was a "good place" to be because when we got home he would not get out! So frustrating! Well, guess who gets to practice trailer loading while Lobo relaxes in the pasture?!? 
Well, that is all for now. We are all feeling pretty tired tonight. Thanks for reading!
Denise S - WW
Thanks for the update Jurita! It sounds like a great day to me even with the trailer issues! :-)  
mel d
What a wonderful time, Jurita! Sounds as if Lobo is definitely going to be one stellar trail buddy :)
Ack, the trailer! Don't want to go in, don't want to come out...LOL, but it is frustrating.

Sounds like overall you guys had a decent time, and your horses did a good job.  Trailer issues are nothing but frustrating...I think most horse people have had trouble at one time or another.  Hopefully practice will make perfect...smile..and Jax will be doing great with it soon.

John B.
Sounds like a very successful day of horsemanship all around.
The trailer issues will cure themselves pretty quickly with continued practice, patience and training.  Happy Trails, 

John B.
You did not get lost if you finally found your way back, you just took an unplanned detour

 No John, we were not lost. We knew exactly where we were; in the Chippewa Forest of course. I told travis there is only 22 miles of trails, what's the big deal? Maybe next time I will have to bring Jenni O. with who is probably wondering how we could get lost on marked trails and with maps in our hands. I kept looking for one of those "You are here" maps like they have at the MOA. :P


This brings to mind my favorite lines from jerimiah johnson..."I have been temporarily misplaced for a month or two but never lost!"

 Newest update. Warning: If you don't want to hear me bragging about my horses stop reading now ;)
 Trail ride #2 this weekend and we rocked it. I am so proud of the horses and Travis. Lobo for being a (pretty) good boy and Travis for handling Lobo even through his "moments" like jumping off the end of the bridge, and instead of carefully picking his way through the mud with the tree roots decided it would be better to hurry through it and hit the sapling. Lobo refused the "scary bridge" so I tried it with Jax and he went right over it then Lobo followed. Only the second time Jax has been out and he was relaxed and did great. Lobo is there to help with his confidence and it is working out nicely. We know Lobo's donor did trail riding with him so we are happy for that because of the experience he has and this is the job we want to give him.  Travis thinks Lobo is the bomb! I am so glad because some "greener" people may have been intimitated or discouraged by Lobo's occassional bratiness. I hear how Lobo is the best and Lobo is the prettiest and Jax is picking
on Lobo.... 
Lobo is all shed out now and when the sun hits him a certain way he is a beautiful shiny silver color. It is so gorgeous. (Told you I was going to brag)And he has slimmed down now too (he was pretty chunky when we adopted him). 

The bad news: I hurt my back doing something. It is driving me crazy not to be able to do what I want right now. All I can do right now is look at the horses and wish I could work with them. I am hoping it is just some pulled muscles and it won't last long. I am going to go stir crazy......
Jenni O.
Great update!  (I also just read your post about Hay Meadow.  And you can get lost there.  The trails are marked, but not as clearly as I would like.  I don't go there alone, that's for sure.)  Isn't it great when the guys are happy with their horses?

Back pain is one of the worst things to have.  Hate it!  Good luck on a speedy recovery.

 Just a couple pics from our ride today :)

Attached Images
Name: haymeadowsT.JPG, Views: 639, Size: 57.36 KB

Name: haymeadows_T2.JPG, Views: 638, Size: 54.40 KB

Jenni O.

Nice photos!  Was it very windy?  It was horrible here today.  Lobo and Travis look pretty relaxed.

It was a little windy but not bad back in the woods. Perfect weather for riding. Cool but not cold and no bugs. Right now Hay Meadow is pretty muddy on the narrow trails but the wider trails like the snowmobile trail and ski loops were good.
mel d
Wowsa! Lobo is drop dead gorgeous! Your hubby is doing such a wonderful job on the trail. Absolutely love seeing these photos. Thanks! Jurita, how's your back?
John B.
Great pics :-)  Travis and Lobo look like ole pros.

John B.
Mel, thank you. I think Lobo is gorgeous too. Sometimes I just stare at him and Travis thinks I am making Goo goo eyes at him but I'm not. My back is not too great right now. I think part of the problem is it starts feeling better and then I get excited and over do it. Thanks for asking.
I have to learn how to take pictures while riding ;)

John, that is so funny because I told Travis after the ride, "We're going to be old pros" He said, "Well we have the first part down." :(
Yesterday Lobo got his first real bath since he has been here. Lots of snorting and a small amount of moving around but he did fine. He really snorted at the scary bubbles. Then I trimmed his face and bridle path. He has never let me clip his bridle path from his right side, only his left. Yesterday he let me clip from both sides. He is also getting much better about having his ears touched. Here is a photo of him shortly after his bath and haircut.

Attached Images
Name: lobo's_bath.JPG, Views: 848, Size: 59.33 KB

Lindsey N
He is a handsome boy!  He looks so proud..."See mom?!?  See I did it??  It was scary but I didn't let the bubble monsters get me this time!" Love it :D  Thank you for sharing!
Denise S - WW
Definitely a beautiful boy! I'll bet his bath felt great too!
An update and a few pictures:

1. We are trying out the new Aussie saddle we bought at the MHWF live auction during the raffle party. We have kind of a "Westralian" thing going on here: Australian saddle, western saddle pad, and western bridle. Oh well, no more new tack until I go back to work.

2. I have been doing some "sending" with Lobo. He is such a good boy with his ground work. I sent him over some tarps which I thought would create a reaction but no issue at all. He was like, "Oh, you want me to go over this? Sure no problem." I thought then that maybe his past owner did stuff with him like that so it might be nothing new to him.
So I decided to make it more challenging. Two feet on the tarp and stop. Off the tarp.  Four feet on the tarp and stop. Off the tarp, etc.

3. I am "sending' him into the trailer. He always has loaded very well but only if you go in first. I want him to load without me going in. On the first day I tried he was having no part of it. He was like, "If you aren't going in, I surely am not going in." Well, the next time I was able to send him in on his own and he did it about 1/2 a dozen times.

4. He has been getting a small amount of Safe Choice feed and he really talks to me when he thinks it is feeding time.  I will not give him his bucket of feed until he backs away from me. I told him twice before and now he just sees me with the bucket and backs up without being told.   

He is just a different kind of horse and I cannot yet really put my finger on it, or come up with words to describe him. But we love him and we think he is cool. 

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Name: lobo_aug1.JPG, Views: 344, Size: 81.04 KB

Name: lobo_aug2.JPG, Views: 343, Size: 36.87 KB

You mean the Australian saddle that you viciously outbid me on at the MHWF raffle party?  Man that was a bidding war to end all wars.  Looks good on you and on Lobo.  Seems like you guys are getting more comfortable with it. 

Have fun, and oh yeah, I demand more pictures of your lovely place and horses :)
Yes Marisssssssa, that is the one. I don't back down easily. I wonder what they will have to bid next year? (insert evil grin) Well,maybe you should come over sometime and I wouldn't need to send pictures.
John B.

Can't resist, wouldn't a Spanish roping saddle be more appropriate (ok am cracking myself up)

Well, Jurrrrrrita, I may have to take you up on that.  My grandparents live in Chippewa Falls, so we are in your general vicinity often.  Make sure the saddle is hidden away though, or I may have to "borrow" it :)
Finally got out on another trail ride. What a great moring to ride in the woods. Beautiful weather, sunshine, perfect temperature,and...no bugs...not one. Excited to get out some more for fall riding but hunting season is approaching :( Not sure how I am going to get Traivs off his deer stand and on Lobo. Maybe he will get his deer on opening day :)

Lobo was a good boy on the trails. He didn't want to stand still for Travis to get on but other than that he did very well. There were several horses in the parking lot and a dog running around and I think he was getting a bit wound up. (Not that it is excusable behavior though) He really seems to like hitting the trails. I was teasing Travis, "Ya better jump aboard the Lobo locomotive...it's time to ride and this train is leaving."
The horses also were very good when a whole flock of grouse flew up from the woods. It startled Lobo who was in the lead but he just stopped (Quickly) and then the horses we like.."Oh, no big deal!" 
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