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sounds like a wonderful ride!
John B.
Sounds like Lobo (and Travis) just keep doing better & better :-)  Bunch of grouse flushing would have most horses jumping to the next county in a flash.  Hmmmm sounds like ya'll ready for entire weekend of trail riding, like a horse camp trip :-) 

John B.
Jenni O.
Oh, the dreaded hunting season!  Why would you choose to skulk around in the woods on foot when you could be riding!?  Kidding.  Sounds like you guys had a great ride.
On Oct. 2nd we hit our 1 year mark with Lobo. 4 more years and he is officially mine :) Here is a photo of us. It is one from this summer as I haven't gotten any recent ones taken. Oh well.

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He is just beautiful Jurita!  Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!!!
Wow!  I can't believe it's been a year already.  Congrats, and great picture!
Jenni O.
Ahem, cough cough.  I notice you said "4 more years and he is officially mine."  Not Travis'.  Hehehe.  Men never truly get to have the animals, do they?  Well, not never, but quite often that's the way it goes.  Congratulations on a great year!
Oh Jenni...he is Travis' horse when it is time to trail ride...or when he is looking pretty standing out in the sunset. He is MY horse when he needs a bath,grooming, a vet appointment, a farrier appointment, feeding, drops in his eyes, or needs to have someone clean up the poop he makes!
I swear some day I will load up Lobo and meet you on the trails. I have yet to ride him on the trails as I only have ridden him in the arena. Some day!   
Really, it has been a year?!  Wow, that went fast!  Lobo has really come a long way with you guys in that year too!  I look forward to taking him on a spin one of these days too.  :) 
Happy anniversary Jurita, Travis and Lobo!  (I figured I better mention Travis just in case)
Jenni O.
Jurita, I will bring my husband's horse when we eventually meet up! 
John B.
Happy 1 year with Lobo
Donna R
Happy 1 year Anniversary with Lobo, Jurita and Travis.  Hard to believe it has been a year already! 
Happy year, Jurita - happy for me too since I brought Lobo over for you to "find"
Went trail riding today with my daughter Ashley. She hasn't ridden for several years but did great on Lobo today and even had him loping on the trails.

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Jenni O.
Nice photos!  It was a beautiful day for a ride too.
Jenni O. it was only my second time trailering (I usually make Travis do it) so we stayed close to home & did Hay Meadow. Forgot to put the map in my saddle bag & almost got us lost again. LOL! I was proud of myself for not getting nervous trailering this time. The first time I had to peel my white-knuckled hands off the steering wheel when I reached my destination!  ANd yes it was great weather but the bear ticks are out like mad and I forgot to spray the horses.
I totally understand that white knuckle thing.  :) 
Great pics and sounds like you guys had a great time! 
John B.
Great pictures, Lobo looks awesome Jurita.  It was such a perfect day for a ride, we didn't have any problems with ticks but the box-elder bugs were crazy thick where we tacked up.
mel d
Congrats on your great day. Riding with a daughter is the best, especially with a sweet horse like Lobo :)
 I forgot to mention Ashley's comment. She said, "Lobo is a lot more friendlier now. When you first got him and I went up to him, he would just put his ears back and give me a look."
(I think it is fair to mention that while Lobo did give people "the eye" he was never aggressive with anyone.)
Lobo says, "I don't like snow people. I only like real people."

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Wendy W - WI
So sweet.  Love it.

Lindsey N
They are so much more cozy :)  Love the snuggles!
mel d
Good for you, Lobo! People are much better snugglers than those snowdudes.
Jenni O.
Aww, poor guy wasn't too fond of the snowdude!  He knew he could get treats the easy way, and stay far away from that scary snowdude.
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