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No photos but I did trail ride this weekend and Lobo rocked it. When another horse wouldn't continue forward across some mud and water we led. After that Lobo decided he would lead the rest of the ride. He was much more patient when stopping this time too.

Apparently Mandy really missed Lobo while he was gone. Travis said she carried on and made some very loud, odd, and eerie nosies wile he was away. When we came home she bucked and bucked, then rolled and got up and bucked some more. Whomever says horses don't have emotions never spent much time with them.
Jenni O.
Woo hoo, Lobo!! Glad you guys had a good ride.
Jurita, sounds like *Mandy* was upset cuz her FRIEND took a trip W/O her. Sounds very special to me,,, bonding has been made... NICE.
Wow..it's been a long time since I updated this thread. Lobo has some pain issues going on. The vet was out last night. We have put him on some meds for pain and inflammation and if that doesn't work we will go the route of an equine chiropractor. But when I got home tonight it is apparent he is feeling better already. He was running around and being silly. Keeping fingers crossed that he just "tweaked" something and he will be fine.

Not sure how he likes being the herd boss these days and the responsibility that goes with it. But, I don't see that changing because I know Eli won't ever be the herd boss. That is a little bit like asking Winnie the Pooh to become a sniper.

(Lisa..if you are reading this I know it says Lobo is TWH cross but he is Spanish mustang and was called Diablo's Chance. He has another thread on here about that)
Lisa B.
See...I'm not the only one that saw that TWH movement...[smile]
Jenni O.
You crack me up. Glad Lobo is feeling better, and hope it continues. Did you figure out if it's his back or hip or what?
"That is a little bit like asking Winnie the Pooh to become a sniper..." Where do you come up with this material Jurita? [idea]  Too funny.  Hope Lobo will be fine.

Donna M
I hope Lobo continues to feel better. How is Travis feeling? 
Poor Lobo...it can be so hard figuring out pain in a horse.  good luck with what you are doing and good to hear that he is responding.
Lisa..yes..I can see how people would think that.

Donna...Travis is feeling much better. thank you. I just gave him some bute and he seems to be doing well now.

John...I don't know but not everyone enjoys my sense of humor all of the time. [tongue]

Jenni...it is in the croup area.

Doreen..thank you.
Lobo will likely be seeing an equine chiropractor. I sat in the saddle yesterday and he clearly was not comfortable. I hopped off, got on again just to see how he'd act again and got a similar reaction. I lunged him and at one point into the lope he kind of stumbled and then bucked. [frown]  
Good option Jurita. We have had lots of good luck with that
Jurita, I am just curious, did you lunge Lobo with or without the saddle?  Chiropractors can make such a huge difference in both animals and people.  I am also a fan of acupuncture for treating pain in animals if that option is available in your area.  I only have a small animal vet who does acupuncture.
Jenni O.
Bummer, hope he gets relief quickly!
Ok, I am sure if I read further back I would be better educated, Jurita you are are much better horse person than I (along with rider)  I just have 2 questions based on some recent experiences:

1.  Last year or so, I fetch Jett and he gets all funny - happy - and kicks up his heals as I lead him from pasture to gate, he also does it when we camp and I lead him to graze for morning b-fast.  He is a goof - not sure more what to say but I think he is just happy; Scoobs wakes up and grabs a stick and runs around camp with a smile.  That may sound way off but could it be a happy thing?  Jett does under saddle in spring also, hard to describe.

As asked prior, how is Lobo lunging or bareback?  Not a saddle issue maybe?

2.  Our best trail horse Sancho has ringbone this year and was really out of sorts till we figured it out (yikes these clogs cost a lot but make a big difference)  don't discount leg / ankle / foot pain is my point I guess.  Not saying back issues are not the source but rather there is chance it could be something else also.  I know, truly I do, how frustrating it is when you wonder if your bud is pain esc. when you ride them and wonder if you are making something worse.  If you saw how goofy Pickles' front feet are you wonder how he can go all day on trail - but he does with a smile (shhhh he does not know his toes are so turned out)
I lunged him with the saddle. I realize it could be saddle fit but this is the same saddle he has been ridden in for a couple years..yes, I also realize horses can change and the saddle may no longer fit. But,  I don't think that is the case.
Oh it is definitely not a case of the "yippe yahhoos." When I get in the saddle he starts to back and he acts like he is going to toss me off.  I had my feet out of the stirrups ready to bail and I did.  He is in pain.

we had this issue a few weeks ago and the vet came out and figures it is an issue with his sacrum. We gave him meds and time off.

The chiropractor I am thinking about getting is starting acupuncture and has a case study on my friend's horse. Maybe that is an option too?!?!?
Jurita, sure does sound like pain based on what you said. Does he seem ok out in pasture moving with the others or is it just when you mount/ride?

Jurita, if something is out of wack...the chiropractor should help a lot.   just remember often times if something has been out for awhile, it can take more than one session to get to stay correctly...and "tune ups" are often required to keep it in place.  If this is something pain oriented without a true base of origin (ie you just flat out don't know why he is hurting) the acupuncture is a good route to try.  I have a cat with major scar tissue damage in his shoulder muscles and he gets acupuncture for it, and WOW what a huge difference it makes.  If your vet can offer both...you are super duper lucky, and I would discuss the use of both with her/him.  Good luck....both venues can bring positive results.

Lobo had his chiropractor appointment on Saturday. The vet suspected his sacrum was out of whack and it was, as well as his hip. Immediately after the adjustments he was walking better. He may or may have another appointment, we will see. I can do a little test ride on him this weekend...just walking up and down the driveway to see how he does.
Jenni O.
Yay! Hopefully it's just from him being a goof at Ukarydee. I guess he's not laughing so hard now about the pulled groin joke, is he??
Lisa B.
Glad to hear he's improving. 
So good to hear he is already showing improvement Jurita!
We are not out of the woods yet. I rode Lobo up and down the driveway in the western saddle on Friday as the chiropractor suggested. Things seemed okay. Today I decided to try it bareback. As soon as my butt settled on his back he through a fit. [frown]
Jenni O.
Bummer. What the heck? Hope another adjustment helps. Otherwise maybe the winter off will do the trick.
Has Lobo had X-Rays Jurita?

This sounds like he really does have some pain issues, your lil frame on that big guy bareback hurting him?  Scratching my head what would cause this for sure.  Wishing him the best and maybe what Jenni said; a few months to heal whatever it is over the next 4 months.
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