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Lobo had a second chiropractic appointment.  Hopefully that will be it or possibly one more. He does seem to enjoy it and is a very good patient. She even adjusted his jaw this time too.
The chiropractor also loves the idea my horses are out 24/7. She says the stalled horses are the ones that tend to have more issues. Which makes sense.
Donna R
I hope the chiropractic helps get Lobo back to normal.  It is a perfect time of year to be off to heal.

Thanks for the reminder about the benefits of horses being out 24/7.  Our herd is presently covered in mud and their paddocks are a soupy mess. [frown].  The 18" of snow we got all melted in a day. 

Best wishes for Lobo for a complete recovery.
Lisa B.

Now I don't feel so bad that my horses have some mud caked on them too [wink].  

They have in and outs to use but often prefer to be out in the weather.  Pauli gets chilled pretty easily if it is wet so I sometimes put her in a stall to dry off and munch hay.  She's so spoiled.

Life is Good!
I tested out Lobo again this Sunday. Happy to report he seemed just fine. I got on him bareback because if he wanted to toss me like before it would be easier to get off without a saddle. I sat on him and no reaction. I had him bend some and we just did a few laps around the paddock both ways and called it good for now. He seemed fine but I don't want to push things. So hopefully he can be back to riding again this year. 

Yes! [smile]

We may do one more chiropractic adjustment before riding season starts up. We'll see.
Jenni O.
Crossing my fingers. It sounds like he's feeling better, and hopefully it stays that way.
Glad to hear the chiro adjustments have helped.  Being a human who goes to a chiropractor on a regular basis, it makes a huge difference for me in so many ways.  Taking your time to bring him back into work is such a great idea, and sometimes regular "tune ups" can help to make sure things stay in place.  Good luck!
We received our ownership papers for Lobo today. I am proud to say that I have met all the terms of the adoption contract for the past 5 years. But, I am most proud of the fact that I can touch him all over the head and pet his ears. It took me years to be able to do this. Especially with his right ear. I can hold his head and snuggle it too. It took a long time to gain that trust and it means more to me than the actual ownership. (But the ownership is cool too...don't get me wrong)
(Photo by Karen Bayerl)

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Congratulations Jurita and Lobo!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! I bet he is very happy to have been with you for the past five years.
Donna M
Congratulations to you and Lobo! 
Denise S - WW
Awesome Jurita! Congrats to you both. You are a wonderful horse mom. [smile]
How wonderful!!!  Congrats!!!  
And what a stunning photo that is. Love it!
Trust is huge and never earned easily.  Congratulations!
Congrats!!!!   I'm so happy for you and Lobo [thumb]
Heike B
Aww- I remember when he came in.  Congrats!

Congrats, Jurita.  So happy for you.

Can't believe it's been five years. I was so happy when you adopted him Jurita. You have been the best match for him. Thank you
Thank you everyone!
Linda B. if you see Lobo's donor please let her know Lobo is doing great and I will continue with updates regardless of our ownership. I am very happy she chose to donate him to MHWF. It's nice to know she was looking out for him and his future because looking back at his past I don't think he always had owners like that who wanted to ensure he had a good future. And tell her thank you from me too. [smile]
linda b
Jane keeps up on Lobo and is still a hefty supporter of MHWF!  Yes, as soon as she realized he was not the fit for her, that was definitely the option she chose!  And it was a good one!
Lobo's chiropractic adjustments have seemed to work. I think I will still have her out one or two times more just to be sure however.
He has also had some diarrhea here and there. It isn't really bad and it happens when there is a change. For example: If I take one of the other horses away for the day. I have added Pro Add to his feed and we have had no issues with the diarrhea after about a month of being on that.

I took him for a little ride around the neighbor's property today. We went through the woods and practiced trotting and loping a little in the far field. When it was time to head home he was fine until I turned him the opposite way. He didn't want to turn around, he only wanted to head home. Sooo...we turned away from home a few times and each time he acted as if he were ready to have a blow up. We worked though it okay. We got to the second field that is much closer to home and he had the same reaction. Fine if we were pointed home and if we were pointed another direction he was naughty and was ready to blow a gasket. At one point I got off and we had a little "chat" and I got back on. The closer we got to home the naughtier about turning around he got. But I made him do it anyways because that is not acceptable behavior. Then it happened. He through a fit. Reared up and then bucked. I pushed my heels down in the stirrups, pushed against the saddle horn and rode it out. Yippee Ky yi Yay! What a brat! Like a little two year old child having a temper tantrum! When we got home he had to do ground work. Maybe next time he won't be so anxious to get home.

I wonder if the neighbors saw me today. Of course his big fit happened right in front of their house. I am thinking at this point when they see me get one of my horses out they run to the window with popcorn. If they had their windows open they probably heard me practicing my French too.  
Photo from today.

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Love your humor at the end! Maybe you should start charging for the entertainment
Donna M
Holy smokes! You ride a bronc AND speak French! That takes a LOT of talent. You go, girl. 
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