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Woo hoo!  You go girl!   Sounds like you handled the situation very well.  Good for you for staying with him and getting him through it. 
Jenni O.
I'm pretty sure the neighbors are pulling up chairs and a beverage when they see you with a horse. At least you didn't disappoint! What a stinker. Isn't he Travis' horse? He should be riding him! So when you dismounted to do groundwork...were you also practicing your sign language on Lobo? Hehe! I wish I could've watched. I wish I was your neighbor.
Donna R
I would love to be your neighbor too Jurita!  You provide a lot of free entertainment.  Way to go with making him behave!  Scary thought but sounds like you handled it very well. 
Years ago, I had a horse that would have tantrums on the trail too. Many a field that horse ended up backing down instead of going forward. Good job Jurita!
Scott: MHWF
In my experience, horses are always much more ill-behaved at home. All they want to do is get back to their pasture by their buddies, so they act up. On the trail, all they have is the other horses that are along on the ride and you, so they go with the flow.
I have also found the first solo ride after being off for awhile, they can be jerks heading for home.   After the first time out and back though, mine seem to remember that it is all old hat.
Donna R
So true Scott.  It is something we didn't think about when we moved to our current home with a 3 1/2 mile trail behind our property.  Every one of our horses pick up their pace and sometimes start calling out about mid way because they know they are on the "home stretch".  It is not as bad in a group but makes riding alone not so pleasant or safe.  When we ride elsewhere it is a totally different scenario.
Good for you for getting the snotty out of him. Just an FYI, my TWH, Fancy is becoming fluent in "French" by osmosis since I use it often on our rides.
That sure sounds like a heck of a show!  Nice!!
Not too much to report but Lobo was scheduled for a chiropractic appointment this Saturday. Unfortunately the vet that does this was on call and had three emergencies including two emergency canine surgeries. So, Lobo might get his adjustment later this week. Hoping to keep him healthy so that I can at least do some trail riding with him here and there. I did take him for an easy trail ride last week and he seemed to do okay with that.
Glad he is doing well [smile]
Has it really been that long since I updated on Lobo?

He's been on a few trail rides this summer including a fun trail
ride today with adopters/adoptees Jenni & Pea and Lisa & Pauli.

Although he has his "moments" at times he's doing well out on the trails.

He was jealous Eli got a new saddle so I bought him some new things too. Bought him a nice 5 Star pad and a mo hair cinch and he seems pretty happy with them [smile] hopefully they are comfy for him.
You take such good care of your equines! It's so good to see.
Lisa B.
Lobo did great today. He looks good and moved really well.
Jenni O.
And Lobo looks great in his matching pad and cinch. He was attracting the attention of a buckskin mare today.
Lisa B.
Yes...That little buckskin mare wanted to bring him home with her!
I've been doing groundwork with Lobo lately. A little lunging, sending, join up, and liberty work. I like to send him between two barrels that are close together and between a small space between the fence and a barrel. It was easy to see the level of comfort and confidence change with that. Jenni O. Has been inspiring me to do more groundwork with my horses. She's much better than I am though. I don't feel very coordinated. I probably look like a drunk octopus! Today I decided to ride. Haven't ridden him since fall. I decided to ride on the neighbor's land. We haven't ridden there all year. If he's going to be naughty it will be there. (See past posts) I wanted to see if the groundwork had any effect on him under saddle. We ride all over, walk-trot-gallop. We ride in the woods. He tends to get antsy when headed home and can get real bratty when we're almost home. Today he was very well behaved. We worked a lot on stopping and standing for a few seconds. He likes to move out and does not like to stop and wait. He did well with that. When we got to the trail that heads home I turned him to go back into the field instead. Typically this is when he'd throw a fit. He resisted a bit but it was worked through quickly and easily. On the way home I didn't let him b line for home. He had to zig zag, do circles, stop and wait. He did well with that too. Now I need to get a bit more creative with groundwork or else I tend to get bored with it. I don't have a photo if today but I'll try to post one of the last official trail ride he did for 2017.

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Jenni O.
I look like a drunk squid when I do groundwork. It's really not pretty. But I'm getting better(at least in my mind), and so will you. Besides, it doesn't have to look pretty right away, you can learn together. Also, I have more in store for you. Just wait. Mwahahahaaaa!!!

I knew the groundwork would help! Do you realize how big of a deal it is anyway for you to ride him away from home alone, and come back in one piece? Many people can't do that. I don't know if Pea would do that. But I'm glad to hear it's helping. Progress, woo hoo!!
Yesterday I took a 45 minute riide on Lobo at the neighborโ€™s property. Best solo ride weโ€™ve ever had. Yay, ๐Ÿ˜€
Donna R
It always feels great to have a solo ride turn out well.  At least to me, it is a true accomplishment when a person and their horse go solo and get back home without anything going wrong[thumb][biggrin]
I love it when our equine partners cooperate on solo rides!
Jenni O.
๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ Yay!
Lobo's first official trail ride of the year.

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Donna R
What a nice looking horse and look at that shiny coat!
Lobo looks great!  Hope you had a great ride!
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