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How did the ride go?
Ride went great, thanks.
Jenni O. on Red Hot Democracy and Jurita L. on Lobo, both MHWF adoption horses.

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Sue J
Great picture of you four it looks like you are having fun. I always loved the fall rides when I had my horses.
Lisa B.
Great picture!  The color is so vivid!
I was able to get Lobo out on some trails this fall. It's been hard since my focus has been on Eli. Getting Eli ready for our S. Dakota trip and working on some basic dressage. So I'm going to try to get Lobo out on the trails more in the future. Found out he hates cows. He wasn't a big fan of the bald eagle coming straight at us either. We are working on patience and standing still when we stop on the trails. Also working on letting the other horses get ahead of us without reacting negatively to that. We have made some small gains and will continue to work on it.
You guys will rock the trails without doubt.   Glad you had a chance to get out with him.
I was able to get out and ride Lobo today and last Sunday. We did short 35 and 45 minute rides and worked on a couple things. Both rides went well, although today he got nervous in one spot and was jiggy. We almost did a piaffe! Bet it looked pretty but I wasn't asking for that. LOL.

Another time he thought about having a fit when he didn't get his way but he thought better of it.

Overall things went well and sun shined and the snow was pretty. It looked like someone had sprinkled chunks of broken glass on top of the snow. I don't ever recall seeing that before.

- Jurita

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Riding in snow is the BEST. No bugs!
Lobo went on his first trip to Zumbrota this weekend and camped overnight. He was quiet and was very good on the trails and even led over the big bridge. He hasn't camped overnight in several years because he tends to scream but he was okay this time. 

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A couple more photos from the camping trip. 

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He looks really good. Bet he enjoyed it
He looks very nice...glad he seemed to be so comfortable camping this time!
Great pics [smile]
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