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mel d

Hurray, Jurita!!!! You got your horse! So glad you got in on this boy, he is all that and even more! So happy for you!

 Scott & Karen,
 thank YOU! 
 Thank you for being patient with me, thank you for choosing me to adopt Lobo and thank you for giving me a really great birthday present.  I am excited to get him home. 

       Smell??????What Smell?????????? 

Congrats! so happy for you! and Happy Birthday! I certainly hope we get to see some riding pictures Karen took today, you two looked fantastic together. what an awesome boy he was!

Jenni O.


Sandy K.

Congratulations Jurita ! I guess we should explain about your "smell" comment. A skunk found it's way into the live trap in the barn and the smell wafting from the barn was pretty strong. Thanks to the wind we got to enjoy it no matter where we went in the yard. Which reminds me, I need to send Karen the picture of Monty after his head shampoo as it is a cutie .

Leslie V
Congratulations Jurita!  What a fantastic birthday present.  Looking forward to seeing pictures of your ponies at home.  And I know you are really looking forward to having them home!
Wendy W - WI
CONGRATS Jurita!!!!!!!!!  I'm so happy for you!  Pictures....we need lots and lots of pictures.  
Donna R

Congratulations Jurita!  What a great birthday present as well as a beautiful horse!

Congratulations Jurita, I'm so happy for you.... you got a beautiful horse!  Looking forward to seeing photos. 
Burt Northern Mn

Congratulations Jurita:  I know you will be really happy with this boy.  My wife was along when his previous owner bought him.  She was really impressed with this horse and what he knew and how he handled.  Have fun with many years sharing the adventure.  Burt


 Thanks everyone. I promise I will post pictures when he comes home :)

Today was the big day for Lobo, Jurita and Travis!  They came and picked up Lobo and are actually on their way home as I post this.  I think they will be picking up Jax before going home and bringing both boys home at the same time.  We look forward to hearing of all of their adventures together and look forward to seeing the two boys together at home! 

Thank you Jurita and Travis! 

Here is a picture from adoption day, 10/29/2011. 

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 We are home safe and sound! Yes, we picked up Jax on the way home. They are together now and putting them together was quite uneventful. A couple sniffs and that was about it. (The dog is the one that had the reaction) Will try to post some photos of the boys tonight!

Denise S - WW
OMGOSH!! What a gorgeous picture!!!! So happy for all of you!! Looking forward to updates too!!!!!
mel d
Happy happy happy for you! Congrats! Great photo! Here's to wonderful rides ahead :)

Congratulations for adopting *Lobo*. He sure is beautiful, and he looks quite muscular. I hope you have alot of updates, and some great rides.


Congratulations Jurita!  I know you are grinning ear to ear...smile...


Congrats Jurita!  What a beautiful picture on adoption day!!

Some photos from yesterday.

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Jenni O.

Love the photos, looks like you have a really nice setup.  Jax and Lobo look like a good pair-they add some nice color to your pasture too.  Can't wait for updates.

 Just a little update on Lobo. He is doing fine and he and Jax are best buddies. When I came home today Jax had somehow had managed to close his stall door about 75% of the way(I really don't know how) so he couldn't get in if he wanted to and Lobo and Jax were both standing in Lobo's stall. 

  I haven't done much with Lobo yet. Letting him get settled in and used to everything. Brushing him some and following behind him with a shovel and wheel barrrow;) I will be working on have him allow me to touch his ears (which I noticed have the Grullo stripes).

 On Tuesday I took him out for awhile and we did on a little bit of groundwork-like sending, and backing him away from me. He wasn't sure what I was asking but was very focused on me. He wasn't even distracted by Jax(my A.D.D. horse) who was running up and down the paddock behind us and calling for Lobo. Lobo seemed to catch on quickly to what I was asking him though. I have heard that Mustangs are the type of horses to really watch you carefully and read you. Not sure if it is true or not but it would certainly make sense so I believe it. (Any mustang owners out there??)I know Lobo is only 1/2 mustang but still might have some of those Mustang traits. 
 I am hoping for decent weather this weekend because I want to do more work with him and ride him a bit too. 
Thanks for reading!

Jurita, your setup looks beautiful!!  You must be so proud.  I would like to see more pictures :)  It looks very well thought out.  Good for you for giving Lobo time to settle.  Some horses do need more time.  I think it took Sammy about 6 months before he was totally comfortable at the new place.  I am sure he is the extreme though, he tends to be pretty extreme in general :)


Anyway, love the updates.  Keep 'em coming.  And PS: did I mention more pictures?  The fencing looks great and the whole setup just looks so neat and tidy.  Can you tell I am a teensy bit jealous?


Emjoy having your boys in your backyard!  And enjoy getting to know Lobo, too.

Janice - WI
So happy to read that the boys are getting along great & settling in to their new home.  What a beautiful place you have . . . such a nice fence too!  I bet you're enjoying having them home with you too . . . let me guess, looking out the window at them every chance you get?  It's so nice to be able to check on them throughout the day to make sure they're okay.

Wanted to give you an idea on how the stall door may have gotten closed . . . this happened to my two horses one time.  I have one large stall in my barn with just one doorway to the outside.  It has a sliding door on the outside of the barn.  One morning when I came out to do chores, the pony was outside and my QH mare was stuck inside and the sliding door was closed.  I was suprised that the pony wasn't more freaked out that she was separated from her buddy.  What I'm pretty sure happened, is the pony is constantly itching her butt on the sliding door, and I think she rubbed on it in such a way that the door slid shut.  I had installed an eye bolt and hook latch to the barn and door, so as to keep the door from sliding shut accidentally, but I must have forgotten to latch it at some point.  So, as a suggestion, you could try adding a eye bolt & hook latch to your door.  I'd recommend installing it higher up to keep it out of their reach and also so one of your boys doens't cut themself on the hardware - I've heard of that happening.

Have fun with your boys!
 Yes, I am looking out the windows all the time. I do alot of work on the computer for work and UW courses and it faces the windows. Those horses are so distracting! We are really happy with the fence. Travis worked so hard to try and do everything right, have it straight,etc. He will appreciate your nice comments.we did make a couple of small mistakes like gate placement and Travis wishes the other fence was lined up with the arena. the arena's footing did not get done. A story of someone meaning to do something that fell through. Should have had the excavation team do it when they were here :( Maybe in the spring.   
 I am constantly worrying about the horses. What if..what if...what if. It is like having two brand new babies...maybe worse. That is one of the reasons we went with the Centuar fence. One less thing to worry about. and Jax is a horse that gets into everything so I have to be extra careful. My mother-in-law told me "Stop worrying and start enjoying them."
Have to get back to work. I will post more later and maybe some pictures next weekend.
Thanks for reading! 

I have been doing some ground work with Lobo and riding him in the arena some. I was hoping I could put my daughter on him this weekend as a "guinea Pig" but she was not available. Travis said he would ride and did. I was a bit worried as Lobo was being a little brat today and Travis hasn't ridden since he was a kid. I thought he did great. They just walked around in the arena but Travis was good about not letting Lobo go were Lobo wanted if he wasn't asked....because he did try. Travis didn't want a photo posted because he was afraid people would criticize his riding but I said no one would.Plus he was using my saddle which is too small for him. We need to get Travis and Lobo some of their own tack. I will try to post some pictures from today.

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