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Scott: MHWF

Tell Travis we won't let anyone make fun of him....hehehe. Glad to see him in the saddle!!


 thanks Scott and Karen! :) I told him he had to post because Karen said she wanted pics of his first ride!


You made my night, and they look awesome together!!! 


The photos look really NEAT. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the hubby, on *Lobo*. He looks GOOOD in the saddle.

Jenni O.

They do look good together!  And I'm in no position to criticize anyone's riding.  I figure I'm not qualified until I am riding upper level dressage.  And since I don't take dressage lessons, that's not likely to ever happen. 


Did Travis have fun?  You'll have plenty of time to find him a saddle over winter at least.  It's horrible saddle shopping when you need one fast.

mel d
Happy to see him in the saddle and riding his horse! I think he looks great up there! Congrats on the first ride!
He did just fine.  Thanks for posting.

If you can get to Libertyville Saddle Shop in Illinois(I was there a couple of weeks ago) they do have several saddles left at unbelievable bargains.  Plus blankets, bits, bridles, etc.  Sweat scrapers 25c! Most of the clothing is down to tiny/big sizes, but if that happens to be you...  Just FYI.
I love the picks Jurita. Travis looks awesome--a whole lot better than my husband for sure!

On a side note, is Libertyville going out of business?
Libertyville Saddle Shop did go out of business and just reopened as Dover Saddlery. Really need to take a trip over and check out the new store!
 Update: I continue to do some ground work with Lobo and he is really doing well. He really pays attention and his eyes and ears are on me all the time. He is a smart little guy that learns quickly. He does over-react at times when he doesn't understand something but now I am starting to see  him think more.
He has a very different trot that I am not  used to. I talked to a trainer and she said not to mess with it as it is likely just his natural gait. So, I am learning to ride it. :) and he does have a great lope. Our rides have been geting better and better. We still are only in the arena though as I haven't ventured out during hunting season. 
So, Travis decided to take ride #2 on Thanksgiving Day. I rode for a short time and then Travis took his turn. Right away Lobo decided to trot and Travis went to slow him back to a walk. Well, Lobo had a fit. Did some really big crow hops and then reared up. I stood there thinking "Oh S#*t!" But I knew I couldn't do anything to help. Well......Travis got Lobo under control and they kept riding. I was so excited and proud of Travis (and relieved) I yelled out "Good riding Travis" and then a swear word flew out of my mouth. Hopefully my neighbors where not outside. But, oh well if they were....I couldn't help it.
Lindsey N
Jurita - I can't tell you how many times I have had that feeling.  When things DON'T go horribly wrong, there is a feeling of relief you can't explain lol.  I totally understand what was going through your mind :)  One crow hop/rear can strike fear into your heart!  If your neighbors heard, I think they would be more than understanding ;)

mel d

So thankful Travis and Lobo are both fine! And that swear was just what it was...a strong sigh of relief!  

Jenni O.

Ha, it's a good thing we don't have neighbors too close here.  So what is up with his trot?  Just rough?  My gelding is a go-go-go horse and it is hard for me to slow him down at any gait, and his trot is not the smoothest.  I work on it when I can, and post when I can't.


Poor Travis, ride #2 and he gets a lesson in what horses can really be like.  By next summer he'll be so good that he will feel those things coming and stop them before they start.  (Make sure Travis isn't pulling back on those reins and not releasing during those tense moments-that can cause a rear.  I know it is probably obvious to you and most other people here, but there are always people reading that may not know, or we tend to forget in a stressful moment.)

Well, it isn't if I never swear but I try not to shout that one out within earshot. We live in a little valley so our voices carry. Travis gets more conserned about being neighbors than I do ;) At least I had a smile on my face when I said it ;)
Lobo just moves differently than I am used to. It is fast trot but it isn't choppy like some horses. And either he is getting smoother or I am getting better.
Not sure what the deal was with the buck and rear. But Lobo has been naughty with me at times too. It seeems he has his fit and then is okay afterwards.I am trying to give Travis some pointers and thanks Jenni O for the tip. If if there are people who know those things it is still good advice/reminder. And you are right..sometimes people get in a tense situation and forget what to do.Travis said he used the "One rein stop" when things were going bad. He said, "I remembered that from the horse expo you took me to. I was paying attention. I was bored out of my mind, but I was paying attention"
Carol in OC

Good job Travis!!!!!


 So, today I was out messing around with Lobo and he was trotting around. He started to do this trot that was almost like an extended trot. I wish I could have gotten it on video. It was pretty cool looking. 

 Well, we had quite a scare with Lobo today. Haven't had much of a chance to work with him lately so I thought today was the day. I went to get him out of the pasture and noticed he wasn't breathing right. By the time we walked to the barn his breathing was quite labored and he was acting strange. Called the vet right away but it took about an hour and 1/2 to get the on-call vet out. By the time the vet arrived Lobo was breathing normally and although was not acting himself, was not acting strange for a horse. You normally can't rub his ears or craddle his head and he was letting me do all those things. He got a vet check over but everything checked out fine. At this point we are uncertain what the problem was. I spent the whole afternoon hanging out with the horses and he seems just fine now. I will check again tonight before I go to bed. Don't you wish horses could tell you what was wrong?!?!
Here is the little stinker. 

Attached Images
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Geez, kiddo, I sure hope that all is good tomorrow. I suppose just like humans, horses have their bad days too. Good Luck.Could you give *The Lobo* a hug from me..

Jenni O.

Scary!  Pets are supposed to lower our blood pressure, but I think horses only accomplish that because they scare the heck out of us at times and get the BP up there to begin with.  Hope all is fine with him and it was one of those freak occurences. 

mel d

Oh man, how scary...and then to have to wait so long for the vet! So happy he recovered on his own. Wonder if he got into something? Totally agree with the BP thing, they can make it go up pretty fast if they're ailing...

Not too much to report. Been riding a little bit in the arena and going ground work. I've noticed Lobo watching me interact with Jax now. Whether I am doing work with Jax in the arena or just petting and snuggling with him; Lobo keeps a close eye on what we are doing. The other day I was cleaning up the pasture and Lobo just started being silly. He bucked,rolled and ran around a bit.Then he stood in one spot and was bucking. It was so funny but I was excited to see him doing that because to me he looked like he was happy. Usually he has such a seriousness about him.

I always love to watch my horse play...smile...I do think it shows they are happy.  Congrats on your Christmas "rock" btw...grin...

It was very nice out yesterday so I worked with Lobo. It has been a few weeks since we've done anything but he did just fine. His trot was fast but smooth this time and I was able to sit it easily. I took him out of the arena and just walked him around the property a bit. He had one refusal when I asked him to walk between the fences which is 6 feet wide and 100 feet long. I just turned him around and asked again and he went right ahead, so we did it from the other end too. I rode him part way down the driveway and turned back before it got icy. I lost some of Lobo's attention when Jax saw us coming down the driveway and came at us, galloping and calling out. However, Lobo was able to re-focus and listen even though Jax continued to run along the fence line and call out. It was pretty distracting.(Thanks for the help there Jax.) I think Lobo is starting to trust me more and I feel we are connecting a little bit better too. Now I just need to hide Travis' fishing equipment and get him riding too ;)
Jenni O.

Great update!  I have to hide the golf equipment.  Or eventually Lobo will be such a nice horse that you will just bring a friend along and let the husband do his thing.  ;)  I think that if you can get him to ride away from home and his buddy, you are doing VERY well.  Especially if he can remain focused on you, for the most part. 

mel d

Have to echo what Jenni O. said...what a good horse to listen to you instead of Jax :)

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