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Mandy - 8 yrs.

$200 - Mandy is an 8 year old mini Mule Jenny. She is very cute and has a very outgoing personality. Mandy is current on all of her shots, wormers and trims and is good to go for 2012. She leads, loads, ties and is very good for the farrier. She has no love for the vet though. Mandy was started in harness a while back, but needs to be finished. With some more training she will make a good little driver or is just fine being a pasture buddy as well..



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Still cute as a button! 


 I have always thought Mandy is so cute. Travis said we could only have two horses. He never said we couldn't add a mini mule. He he he.

I'd call him on that technicality.  :) 

Old friends, Bambi and Mandy picked up right where they left off.  :) 

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 Awwww! I told Travis we could get Mandy and she could be our pack mule for our trail rides. We only take a couple water bottles, hoof pick,cell phones, and a map with us when we go. We could get her a mini pack.


Jurita, you and Travis should *JUST DO IT*. Ohhh that would be such a FUN trail ride, and hey, might just as well, PICNIC while you are at it..So special. I absolutely LOVE the photo of *Bambi* and *Mandy*. Just like 2 CO/HORTS planning on doing some crazy tricks on the photo taker...

Well, we went from a "no" to "Thinking about it".

hee hee hee...hee hee hee heee...love it, Jurita!


Jurita, well, you are HALF way to Yes! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Anna WI

Wow, "very good for the farrier" now that is something to hear! I will have to look for my photos of Mandy when I put the harness on her. For anyone new to the forum I originally donated Mandy. As crumby as it is to see her back again, this is the EXACT reason I donated her to ensure that she will always have a home with Scott and Karen should her adoptive home not be able to keep her. Thank you Scott and Karen for all that you do to make sure the animals in your program always have a secure future!

Thank you Anna!  Mandy got along with Cream Puff just great, but she was just not getting along with the other mini mule in her home.  There was no other way to make living arrangements with those 3, and plenty of time was given to try and let this iron out, but it was just not going to work.  Mandy's adopter had a hard time bringing her back, but we all know someone else out there is going to give Mandy a great home. 

Mandy is such a cutie.  You would never even know she had been gone for so long, she really picked right back up where she left off here and was hanging with Bambi within minutes of being turned out.  :) 

Here are a couple of pictures of Anna ground driving Mandy from a few years ago.  They don't forget any training they've had. 
Thanks Anna! 

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Faye - WI
She was Timely's buddy, right?
Think I can sneak her into the pasture? He He He
Mandy is just adorable! I am sitting outside with my mini gelding as I type, thinking what a great buddy she would be for him! Application is on it's way!!!
Jenni O.

Jurita, I think once it's a "maybe", the "yes" is not far behind.  She sure is cute.  It's too bad it didn't work out, but she doesn't seem too fazed by the move back to MHWF.  Sometimes I think we take it harder than the equines do.

Anna WI

Christine, she is even better looking once she sheds that winter coat. Her whole body will be the color of her face. I really wish I was done with school and had a better job to go with that so I could get her back. I sure do miss the character that she is!


I absolutely love having Mandy here and it is hard to see her go.  I wish I could justify keeping her myself and had more time too.  As Anna said, she is such a character! 


Thanks for sharing the additional details Anna.  I can't imagine her getting any cuter, but would love to see her try :-)  I am encouraged by how loved, and admired she is.  Frankie (our mini) is a joy, and he is so deserving of a great companion.  He is also quite the character...they sound like two peas in a pod!

She is so cute! She would make a great little buddy to hang out with. :)
Lindsey N
I got to see one of her tricks this weekend!  I was asking the whole time if we could fit a mini-mule in the trailer with us while we were picking up Cassie... :P  Her personality is...you can just see it radiating off of her! 

BUMP!!! Need to bring this little girl back to the first page.


I just cant help it...everytime i scroll through the adoption horses, I just grin bigger than big when I see Mandy's pics!!  She is just so cute!

I think that Mandy Mule knows she is cute.
I think Mandy/Bambi make a GREAT DUO... so cute together/BEST FRIENDS. Everyone NEEDS a BEST FRIEND.
Anna WI
Seeing Mandy at the party the other day made me feel so good. I was so happy to see that she was once again friendly and was looking for attention from anyone she could get it from. She even reared up for me! I sure wish I was in a better position to adopt her back but I know someone else will be really lucky to have her in their pasture.
Thanks Anna, we love having Mandy here.  She really is a character. 
Here is a picture of Mandy and Bambi standing on the sprinkler hose from just a little while ago (7/5/2012).  The sprinkler hose has all the holes in it and a mist comes up and they were loving standing over it and messing with it. 

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