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I believe I will need to drive Karen since her hands will be full with all the nice things she's bringing you! Party at Jurita's!!!
Lindsey N
I can be there for moral support!

We were gone for a few days and of course had horse and dog sitters. It was reported to me that Mandy did fine but kept her distance from the boys that did horse chores.
When we got back last night it seemed Mandy was the one that missed me the most. (at least I tell myself my animals missed me) It was dark when we arrived but I could hear her little hoof beats running up as I got out of the car. Then this afternoon shortly after I got home from work and was walking the dog up the driveway Mandy came running up behind me and making all kinds of silly mule noises. I think she was just happy to see me because I am a familiar face and she knows me but it made me smile.
Travis' mom did the dog sitting and she left me a card and some gifts including a note saying she ordered a new rope halter for Mandy.

John B.
Jurita, Mandy DOES know you and don't kid yourself she does not.  I have seen too many examples of the owner (if a trusted friend) going into a pasture or near and the equine runs up to them and not the other people near by.  Horses recognize so much about us (our looks, walk, motions, voice, even scent, etc.)

Sounds like you have a fine lil mule there :-) Am hoping you are proud of the bond you already have going with that lil girl.

John B.
I am more fascinated with the fact that the person who came to baby-sit the dog and house left a card and presents and ordered a new halter.  I wonder if she is available to baby-sit Bella and Monty?  I could use a few new horse-related items myself.  :)  LOL!  Just kidding, I happen to know it was Jurita's birthday over the weekend, and happy birthday to you! 

Knowing Mandy pretty well myself, I am quite positive that Mandy was happy to see you when you got home, Jurita.  That is great that you do have such a bond with her already. 
Wendy W - WI
Happy Birthday Jurita!  I will chime in with the others and say.......yes your mew loves you.  Mules are soooooo friggen smart.  I am so happy she lives with you!

John B.
Happy 29th :-)  Let me take a guess, Travis got you a new fishing pole and your farrier got you a new razor?  :-)  Sorry, after this pack (Ref loss) I am not in right mind...
happy birthday, Jurita!  And yes OF COURSE Mandy Mew missed you!  
Happy birthday Jurita!  You know Mandy absolutely missed you!!  How did she manage a present on your birthday?  What a lucky girl!!
Scott: MHWF
Happy Bithday!
mel d
Happy belated Birthday!
Happy Belated Birthday Jurita!! I bet Mandy was saying "I missed you Mom"
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! You all made me smile :)

LOL, John...but seriously...how did you know my age? That is just spooky weird!
John B.
JUST have to *read* between the LINES
Mandy Mule
Hello peep-le! Did you miss me? I thought I would sneak on the compewter and do an update on myself. I told my adoptive mom to do it...but she doesn't listen. Maybe she needs some lessons on discipline or something.
Well, she told me I have to let her catch me all the time and walk nicely when she is leading me..so...I have been practicing being good. Guess what???? It paid off. On Friday she let me go into one of the other paddocks. (Usually just the boys get to go. They are such goody-four- shoes!) Well,this day it was MY turn. Boy was I happy! I ran around and around and I bucked and I farted...ooops! THAT was embarasing...he, he, he. Then I ran around some more. Mom tried to get some pictures of me but I was way too fast. (ANd she can't take pictures like that nice lady with the blonde mane at MHWF! )When I noticed she had the camera out, I ran up to make sure she got my best side. My cute little face!! I love getting my picture taken. Do you all like my mohawk? There is also a photo of me just munching and enjoying the fall colors. I will post those if I can. I'm not real good at this compewter stuff!
Bye, bye for now!

Attached Images
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Name: mandy's_lunch.JPG, Views: 350, Size: 57.47 KB

Love the update and the sense of humor...not bad humor for half an ass...hehehe.
Scott......that's a half assed attempt at humor. ;) lol
Too cute Mandy Mule!!  I love the humor, whether it be half assed of half of an ass!  Love it   ~:)
Wendy W - WI
Love it!!!

Jenni O.
Aww, what a cute little stinker.  I have no half-assed jokes, they were all used up in the previous posts.
Mandy Mule
Hello Peep-le,

 Did u see who made the "adoption photo of the day?" Yep, it's me! Me, me, me. I am so darn cute! I like to show off my two coats too. You know us gurls have to stay in seasonal style! I see that John B. made a half-ass comment about my fizz-eek. HAY! Watch it buddy! Well, okay, I have to admit that I do sneak into Jax's stall when he is eating his feed and steal his food after I eat my own. Adoptive mom caught onto me and locks me out of the stall now. My adoptive mom is funny. She has all sorts of names for me. Like "Mandy Mew", and "Many Mew Mew", and she calls me "Mandrin" alot. I think that iz like the Mandarin oranges cuz I am little and so sweet (plus my coat has a tint of orange in it.) But my favorite name she calls me is "Good Gurl Mandy." I hear it a lot lately and I like that one better than "Mandy No"
 One day adoptive mom forgot to put her gloves back in the barn and found them all wet and chewed up. ( he, he, he) She still doesn't know if it was me or Jax that did it but neither of us iz about to tell. We are pretty good buddies right now. We tried to blame Lobo but that went over like a lead balloon. Adoptive mom knows what a goody-four shoes Lobo iz.  

 Oh and guess what?!?!? Adoptive mom taught me a new trick. I now know that if I "shake hands" like a dog I get a treat! I knew what she wanted right away. (Not only am I cute, I am darn smart too. Yeah, how many of your horses can type like this, hmmmm?) Anyways, I made her try it two times before I let on that I knew what she wanted. The only problem is, she taught me to shake with the wrong hand. She isn't too smart sometimes. I try not to let it bother me though. Maybe she just needs to spend some time with a good trainer or something. I dunno.

Karen, the racing stripes and mohawk feed my "Wild-side".

Hey Lindsey, I am thinking about starting a Mandy fan club. What do u think? 

BTW: Do you see what the democratic party uses for a symbol? If u don't know...it is a mule! I saw it on TeeVee last night. Sorry for the poll-it-i-cal comment. I couldn't help myself.  

 Hugs & kicks,
Mandy Mule
Kara W.
Mandy I'm pretty sure I love reading your updates when you get a hold of the computer :P Keep um coming!
Anna WI
Now reading this makes one good start of a morning. Jurita you don't know how happy it makes me to hear how things are going with her. All her little antics you talk about really do make me miss having her character around but the fact that you are able to work with her a lot more is the best thing for her. Also, now that you taught the hand shake be ready for her to be doing it all the time for a treat. lol Thank you so much Jurita for adopting Mandy and giving her the home she really needed!
mel d
Great update, Mandy...we won't say a thing about the gloves ;-)
John B.
Ah Mandy, I likes me equines with some "junk in the trunk."  :-)
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