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Donna R
Smart Miss Mew learning how to use the compewter!!! Hope you keep the posts coming... love to hear about the crazy antics, half assed or not!!!  Such a good Mom you have, little miss.
Mandy, your updates are really great to read. I think your Mom needs to get you a Facebook page like Bella has.
Lindsey N
You know Mandy, a celebrity wouldn't be anything without an official Fan Club!  What a lucky girl you are to find a Mom that you can train, who knew you found for your very own Project Mom?!?  I think Good Gurl Mandy is great name for you...just suck up a little when Mom calls you Mandy No, do one of your adorable tricks, and you will get a treat.  See?  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  Keep working on her with that handshake and reward her well, I'm sure she'll learn eventually....

And I think you adorable in your FLUFFY outfit, but you look pretty darn chic in the silky smooth one as well. 
Mandy Mule

What celebrity doesn't like the camera?!?!? Right Lindsey?!?!?

Mandy, you should get your mom to share that video of you here on the forum.  :) 
Mandy Mule

She tried but it didn't work.

Lindsey N
Oh, you know it!! You are training your mom how to back real good ;)
Mandy Mule

Have been trying to get this video on here! I hope you all can see this. I am sure the anticipation is just killin u.

That is cute Jurita!  Mandy Mule is such a character!!
Gotta love Mandy Mule!
John B.
Biggest problem I would have with Miss Mu is not letting her in the house, sheeesh that lil girl makes ur teeth hurt she looks so sweet.
Jenni O.
She's adorable!  And maybe has a little attitude?
Love those profile shots...those eyelashes!!  Love the Mew...smile...
It is raining here this morning so everyone is wet  :(
 Little Mandy Mule went into the stall and was rolling in the nice dry shavings. I had never seen a horse/mule do this before but I thought "Hey, that's pretty smart."  THen she sat there like a dog which made my laugh. I decided to go and get another bag of shavings for her and she acted like I was opening a present she was so excited. Then she pawed at the pile of shavings and rolled and rolled and even rubbed her face it it. It was hilarious! I wish I would have had my camera out there. Maybe I should just leave the camera in the barn.   Silly mule!
I vote you leave the camera in the barn..grin..Mew pics (and stories!!) make my day!!
John B.
Mandy sounds like such a character.  I bet she is very entertaining each and every day.
Jodi W
Better yet, Jurita, get a trail camera or two to set up in strategic spots..........  I can only imagine what you will get!!!  :)
I vote for the camera in the barn too.  :)  The little mew is a hoot! 
mel d
Yep, a trail camera set up to catch her at all her antics:)
Mandy Mule
Oh Lobo...don't worrie about those snow peep-les. I'll take care of things.


Scott: MHWF
Leave it to Mandy......well, anyone who knows her.....
Exactly what he ^ said!  LOL! 
Wendy W - WI
OMG that is great!!!  Soooooo much personality in that little mew!
That was a mule on a mission!!  She is too funny!
Just so funny!!  Love how she has her nose stuck in there, she didnt miss a treat, did she??  ha ha ha...and the digging...tee hee hee
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