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I am unable to watch the video. It says its private???
Oh, well that is because Mandy is naked. Let me try again. 
Diane B
Nice!!  Mandy looks like a lot of fun!  Thanks for sharing!
*Lobo8 wanted IN on all of the TRAINING.... and the little one, was kinda moseying up into get some attention to. *Mandy* loves to SHOW YOU how wonderfu and SMART she is... and the TREATS for doing a good job, she sure ENJOYS... and the REARING up,,,  spectacular.
Jane Liess
Wow, that's amazing Jurita!  She should be in movies!  What a good job training her...I'm very impressed.
Very impressive!!  Nice work Jurita and Mandy [smile]
Anna WI
I love the video! I could have never imagined such a wonderful home for her and I am so thankful everyday that you adopted her!!!
Wow! That's fabulous, Jurita! She really kept her focus on you despite the distractions. She's come so far with you. I can't imagine a better adoption situation! I'm looking forward to more videos.
Jane, can see it now!! *Eddie Murphy* & *Mandy* in a Walt Disney SPECTACULAR. Dr. Dolittle Meets *Mandy*. But, *Mandy* won't sign a contract UNLESS her mom comes along for the ride.
Scott: MHWF
That's awesome!  She has come a long way in two years!  
Donna R
You're doing an amazing job with her, Jurita!  [smile]
Wendy W - WI
Way to go!!!
The connection between you and Mandy is awesome! Great job with her, Jurita!
Thank you all for the nice comments.

Anna, I was happy to see your post and tell me how you feel. I am glad you are pleased with Mandy being here with us. So many times I look at Mandy and think about that idiot that wanted to shoot her and how you stepped in to save her.

Mandy can be tricky to work with but really she is a sweetie.

I think that sometimes the difficult ones end up being the ones you bond with really well. It is challenging sometimes but also very rewarding.

Mandy is pretty much the princess around here.
Jenni O.
It's private bc she's naked, you crack me up! She's so smart! And so are you, lol. She'll be worth millions when she's a movie star. And you can say you adopted her for a mere whatever it was. One burning question...when did you find a sunny day???
Travis tried to get a photo of me with my 4 equines. This is what happened when Mandy saw the camera.

Noticed how she blocked Lobo out too. I swear she does things like this on purpose and she always likes to stick her face in the camera. She cracks me up!

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Well, I sure hope that we will be ABLE to see ALL of your herd VERY SOON. *Mandy* thinks the camera is hers, and should be CONSULTED as to who can get their picture taken with HER camera.. What a HOOT.
Wendy W - WI
Lil turd.  No matter, I love this picture.  Your equines love you (and dad) and you can surely see that in this picture.  
Great picture! I love the video too.
I would calibrate the video as *priceless*... she gets right into it, and ENJOYS every second. PERSONALITY up the hoopla.... you are one very LUCKY horse lady. HAPPINESS is all around you isn't it?
It is a great pic!  It gave me a great opportunity to chuckle...and it is SO typically Mandy!  LOL!
Sandy K
What a great video ! You have done a wonderful job with Mandy .
Jurita, have you taken anymore video's of your HERD? It is amazing to watch you and how ALL of them want to be in on the ATTENTION.. The little one came right up behind you, when *Mandy* was rearing up & sitting down for you, and then how *Lobo* started to hustle over just before the video ENDED... they ALL want attention from YOU.... wow!!
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