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No recent videos but Mandy and I will be working on a new trick over the summer so maybe we will have a video of that one day if we can pull it off. I know we can do it if I can communicate to Mandy what it is I am asking of her. I guess I'm going to be testing my skills more than hers.
Waiting....I am assuming you are keeping the new trick a secret?
Mandy had three visitors while I was away and I was told each one was able to pet her. This may not seem like a big deal but if you know Mandy then you understand.

She has a new trick I will post on here one of these days. It isn't the big trick we are working on...just a little one. 
As soon as I saw *Mandy* mule on here today, with Jurita, just HAD to see what was up!!
I am always anxious to see what Mandy Mule is up to too!!  Cant wait for tricks; big tricks, little tricks, any tricks at all...even no tricks and just Mandy on video would work great too!  Love Mandy!!
It's my Friday face!

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Mine too.  LOL!  Cute!  
Mandy cuteness!  Thank you for sharing!
OOOOOOOmg! Leave it to *Mandy* to put FRIDAY into its perspective.[angel][rofl]
I think I'm going to go practice this face in the mirror...
Wendy W - WI
Good smell or bad one Mew?  No matter, you always make me smile.  
That is suppose to be her smile. [tongue]
Jenni O.
That's my Friday face when I have to work the weekend.
Donna R
Your Mandy posts always make me smile!  Such a fun character and you are her perfect adopter Jurita!
Ditto to Donna R's idea. Every time I see either *Mandy Mew*/Jurita OR Wendy W  her family, I DEFINTELY check it out first. For me, THAT is how life should be for the horses.. WORRY-LESS.[love] and the updates/videos are CUTE/HILARIOUS.. Thanks for sharing.
Mandy is doing fine. She seems to like to boss Eli around. The other day Mandy and Sassy were grooming each other. I almost fell over. Yesterday they were chasing each other around in play. But, mostly they just act like they hate each other.
Jenni O.
Mares! Especially little ones!
Mandy's goal in life is to make sure you are not bored.
Last night after feeding hay I was going to take the ATV and cart back through the gate but I couldn't get Mandy to leave me alone. Travis walks out there and says "Come here Mandy I want to pet you." She took off running. LOL!
Scott: MHWF
Sounds about right...for Mandy anyway [smile]
Jenni O.
So Travis isn't quite the mule whisperer he thought he was. He should've gone to the mule clinic at Horse Fair!
Sometimes when I am doing chores Mandy will hang around me for a bit. I swear it is always when something is bothering me...whether it means I am sad, upset, or annoyed...doesn't seem to matter. When I do chores I feed grain, then put out hay, and finally work on cleaning up manure with the ATV. Tonight I was cleaning the manure and the ATV is running. Mandy goes up to it and is "checking it out". I kind of chuckle to myself, go about my business and say in my head, "she's probably looking at the controls trying to figure them out. One of these days she'll probably jump on it and ride away". All of a sudden I hear Vrrroooom, Vroooom. I jumped and spun around. Little brat had grabbed the throttle! LOL She always knows when to make me laugh. I love that little mule!
Donna M
That is hysterically funny! Too bad you didn't capture it on video. lol
Jenni O.
Haha, I can just imagine the next update!
Lisa B.
I want to meet this little character!
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