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She is such a smart girl! New costume idea [wink]

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Jan N
Omigosh!!  That is sooo flippin' cute I just, well, I just flipped out!
Donna R
Jurita, your updates about little Mandy mule warm the heart. Your adventures with her are so entertaining!  You are truly a perfect match.
Yes, yes, yes.  Fuzzy and Billy are always with me in the paddock/pasture.  One day I got off the Bobcat, turned around and there was Billy laying in the bucket sunning himself.  They make me laugh every day so.....you adopters out there think about Saphira and Happy.  No better therapy in the whole world
LOL...Mandy!!  What else is there to say...LOL
Was waiting to get some good photos but I'm just going with the silly selfies tonight if I can get them to load.

Received my official ownership papers for Mandy Mew.

Anyone want to play a little game? I will donate $100 to MHWF if anyone can guess what Scott told me the day I picked up Mandy and signed the Adoption Agreement. (If you were there that day you cannot play)

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Scott: MHWF
Even I do not know what I said, and I was there. I am sure it was something not so flattering about Mandy [smile]

Heike B
Was it along the lines of "I have a bridge to sell you...."?
Great pics!  You two are well matched.  Congratulations!!
Big congrats, and the perfect match!  

I remember, but I can't play because I was here.  
Faye - WI
My first thought was something half-a*****
But then I thought, no - that would be way too easy. So my guess is something about You'll be a princess if you keep her for the full 5 years, and a queen if you love her for life. Only because Scott made a comment that it was unflattering - because we all love Mandi!!
I love real pictures and that certainly is a few.  Looking great ladies [thumb]
Donna M
Um ... "she'll be back in a week."?

Congratulations on the big anniversary! You two were destined for each other. 
Congratulations on your official ownership!  Did Scott say you were two peas in a pod??  Lol....
Doreen he did say that.... But that's not what he said on Adoption day. Anyone else want to guess???
That naughty mares were meant for each other??? [cool]
Nope. But it's fun to read the guesses. Anyone else want to guess and help MHWF with a little donation from me?
Did he say "Oh thank goodness you adopted her"?
I'll guess.  He said something like-

"She waited a long time to pick her person.  Good Luck!"
Mandy Mew
"Don't bring her back" he said, "Don't bring her back."
Jenni O.
Hahaha! Hey, you get honesty, at least. But why would you ever bring her back? You two were made for each other.
Okay. We have a winner! Even though Mandy was there and technically can't play she is also
the only one allowed to bend the rules.
$100 for MHWF.

LOL...too funny!  Mandy has a good memory!  Everyone is a winner, Mandy...Jurita...and MHWF.
Jan N
Awesome, Jurita !

Mandy learned how to open the barn door and she is proud of it [smile]

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