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Jenni O.
😁😁 I'm surprised it took her this long. I wonder what's next on her list?
OH BOY!!  This could lead to lots more stories...LOL
Love that face!!
Mandy is the most jealous creature I have ever known. She gave Sassy a kick as I was leading Sassy out of the paddock for a little attention. I know it was because Mandy was mad I picked Sassy over her. So I had to do a little groundwork with Sassy and trim her bridle path because she might go to a parade soon. Anyways..Mandy is so jealous. She even gets jealous when I clip anyone else and then she begs me to clip her too. As if it’s a special treat. Today she was working to get my attention, nudging me, nipping my jacket, talking to me, banging on the gate. I just ignored her. Then I look up and she is standing there with the clipper cord in her mouth looking at me like, β€œya going to pay attention to me now?” Yes, and I almost crapped myself!
That made me laugh out loud!  I can picture that very clearly.  
You know, she's just that special!! Oh Mandy!!! (You know you hear the song playing....)
Jenni O.
Ooh, that little devil! Did you trim her bridle path or what?! Poor neglected mule. And maybe she would like to do a parade? πŸ˜€
Mandy is such a hoot!  LOL....so I too want to know if you gave in and gave her special treat of trimming.....hee hee hee

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Photo from this summer. I thought I'd captured this moment on video but unfortunately my phone camera was on camera mode. Anyways.. Luna was feeding corn husks to the horses
and walked up and said, "This is for you Eli." Mandy shot her head through the gate and grabbed Eli's treat! The look on Luna's face made me laugh.
Lisa B.
Oh wait....you already have a mule!
Jane Liess
She's gotten so big!! (Your granddaughter I mean, not Mandy). 
Cute :-)
Mandy update..well what can I say? She is the cutest and funniest mule ever. 

Luna was out this summer and had this to say "This horse (Sassy) is mine." "Actually, ALL these horses are mine. You can have that mule!" 

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Lol!!! THAT is funny!! Mandy sure ended up in the right home with you
Heike B
Jenni O.
I think Luna and Mandy would make a great pair! Maybe a bit too smart, the both of them.
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