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Mandy Mule
Page 5 ???? Reely peep-le? i am on page nomber 5 ? How did that happin? Don't u see just how darn cute I am? U should since I show up in so many pictures. Every time that nice person with the light colored mane comes out with that thing she calls a cam-er-ah I make darn sure to get in her pictures. When are you peep-le going to realize it is all about ME ?   
Oh Mandy, you are very cute. I haven't forgotten about you. If I could come right now and pick you up I would. (sigh) 
Ya know I was wondering the same thing.  Page 5?? Tooo cute to not be adopted.
Pants & Lil B
Mandy....sometimes people just don't know how much fun us little ones are.  I'm sure someone will take you home too.  We are the best things ever!
Mandy Mule
Jurita - tell Travis that I promise to try to behave (most of the time) and will not make any trouble (when he is home)!
Oh Mandy, I have to echo Jurita...you are too cute to be forgotten!

Oh these little ones are so wise.  :)  (and ruin the keyboard when they type!) 

Last night I was outside rather late, having had spent a lot of time out in the pasture.  Mandy came to investigate when I was way out there and I told her that if she followed me all the way back up and kept me company that I would give her a treat when we got up.  She did.  I had my camera back in the barn and clicked a short little video clip.  The view is of me coming out from the barn and Mandy waiting at the fence.  You can see she left all of her buddies behind out in the pasture to come up with me for her treat. 
Nothing special about the video, but I think seeing videos are kind of fun.  Excuse the blurriness when I walk up to Mandy, I had a long lens on the camera and it can't focus up close. 

If that link doesn't work,
click here
Wendy W - WI
OMG for cute!!!!  
Holy crap do the ruin the keyboard and got sent back to their lot!  Bad ponies.  I love my peanuts and there is nothing more fun than to work with them and take them for walks.  No different than taking your dog for a walk, but with more smiles from passerby's or neighbors.  
Denise S - WW
She is sooo cute!

awww....love those ears...smile...

That video alone is 'cause for adoption' We have a Japanese student staying with us for 2 weeks. He is working hard to learn english, is not so used to pets and he asked "Your animals know English?"  I replied "They sure do!"
OH CONGRATS  TO MANDY AND HER NEW FAMILY!  lucky lucky you...smile...
Awwww!! Congrats to Mandy and her new family!! :)
Mandy Mule

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Yaaaay is right!  The little Manny Mew did get adopted today!  Jurita has wanted to adopt her for some time now and Travis finally agreed too.  :)  Mandy loaded into the trailer like a little pro and they made the trip home safe and sound.  I'm sure there will be some adjustments going on there for a bit, and hopefully things settle in real quick.  We really look forward to hearing about Mandy's cute antics in the future.  :) 

Thank you and congratulations Jurita and Travis!  Here is a pic of Manny Mew and Jurita from adoption day, 8/19/2012

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Wendy W - WI
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  OMG the pictures are awesome!  Jurita you are just gonna love having a little one around.  They are sooooo much fun.  Little Mew is one lucky girl.  Congrats again!

Donna R
Love this adoption!  You finally caught her, huh Jurita???  You and Travis will love having her around, I promise!!!  Great news and lucky little mini girl!  Love the pictures.
Denise S - WW
So happy to hear Mew has been adopted & by Jurita & Travis no less!!! How wonderful!! Big Congrats!!!
Oh Jurita...I am so pleased for you...and just a tad jealous...big grin..
I am so happy for all of you!  I am looking forward to the updates......Congratulations!!!!
I love the BIG SMILES on both of your faces!!!!  CONGRATS!
mel d
Happy happy day!
Anna WI

YAY!! So happy to hear that Mandy got adopted.

Kara W.
AWWW Congrats!!! Jurita you just look so darn happy :D
John B.

Congrats to Travis because I think this means he is getting a new or another fishing boat :-)

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