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woohooo! big congrats Jurita and Mandy! and what a man that Travis is for being so darn nice and giving in! so happy for you all!
Oh, too perfect!

Congrats to all, and I look forward to hearing how Miss M and the boys work things out.
Lindsey N
I know those ESP vibes would come in handy sometime ;)  SOO happy for you Jurita and Travis!!  Just keep whispering in Mandy's ear to behave when Travis is around :P  It works, I promise!  Love her tricks and can't wait to see her with your boys :D :D  Extra huge smiles here!!
Hey - did I hear John say something about a new boat?  Hmmmm...hadn't thought of that...:)

Actually, it only took Mandy about 5 minutes to win me over.  I'm very happy she is here, and always glad to see Jurita so happy.  Thanks for the well wishes everyone!
Holy smokes....a Travis sighting here on the forum!
Jenni O.
Hehe.  Poor Travis.  Ok, not really.  Congratulations!  Not quite one of the many full-sized equines Jurita has sighed over, but Mandy's cuteness makes up for her size.  You make a cute pair.  Will you train her to pack around snacks on trail rides?
Just been giving every one time to adjust here. Mandy is starting to buddy up a bit with Jax who is the lead horse. Lobo is still not convinced she is cute though. 
Mandy is so funny when she makes her little grunty noises! It is kind of like a little pig grunting. Mandy and I are just getting to know each other a bit as well. Just petting her and brushing her a some and simply having her get used to seeing me around. 
Maybe I can get some photos this weekend. Wish I would have had my camera tonight when Mandy and Jax were nose to nose.   
Wendy W - WI
Woman, a video of the grunting would be great!  As far as accepting the little ones.  My Wiley loves the little ones, especially Pants.  Conn, he doesn't care one way or the other.  Your herd will get to know each other....scare the heck out of you, maybe upset you, and then.....all will be fine.  If you have the time to read Sissy's thread you will know what I'm talking about.  I'm sure that Mew is more bold than Pants was though.  I totally appreciate how you care for your critters and just give them time and attention.  I am so excited for more updates.

Things are going pretty well as far as the horses figuring things out. Will probably have to post something on the other thread about herd dynamics.

Tonight I was out by the horses when Lobo gave Mandy a look and then she ran over by me and then Lobo got a scolding. LOL!

ALso tonight I brought some treats out. Now the boys know when I have treats but they are not allowed to have any until they back away from me. They follow me out... I give the signal to stop...they stopped...I give the signal to back up..and while they are backing up  Mandy runs up to me and starts hopping up and down to show me her neat "trick". The horses looked at her like "What in the hell are you doing???" It was pretty funny.

Hope you all don't get tired of Mew updates. I think she is going to turn out to be a little ham.
Lindsey N
I can't wait to see how you guys grow together.  If Jax comes around, Lobo will too.  Sometimes it takes some more than other :P
I could never possibly tire of Mew updates.  She is such a character, it is really going to be a whole lot of fun watching you get to know her and vice versa.  That really made me laugh out loud about the hopping up and down and the "look" from the horses! 
Jamie M
OMG Jurita congratulations!  this is the first I saw the adoption of Mandy and what a great surprise to see where she went!  How fun!  Can't wait for updates...

Tired of the Mew??  I know I must have "heard" that wrong...grin...who could EVER tire of the Mew??

Jurita, we are so happy that you adopted Mandy. We know she will always be taken care of. I really liked the comment that Travis made about liking to see you so happy. He really is a special guy!
Mandy update:

 Things are all settled down in the pasture and Kemah our dog finally got to meet Mandy. SHe has been trying to meet her and Mandy finally came up and got a sniff and lick from Kemah.
 Mandy really likes to be pet and brushed and now when I go out I am getting her to come to me rather than me walking up to her. SHe loves to have her ears scratched and loves to roll in the sand too.
 The first time I put the lead rope on her she was okay for awhile and then she kind of freaked and took off. So, what I have been doing is this: The horses all get some Nutrena Safe Choice feed twice a day. Mostly to keep weight on my paint and for Lobo and Mandy it is more of a snack. Mandy has a little pink bucket for her feed. I give the boys their feed and go out with Mandy's. I set the bucket down and clip the lead on and then we walk around to get her feed. One time she refused to cooperate. I didn't push it I just said "Okay, no feed for you" and I picked up her bucket and walked away. Well since that time she has always been coming up to get the lead on so she doesn't miss out on her snack. 
 Not much else to report. Mostly just petting her and getting her used to things and let her know that getting the lead rope on can be a good thing. I have to keep in mind that when things are going well, not to get too excited and push anything. 
Her little noises crack me up too. Wendy, it would be funnny to get it on video. But you know how animals are so cooperative when you have the camera out.
Kim M.
Awesome idea to have Mandy associate the lead with her feed. Terrific!
Thanks for the Mandy update!!  ummm..sounds like Mandy is a mule..grin...glad things are going well!
Okay...I know I just posted but I want to add this. This morning when I was doing chores Mandy went out to the sand and rolled. Before she stood up I thought, "Hmmm, I wonder what she'll do if I go over there?" Well, she let me walk right up to her and I just knelt down by her and pet and scratched her and she didn't get up until I walked away. I thought this is a good sign of trust since horses are so vulnerable when they are lying down like that. I don't know..what do you think?  
That is HUGE!!!!!!!!  For her not to get up when you went out there is a really big deal for the Mew, no doubt about that.  She really trusts you already! 
Anna WI
Jurita I would say that is a good sign that she is trusting you.

In your other post you mentioned that she freaked when you put the leadrope on and I just want to ask if you use a regular nylon halter on her or a rope halter? When I got her it took a really long time to teach her not to panic even when just putting the halter on her and then when pressure was applied to the rope to not freak. She dragged me a few times when I first brought her home so we went back to the basics and worked on just haltering and then leading. If you can use a rope halter on her, she won't be able to get as much leverage on you and I found her to be less likely to want to pull away with a rope halter versus a nylon one.

Also a mules best friend are treats. Make sure she isn't pushy about getting some for good behavior but I would keep using her feeding time and treats to work with her. Meredith Hodges has a lot of good information on her website about working with mules and donkeys. Just be patient and don't get frustrated.
Jenni O.
When you say she was jumping up and down in front of you for a snack, all I can picture is Donkey from Shrek bouncing up and down.  I know she's a mule, but close enough.  Love the updates.
Anna, right now we only have the nylon halter she came with but I can try to see if I can find a small enough rope halter that would fit her. I like rope halters and use them on my other horses.
Thanks for the advice. I will have to check out that website too. 
We are also beginning to walk away from the food bucket and then back again so it isn't just her walking right to the food.
I think I have a rope halter for her here Jurita, I will find that and get it to you soon. 
I'm so glad you are doing well with her! She reminds me alot of my mule Molly who passed away. If you need a rope halter I can make you one, I do different sizes :)
That would be great Karen. Please hand deliver it. Also bring your camera...some beer...potato salad....BBQ chicken....
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